The Good News Presentation or Gospel is a plan for telling an unbeliever how to be saved. It is the good news of God’s love and salvation for all people. Memorize the outline and the Scripture references. It is best to use the Bible as you present the plan, but you may quote the Scriptures from memory. It is not necessary to use witness, but you do need to know all the Scriptures well, memorizing from your favorite version of the Bible.

Use your own words as you witness. Be prepared to share how trusted Christ as your Savior. Let the unbeliever see that Jesus is not someone you just know about. He is someone you know in a personal relationship.

Begin to talk with the person about things in which he is interested. You do not introduce it in a hard way, but in a way to recall, to establish a relationship with the prospect through questions about his family and work. You may learn about his religious background by asking where he attends church, or if he ever thinks about spiritual things.

Most people answer this by telling what they have done to earn their way to Heaven, but the Bible says that no one is good enough to deserve Heaven. Please, let me share a few verses from the Bible starting with John 3: 16. We shall discuss the best ways we can communicate with people about salvation or good news.

1. God’s purpose

You will need to share the purpose of God in their lives and let them know the importance of it. When you share the purpose of God, you are presenting the heart of the person to God. These three things are important.

(a). Receive eternal life as a gift: Because God loves you so much he wants you to have eternal life as a gift. Read Romans 6: 23b for them.

(b). Live a happy life here and now: Having eternal life means living an abundant life now. Read John 10: 10b for them.

(c). Spend eternity with Jesus in heaven: That is not all. Eternal life means that we will spend eternity in heaven with Jesus. He said he would go and prepare a place for us He would come back and take us to ourselves….Read John 14: 3.

2. Our Problem

You will need to share why everyone is a sinner. Tell about the problems humankind has and Jesus is enough for the problems. These three things will help.

(a). We are all sinners: We are sinners by nature and by choice: We did not have to have anyone teach us to do wrong. Read Romans 3: 23 for them.

(b). We cannot save ourselves: There is nothing we can do which would make us good enough to receive salvation. Baptism, church membership, good works, or giving to the church will not save us. Read Ephesians 2: 8-9

(c). We deserve death and hell: When we work, we expect to be paid. We may not receive payment on the day we do the work, but we believe in being paid for what we do. We are sinners and deserved to pay the punishment for our sins The Bible says that the reward of sin is death. Read Romans 6: 23.

3. God’s Solution

God is holy and just and must punish sins. But God in his love has provided a solution for our sins through his Son. Read 14: 6. These three things will help.

(a). Jesus is God who became man: For God to communicate his love to us, Jesus needed to leave his place in heaven and come to earth. Jesus was God who became man. Read John 1: 1, 14, Jesus is referred to in these as The Word. Jesus became God’s means of communicating with us.

(b). Jesus died for us: Jesus not only became a man, but he died for us on the cross. Jesus was put to death to death physically but made alive spiritually. Read 1 Peter 3: 18. Jesus took all the punishment for our sins. He took the punishment we deserved.

(c). Jesus rose from the dead: This is not the end of the story. Jesus rose from the dead. He conquered death. That is why he can give us eternal life. Jesus Christ has provided salvation for all who are willing to submit to God’s way of salvation. Read Romans 4: 25.

4. Our Submission

Jesus can only affect our lives when we receive him. Read John 1: 12). God wants us to be his children, to be born again into his family. For this to happen we have to do three things.

(a). We must repent and turn away from our sins: First, we have to repent and turn away from our sins. To repent is to U-turn and go in a different direction. When we repent, we turn from our sins and turn to Jesus. Read Acts 3: 9.

(b). We must allow Jesus to be the Lord of our lives: As we repent of our sins, we place our faith in Jesus. Faith. It is trusting in Jesus to save us, not just believing in his facts. Read Acts 16: 31.

(c). We must allow Jesus to be Lord of our lives: Jesus offers salvation to you. But it will never be yours until you believe he can save you. Receive Him by faith and commit your life to him. Believing in Jesus is not enough. We must make him Lord of our lives. Making Jesus Lord means surrendering our lives to him. We surrender to Christ our bodies, our minds, our wills, our emotions, and all that we are. Read Luke 9: 23. The evidence of giving him control is to identify with him. The New Testament way is to confess Jesus openly and to follow him in Baptism and church membership.

5. Leading to Commitment

Tell them what the Bible says in the book of Romans 10: 9 about the confession that Jesus is Lord. Then continue to do the practical steps to salvation. These three things will help.

(a). Summary: In summary, let me point out again the three things you must do before Jesus can make a difference in your life. (i) you must repent and turn away from your sins (ii), then you trust Jesus by faith to forgive your sins and make you right with him and (iii) finally, you must allow Jesus to be Lord of your life.

(b). Communication Questions: Tell them in this area to commit themselves voluntarily through the following questions: (i) Have you understood what we have been talking about? (ii) would you like to receive God’s gift of eternal and make him your Lord? (iii) are you willing to learn from your sins and put your faith in your Jesus right now?

If the person responds negatively to the commitment questions, leave the Good News tract with him. Suggest that he read the verses and spend some time thinking about them. Tell him you would like to come again and talk with him. If the person is ready to receive Christ, go on to the Prayer of Commitment.

(c). If you want to have eternal you must ask Jesus for it, Romans 10: 13. Would you like to pray in your own words to receive Christ, or would you like for me to help you? The prayer must come from your own heart. You are the one who is asking Jesus to give you new life in him. If the person wants you to help him, use the prayer below. Pause after each sentence to give time for him to pray.

Dear God, I know I have sinned and need forgiveness. I know to repent of my sins. I believe that Jesus died for my sins. Forgive me and make me right with you. I will follow Jesus as my Lord and Savior. I will obey him in all that I do. In the name, I pray. (Amen).

Arrange with the new Christian to visit him again. Thank you


At that time, be prepared to help him begin the study more how perfect the job God started with you. The work must not stop halfway until it is completed. Do a follow-up often and often. It shall be well.