Christian gifts are very important to mark some special occasions. On these occasions, we tend to decide on the gifts we have to give our loved ones. During this time, a lot of Christians rack their brain to decide on the right gifts to give a particular person or people. As Christian brothers and sisters, we will want to give what can impact our lives or be useful our favorites rather than mere things. Giving gifts to loved ones is appreciating the services of the person. Aside from cash (money), the following are the useful things we think can impact the lives of Christian friends.

Prayer resources

One of the spiritual gifts that can impact the life of your Christian friends either males or females is prayer bulletins, journals, or books. The resources will serve as a pillar to use daily and to make his or her life better and glorious. The prayer resource tends to have sections that will guide the favorite friend or friends in the way of the Lord. It will also serve as a resource that will serve as a tool to overcome spiritual battles.

Bible and Bible translation

There are good bible and bible translations you can buy as a gift for your friends. Many Christians love this and they always appreciate it. The Bible may be two languages that your friends like. There is also a translation guide for the bible that can make one understand the bible very well and learn more about the history of the Bible. You give this as a gift too.

Christian Literature materials

Christian literature can be Christian magazines, bulletins, journals, etc that will enrich your friends spiritually. The literature books or materials that can impact the life of your friends or colleagues should be much more beneficial than peanuts. There are many of them in the market.

Bible verses cards

A good bible verses card will be appreciated if you can buy it for your friend you love. Many people do this to make their Christian friends happy with happy verses, show love to their friends who are suffering from genuine love with love verses, and cure anxiety with those that are dehumanized by people with hopeful verses. By doing this, you ministered to the lives of your Christian friends or favorites.

Music albums

A lot of people love music. If you can get one to your people, they will appreciate it. Several music albums are very inspirational and exciting which may minister to the lives of your friends and favorites. The music album may be psalms, hymns, songs, or only instrument displays. The packs of these may be bought for your Christian brothers or sisters.

Music Lyric

The Christian music lyric can be a song or any other vocal music. There are different Christian sounds packed as an album that inspired and excite people. Such gifts are good for your brothers and sisters in the Lord to make him or her happy. Not only this, it will also learn different kinds of lyrics and composition of songs.

Psalm Albums

A psalm album is a collection of certain psalms or all of the psalms on a card pack or a small book. People use Psalm to pray in different ways for victory and/or any other objectives. This is one of the very active resources. It will serve as a guide for prayers. It is a good gift you can give to your friends.

Christian necklace and bangles

This is very common for Christian women. You can buy customized or uncustomized necklaces or bangles gifts for your favorites. Especially, women love this if husbands can always buy them for their wives during their birthday celebrations or any other special days in their lives.

Love albums

There are love albums you can buy for your Christian brothers and sisters. The album may contain the inscriptions of “Jesus loves you” and “I love you too”. For this, husbands are on the right track to make their wives happy always. It is a good gift to buy for your wife or your husband or your loved ones.

Christian quote cards

Christian quote cards are cards that are designed with bible quotes or life-learning quotes. This card must be well-packaged and designed.  All the quotes, whether bible quotes or life-learning quotes, must be well inscribed on the cards. I think a lot of Christians appreciate this kind of gift.

Book cover

A well-book cover is a good gift to Christian sisters and brothers. If the cover is well designed with the inscriptions of loving texts, your favorites will love it. There are many of them in the markets. The cover may be used for Bibles, hymnals, songs books, books, and so on.

What God loves about you

One day, someone bought a gift. It was a small album in which “100 Things God Love About You”. I was attracted by the title. I opened the album and saw the 100 things God loves about me. The guide blessed me and I could not forget that day the person who gave me the gift. Yours may be the card in which certain notes that will impact the lives of your friends are written there. You can buy them. Your friends will appreciate them.

Christian jotters

Some well-packed jotters can be bought for your friends and favorites. The jotters may have beautiful inscriptions on them such as “The Lord Prayers”, Jesus is your victory”, The Lord is your strength, “May the Lord protect you”. All these will make the jotters rich and impact your life positively.

Christian door mats

The Christian doormat is also good as a gift to your loved ones. The mat may be small or big. It must be that will pass at least a message to the people that are coming in. The messages vary. The examples may be “Welcome to the house of victory”, and “Jesus loves as you come in”. “We are happy to host you today”, “Bless you in the name of Jesus.” There are many more. You can buy them for your loved ones. When they spread them at their exit, you minister to people.

Bible case

The bible case well designed will be a good gift for your Christian friends. The case is good to use for covering the Bible to prevent rain and to last longer. You can buy it for your loved ones.

Blanket, towel, and the likes

If you can afford the money, these materials can attract people. And the people you buy it for will appreciate it. You can bless your loved ones with a fine blanket and towel to serve as coverings. These may be done during the festivities.

Motivational water bottle

This is very good for the children. You can buy a water bottle written short Bible verses or quotes on it. Apart from attracting the children, the Bible verses and quotes will impact the lives of the children.

Leather wallet

The leather wallet is better for men than women. The wallet can have inscriptions or it may not. You can buy it for your husband or loved ones as gifts. It can be bought to surprise your family members or your brothers or sisters in the Lord.


We have discussed the several gifts we can give our loved ones. But the mentioned examples gifts here are not exhausted. Other useful gifts can also impact the lives of people. Any gift that we want to buy must be the one that will give glory to God. Read through the article and select your favorites, then buy and give it to your friends.