There are prayers we have to pray that will give instant results or responses. The keys we need to make this possible are worked on in this article. We have discussed praying in faith, conversational prayers, and prayer lists. These three keys are important in prayers to God. Read them below.

Praying in faith

Through the Holy Spirit who lives in you, God’s Word comes alive. God’s Word has the power to guide your life every day. Read Psalm 119: 105. Through His Word, God makes His will known to believers who desire to know and follow His way. In the Bible Study, you will learn how to discover God’s will and learn to pray in faith. After you study this article you should be able to:

  • Recall times you have already joined the Word with prayer
  • List six steps for praying in faith
  • Select a problem or need about which you need to pray in faith.

Six Steps for Praying in Faith

In this article, you will discover six steps you must take to pray in faith. The first three steps relate to discovering God’s will about a specific problem. The last steps relate to ways to act on your faith.

  1. Abide (or remain) in Christ: The first step to take to discover God’s will is to remain in Christ. Write what abiding (or remaining) in Christ means to you. Are you abiding in Christ? Read John 15: 5.
  2. Allow God’s Word to Remain in You: There is a second step to take to learn God’s will about a specific matter. God’s Word must remain in you. Write what it means for God’s Word to remain in you. Read John 15: 7. To allow God’s Word to remain in you is more than just knowing the Bible. If you are truly a disciple of Jesus, what will you do? Read John 8: 31. God trusts people who him. Read the following statements which describe persons who are living according to God’s Word:
  • Samson is studying the Bible and doing God’s will as he understands it. Whenever he fails, he asks for forgiveness. He is committed to doing whatever God asks him to do.
  • Thomas is active in his church, but he does not see how the Bible relates to what he does every day. He reads it every week. He has many goals for his life. He has asked God to help him achieve them, and he believes God will do this.
  • Philip believes that God has given him a promise through a Bible verse he has memorized. In six months, little has happened. Still, he keeps obeying the Word. He has asked God to help him achieve them, and he believes God will do this.
  • Mary has discovered several verses that apply to her life as she reads the Bible day by day. She is doing as God has commanded in each of the verses.

Some people use the Word of God in the wrong ways, and yet they appear to be in God’s will. One way they do this is by deciding what they want to do and the ask for his blessing.

  1. Allow the Holy Spirit to Lead You: God reveals His will through His Word, but only to those who allow the Holy Spirit to lead them in truth. The Holy Spirit must reveal God’s truth to you first. Then he can help you receive the truth. Read the following Scriptures and see what the Holy Spirit does (John 14: 26; John 16: 13. You have just learned three things you must do so that God can show the truth to you.
  2. Ask according to God’s Will: When you know God’s will, then you must act on that truth by faith. God will do as he has promised. He will help you to do his will. Write what you must do after God has shown you his Will through his Words. Read Mathew 7: 7-11. Also, why do many people not have all that God desires to give them? Read James 4: 2.
  3. Accept God’s Word in Faith: If you asked God for anything that is according to his Will, what two things can you know about your request? Read 1 John 5: 14-15. When the Holy Spirit puts together God’s truth and your faith, your request will be answered. Read the following verses: Mark 16: 15; Acts 4: 29-31; Acts 5: 41-42. The early disciples prayed in faith based on a special word from God. You have to answer the following questions: What was the word from God? What was the disciples’ request? What was the result?
  4. Act on God’s Word Revealed to You: When Jesus said to the man with the paralyzed hand, “Stretch out your hand,” the man was completely restored. When Jesus said to the blind man, “Go and wash in the pool of Siloam, “the man was seen. Read Mathew 12: 13; John 9: 7. The sixth step to praying in faith is to do what God’s Word has told you to do. The way to show your faith is to act as if you have already received the answer.

Conversational prayer

Conversational prayer involves a group talking together with God. If you have a conversation in a group, usually each person will speak only a few sentences, and then someone else will add something to the subject being discussed. It is the same in conversational prayer. Some of you may find it difficult to talk or converse with the Lord when you are in a group. Therefore, the following guidelines should help as you learn to talk with God in a group.

  1. Realize that God is in the group: You as group members are conversing with him about matters of interest to everyone.
  2. Prayer about one subject at a time: No one should begin praying about a new subject until everyone who wants to has an opportunity to pray about the present subject.
  3. Pray briefly: One or two sentences at a time are usually enough for each person to pray on one subject. If you want to pray again after someone else has an opportunity, you may do so.
  4. Be specific in requests and the confession of sins: Name each recommendation made and each sin confessed.
  5. Make your prayers personal: Do not use formal words of address such as “Thou” and “Thee”. Do not say “Amen” at the end of each short prayer. It is all one prayer. It is just being prayed by a group instead or by one person.
  6. Allow the conversation to continue as long as the group desires or the time permits.

My Prayer List

The prayer list is a collection of prayers in a sequence that you have for yourself to pray daily, weekly or monthly. The prayer will guide you to pray right. The following are prayer list that has been working for me for a very long time.

  1. Open your exercise book and write at the top of the page “My prayer List”.
  2. On these pages, write prayer requests for yourself and others. Begin with prayer requests made by those in your mind.
  3. Always write the date that you start praying and always be specific when you write the request. For example do not pray “that God would bless my friends John and Mary,” but “save my lost friend John” and “give my friend, Mary, real peace since her mother died.” Only when we pray specific prayers can God give specific answers. In that way, God is given much glory.
  4. Also, ask the Lord for a scripture verse to claim for that person. For a lost person like John, you might claim 1 Timothy 2:5-6. For Mary you might claim John 14:27. God is always faithful to his words, and you honor him by basing your prayers on his truths.
  5. As the days pass, you will begin to see God answering your prayers. When God answers your prayer, write in the date and how he answered. Some prayers will be answered soon. Others may take years, but God will answer all of your prayers. Because of his wisdom, he sometimes does not answer according to your desires.
  6. Why do you write out your requests and answers? Because Satan causes you to forget God’s answers to prayers very quickly. These pages will become a great encouragement to you and a witness to all your friends in the days ahead. Also, they will be a source of victory in your life over Satan. You can also use these pages as your witness to show that God is YOUR Heavenly Father, and he cares about YOU.
  7. Copy the “My Prayer List Form” in your exercise book and begin your prayer adventure today.