Medical research has established that music has the power to heal. Music can be used to reduce physical and emotional pain. It can be used as a therapy to ease patients’ pain, lower blood pressure, and reduce anxiety and depression. God used David to bring sooth to King Saul at a time when he was tormented by an evil spirit from God.

1. Divine Praise That Magnifies God and His Wonders (Psalm 148)

When you carefully observe nature, how they were made, and how they function, the experience will convince you of the greatness of God. The orderliness and usefulness of other creatures give testimony to the power of a great Designer who put them in place for a good purpose.

Do you think other creatures apart from humans can praise God? The answer to this puzzle speaks volumes about their creators. The reflection should cause you to stand in awe and worship God who put everything together by the word of His power.

Friends, specifically, God called on humankind, who is the crown of God’s creation to praise Him. Other creatures too are called to praise God and His Works

2. Divine Praise That Comes from Musical Instruments (Psalm 150: 3-5)

Different musical instruments are listed to be used in Psalm 150, including trumpet, harp, lyre, tambourine, strings, flute, and cymbals. Moreover, dancing and clapping of hands are also considered instruments of worship. Our body parts are included during praising God.

Brethren, you do not need to be a professional instrumentalist before you can use one or two instruments to praise God. It is a call when you commit yourself to worship God with at least one musical instrument daily.

3. Divine Songs That Express Gratitude to God (Psalm 149: 3)

Praise is such a weapon that could defeat enemies, and make us live triumphantly in this world. A person who understands the power of praising God knows that it could be a weapon of vengeance on the wicked.

For example, when God delivered the Israelites through the miracle of parting the Red Sea and vengeance on their enemies (Pharaoh and His Chariots) there were celebrations and gratitude to God through songs of praises and thanksgiving. (Exodus 15)

Friends, we should know that words alone are not enough to express our gratitude to God. We should increase the tempo of our gratitude by singing songs of adoration to God, dancing, clapping, and using instruments. Such an attitude of praise positions us to be victorious over the challenges of life.

We answer the call normally when you move from one level of praise to another until everyone will meet to praise Him in heaven.

4. Divine Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs That Draw People Closer to God (Colossian 3: 16)

A Christian’s life ought to be a life of praises and thanksgiving to God. We are encouraged to sing psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs to glorify the name of Jesus Christ instead of singing vulgar and profane songs as it were a common practice in the worship of idols.

Paul used the image of putting on a cloth to describe what should be the attitudes that should characterize how a Christian lives his/her life about God.

Brethren, all believers are called to cultivate the habit of refreshing their souls and devoting their lives and time to singing spiritual songs to God. It has its ways of drawing you closer to God and keeping you in tune with the Holy Spirit.

Instead of listening to ungodly or mere moral songs that do not glorify God, let songs of praises fill your mouth because praising God is the essence of life.

5. Divine Worship That Brings About Miracles (Acts 16: 25)

How often do we miss the opportunity to experience deliverance from God when we refuse to praise Him, especially in difficult situations? Instead of complaining or murmuring to God, it is important to turn your challenges to praise and instead of allowing lives storm to overwhelm you, you must raise your voice and declare the majesty of Him who is mightier than any situation.

For example, what could have motivated Paul and Silas to praise God in prison? The situation did not call for merry-making, yet they turned it into a time of worship. They had a strong faith in God instead and they were convinced that they were in the will of God instead of giving despair.

Friends, whenever you it seems you are at life’s low ebb, remember the miraculous deliverance of the Israelites in 2 Chronicles 20. They conquered using the armor of praise. Today, act in faith by praising God, despite your challenges, and you will see God stepping in and giving you victory.

6. Divine Praise That Leads to Restorations and Provisions (Psalm 147: 1)

For healing, restoration, provision, and many good things that we enjoy, which money cannot buy, God deserves to be praised. God’s praise befits us whom He daily loads with benefits.

God’s praise is fitting on us because praise brings Him to delight A gospel singer, Don Moen once sang a song with the title, “Praise looks good on you.” The first stanza of the song goes thus, “When you lift your hands high; And you sing a song of praise to me; It brings me great delight; Such a lovely sight, And yes it is true; Praise looks good on you.”

Brethren, you can compose your song of praise to God in your language to express your heart of gratitude to Him. Then, restoration of the lost glory and possessions will happen and provision of your desires will come to pass because praise befits God and He alone deserves it.

7. Divine Melody That Initiates Deliverance and Healing (1 Samuel 16: 23)

Till today, God still uses songs to bring deliverance to people. Some people believe that what prayer cannot do, praise can do. Many children of God have received healing and deliverance by singing songs to God. God has given each one of his children gifts, which should be used for His glory. Each of our gifts can be used to expand the work of God.

The gift of God in David was what Saul needed to be relieved of his affliction. David’s talent and skill with which he played the lyre allowed him to live in the palace. His music was not ordinary; it was a divine melody. However, we need to live in devotion to God if we will not misuse our gifts.

Friends, you can create time to learn hymns, contemporary Christian music, and new songs that can inspire you to get close to God, receive deliverance, and healing, be encouraged, and even be conscious of heaven. (Ephesians 5: 19).