There are giants in the Bible whose names cannot be eroded not because they have committed evils but because of careless and costly mistakes. These errors negatively affect their ministries and also the glorious fulfillment of their ministries. Six of the giants will be discussed below.

1. Moses: The Angry Leader

Read Number 20: 7-13

On the journey to the Promised Land, the people of Israel got to the desert of sin and there was no water for the congregation to drink. They quarreled with Moses for they led Moses and Aaron to the presence of God. What a reasonable step! God in His infinite mercy answered and gave them the way out. However, what Moses would have done to give glory to God turned into a great punishment. He was denied the opportunity of getting to the Promised Land which he had greatly labored for. That is what anger could result in.

Meditation: Brethren, have you checked your life and seen if anger is hiding? If you allow it to operate, the results will be disastrous. Anger has cost many people their lives. Anger results in regret. Anger is one of the works of the flesh that must be mortified. It works against the fruit of the spirit that Christians are expected to manifest. Haven’t you thought it is needed to talk to God to help you deal with anger? Kill it today before it kills you later!

Prayer: Father, destroy every spirit of anger in me that wants to destroy my ministry in Jesus’ name.

2. Samson: The Fallen Mighty Man

Read Judges 16: 21-27

It is unbelievable that mighty Samson can be taken so cheaply. Samson, who had a great calling with great anointing upon his life; Samson that tore lion into pieces with the ordinary hand; that destroyed the standing corn and vineyards of the Philistine using three hundred foxes and firebrands; that killed a thousand men of the Philistines with the jawbone of an ass, to mention a few. The same Samson was taken captive, his eye removed and was asked to come and entertain them in the house of their god. That was what sin can bring into the life of man. Samson loved women too much. This cost him the calling of God upon his life and he died shamefully.

Meditation: Beloved, are you not like Samson? As powerful as you are in the Lord, what is that sin that has cleaved unto you: Sexual immorality, drinking of alcohol, lies, stealing, lust, etc.? The result of all is destruction. Learn from Samson before it is too late. Repent of your sin and come to Jesus afresh today, the Only Savior!

Prayer: Ask the Lord to purge His church from all unrighteousness, corruption, and various defilements pervading God’s altar.

3. Samuel: No Control Over Children

Read 1 Samuel 8: 1-5

It is so unfortunate that Samuel could not learn a lesson from his master, Eli. Eli was greatly punished because he could not restrain his children from doing evil. One would expect that Samuel would Jealousy guide this area having seen what befell Eli, but he did not. Peradventure the duo was having time for the service of God at the expense of their homes. They thus did not have a safe landing, so unfortunate.

Meditation: Friend, do you know that Christians should learn that after God, comes the home before the ministry? Many are running the ministry, forgetting their homes. They fail to remember that the home not taken care of will eventually come to destroy the ministry. As we serve God, let us give attention to our homes. Are you not among those who are “busy but guilty”? Are you careful or careless about your homes? Create time for your homes today. You and your home must be for signs and wonders in this generation.

Prayer: Ask the Lord to expose and destroy every antic of the enemy to divide the church to Christ in Nigeria and the world in general.

4. Judas Iscariot: The Unfaithful Treasure

Read John 12: 1-9.

Judas Iscariot was also one of the twelve. However, his lifestyle never showed that he had learned anything from the master, Jesus Christ. He was active but not faithful and trusted and he betrayed the trust. He was named among the twelve but had no record in heaven. He lavished away the grace which was entrusted into his hands. This message clearly showed that he was a thief. He used to spend the money in his care for personal matters without informing others.

Meditation: Dear reader, when it comes to the issues of money, who are you? Can you be entrusted with money in your place of work, your environment, your society, or in the church of God without tampering with what is therein? Someone says, if you want to test somebody’s Christianity, put him where there is money. If he does not misbehave, then he is a Christian. Please, watch your life.

Prayer: Pray against every temptation of money that leads me to embezzlement, bribery, stealing, prostitution, and, so on. Deliver this nation from financial corruption in any form.

5. Eli: Honoring Sons above God

Read 1 Samuel 2: 27-36

Eli was a great man of God during his days. He was a great prophet with many learning how to serve God under him. He did exploits during his time. However, he had no control over his children and this did not make him end well. He even brought curses unto generations yet unborn. His sons blasphemed God and he did not restrain them (1 Samuel 13: 13). A great lesson to learn is that God should take the first position in all we do. He will not agree with men to replace Him with anybody or anything. He is a jealous God.

Meditation: My friend, do you know that God is very interested in how we direct our home affairs? Go?’s expectation is that our home should showcase His glory. It is quite unfortunate that Christ is not evident in the affairs of some Christian homes. What is it that you are honoring above God? Tell Him today that you are sorry.

Prayer: O Lord, raise teaching priests and true shepherds in Your church all over the nation who will diligently instruct members of the church in sound biblical doctrine and model the lifestyle of Christ to their congregations (2  Chronicles 15: 3; Acts 13: 1).

6. Peter: The Unstable Disciple

Read Mathew 16: 13-23

Peter was one of the close associates of Jesus Christ even out of the 12 disciples. He was one of the closest three disciples to Jesus Christ. One would expect that his spiritual antenna will be very sharp to understand what is happening at every point in time. However, the study about his lifestyle shows that he was 50% spiritual and 50% canal. In the scripture passage we used today, he had contact with the Father in heaven to declare who Jesus was and he also had contact with the devil to speak against the counsel of God for Jesus Christ. He was following afar off when Jesus was arrested. (Mathew 26: 58). He even stayed outside during JesuJesus’al (John 18: 15-16) and later denied Him 3 times (Mathew 26: 69-74). When Jesus left, he went back to fishing, his former business.

Meditation: God’s injunction is that you should be hot if you want to be hot and cold if you desire to be. Are you cold or hot or lukewarm for God? Which side do you belong to? Let me advise you to stick to Jesus. It pays.

Prayer: Father, remove every spirit of coldness and lukewarmness in me. I want to be hot and vibrant for you.


Everyone should learn from the lessons above that we have to be careful if we should have to record better achievements in our work for God. Many things can lure us into making costly mistakes, thus hindering our testimonies.