Bishop David Oyedepo is a renowned Minister of God and Founder of Winners Chapel Pentecostal Church whose headquarters was located in Lagos.

The Man of God shared on Facebook and YouTube  how He got creative wisdom from God that he had made him what his ministry became up till now. He continued that what every man needed in life was the guidance and direction of the Holy Spirit. We have to receive it as we move forward in life. The inspiration in Deuteronomy 34: 9 and other verses initiated something differently in his ministry. Bishop Oyedepo recorded that the Lord said to him that He wanted Him to have a ministry and the ministry had to take a different shape than what had existed before.

The Bishop asked ways and methods to use to come up with the ministry. God, as recorded by the man of God, led him to Pastor Enoch Adeboye to lay His hands on him for impartation and release of anointing. Then he would be released with clear vision too. The Bishop went to Pastor Adeboye for ministration on the wisdom that God promised on the 17th of September 1983.

According to him, nothing was received that day but the spirit of light (creative wisdom). That day, he said he received clear differences in his ministry and how to make clear differences in the lives of people and the kingdom of God. Also, he said that nothing was spoken but shown the revelation of how his ministry would be established, and nothing was taught but how his ministry would be working in the heavenly realm.

Bishop Oyedepo said that God would be a printer to the greater in heaven. In 190, Bishop David Oyedepo had another encounter with a man of God who imparted a creative mind in him and received more clear wisdom and power to become what he was. The force of God’s wisdom came upon him and gave him the right way to follow in his ministry. The release of the spirit of wisdom came upon him and his life. Then he started the ministry as God directed.

Pastor Oyedepo gave some ways of sustaining the operations of wisdom. The ways are discussed below.

1. Maintaining the fear of the Lord as your lifestyle.

The fear of God matters most in the sustenance of the operation of the wisdom of God. Bishop Oyedepo said that the Winner’s churches and worship centers could be many because they were laid on the foundation of God.  The other investments such as universities could be at stand up till now because they were established on the foundation of fear of God. The Bible could record the story of Joseph as a man of fear of God. In everything, we should fear God. Read and meditate on 1 Corinthians 7: 1; Luke 1: 50; Mathew 10: 28; Deuteronomy 5: 28; Proverbs 8: 13; Psalm 34: 11.

2. Maintaining a meek spirit as your lifestyle.

The traits of meekness and humility are inseparable. To maintain the sustenance of operations of wisdom, you need to show meekness and humility. Daniel showed this during the interpretation of dreams, and God lifted him up. No one can receive anything from God until they are given.

According to the man of God, every good thing comes from God. By doing that, God will still do more. Let meekness and humility be our priority. Read and meditate on Romans 12; 2 Timothy 2; James 1; and 1 Peter 1.

3. Maintaining an effective altar of prayers as your lifestyle.

The effective altar of prayer is essential if you want to maintain the sustaining operation of wisdom. In prayers, according to Bishop Oyedepo, God will still reveal the next to you about the ministry. When you communicate with God, He will still discuss new things with you about your vision and future. It is vital to keep praying to receive more intellect, wisdom, and understanding. Read and meditate on Ephesians 1; Romans 12; Colossians 1; Colossians 12.

4. Maintaining yourself to purposeful and focused mentorship.

Nobody can become what he or she has in mind in the absence of mentorship. There are two major types of mentorship, namely direct mentorship and indirect mentorship. A direct mentorship is someone who counsels and advises you directly while an indirect mentorship is someone whose lifestyle teaches you something. To sustain your operations of wisdom, you need mentorship, either directly or indirectly. Read and meditate on I Thessalonians 1; Colossians 3: 16; 1 Corinthians 11: 1; 1 Timothy 4: 12.


Before you depart from us, pray the following prayer points and the creative wisdom will come upon you from God.

Prayer Point 1

Oh God, distinguish my ministry to manifest in another way and to bless people in another way in the name of Jesus.

Prayer Point 2

Father, distinguish my business model to appear in a different way and bless people in a different way in the name of Jesus.

Prayer Point 3

Lord Jesus, differentiate my career, dreams, intellect, revelations, health, and spiritual life to bless people differently in the name of Jesus.

Prayer Point 4

Gracious Father, what good things people think I cannot do shall be happening in my life from now on in the name of Jesus.

Prayer Point 5

My powerful God, You are the giver, give me all I need that will distinguish me from others to bless my people in the name of Jesus.

Prayer Point 6

Oh Lord, You are my changer and transformer, change me from the traditional way of doing things and make me unique in all things I am doing from today in the name of Jesus.

Prayer Point 7

Lord Jesus, Give me creative wisdom that will make me a special person in my ministry, business, career, intellect, dreams, and visions right now in the name of Jesus.

Prayer Point 8

Eternal Rock of Ages, endow me with creative wisdom that will stand me out of others in my revelations, jobs, and spiritual life today in the name of Jesus.

Prayer Point 9

My Father, I need wisdom from you to do exploits and get to the higher level of success as you have planned for me. Let there be so right now in the name of Jesus.

Prayer Point 10

O Lord, let Your fear emerge in my heart let it be my lifestyle from today in the name of Jesus. Give me the grace of humility and meekness so that your wisdom can work for me in the name of Jesus.

Prayer Point 11

My Lord, rebuild my prayer altar from today in the name of Jesus. Release the spirit and anointing of wisdom unto my head today in the name of Jesus.

Prayer Point 12

Oh Lord, send me a purposeful and focused mentorship that will take me to the level of my success today in the name of Jesus.

Prayer Point 13

Thank God for what God has revealed to you in this article that will hopefully work for your success and uplift right now in the name of Jesus.

Prayer Point 14

Lord Jesus, I say You are good and I thank You for answering my prayers and I know that I will be seeing the results from today in the name of Jesus.

Prayer Point 15

Wave your hands to God and begin to sing some songs to God Almighty for what he has been doing and what he will still do by giving you creative wisdom that will make you stand out among your competitors and colleagues.


The steps of Bishop David Oyedepo must teach someone some lessons if we want to take steps on anything.  Every vision has the directives of God to be achieved. If you commit your way unto God, He will order your steps. Your own steps will be different from others because God will give you the creative wisdom that will surpass any other worldly wisdom. As we have it today, Bishop David Oyedepo, if he is not the richest minister of God in the world, is one of the richest ministers of God in the world. We can see the creative wisdom in all of the church investments.