What you do in life does not matter, what matters is who you are. You should eagerly want to metamorphosis and grow into who you are. Nobody is self-made. As Christians and beyond, you are made to contribute to a life at least whether spiritually or physically. Your life is precious to God so much and He is calling you to get close to Him. God is touching your hearts because your heart is what God needs. He wants to deliver you from all other forces struggling with your hearts. God want to deliver you from damage. We shall discuss some forces that struggle with the lives of men. The forces are attributed to men, demons and God.

The Force of Man: Men Make Men! Because we don’t understand these principles, we have lost our destiny helpers. It’s a spiritual principle, when you truncate it, you bear the results. As much as you can, avoid a fight with anyone through which you are made. The person that made you should not be your God, but never despise that channel. Carefully do not be disloyal.

Demonic Powers: Through demonic and devilish means. The devil can make a man but doesn’t come for free. Certain people whom the devil made have certain covenants with the devil. Anything the devil comes to you bargain with you; he already knows that you can get it. Don’t ever dine with the devil, you will regret it. Anything that connects you to a deity, run away from it.

God:  He doesn’t control you like make and doesn’t sell your soul like the devil. The only person that you should seek to make you is God. When God wants to make a Warrior Leader, he begins to search. He doesn’t look at you physically, looks at the heart. God is benevolent, God is rich, and God is not stingy! But how come most of his children seem to be suffering?

Question: “If God is the owner of the universe, the question may come your way, “Why am I broke?”, “Why is my life not showcasing royalty?”.

Answer: God is rich, but cannot just dump it on anybody! He has been wounded several times by dumping what is precious to those who cannot handle it, they turned back and hurt him. A case study; King Saul. This king checked the heart and discovered if this heart was worthy of carrying his riches. Is this heart worthy to carry my glory, he asked?”.

God doesn’t look at intelligence. A case study: David. David does not have the intelligence; he was 17 years old. But when God was looking, he left all the men who had the capacity and told Samuel to anoint David. When God searches and selects someone, favour comes. When God select you, he furnishes you with graces.  Why God does not put his goodness on people because he has searched their hearts and found them wanting. When God select you, you become a prized possession. A man’s life is a function of the quality of his heart!

How Do I Create a Perfect Heart So That God Can See It and Select Me?

There is a level of success you can’t get to if men, devil or God are not involved. Before you talk about a perfect heart, you need to know the state of your heart first. So many hearts are damaged. So many hearts are broken, they can’t be perfect! The heart we are talking about is who you are. If your heart is damaged, there are certain things that you cannot do. So, all Christians and other people must guard their hearts from any form of damage. This will put you in the right place. When your heart is free from any pollution, it is free from damage. When your heart is free from any damage, you will live a good life.

There Are Certain Ways Heart Is Damaged

Marginalization: Through marginalization; life marginalized you for no reason and you feel life is unfair to you and because of this your heart is damaged. You feel helpless. The symptoms of marginalization are described as “offence”. Shun from keeping malice because of offence you have long taken. You are damaging your heart unknowingly.

Disappointment: Disappointment due to high expectations and because you were disappointed your heart is broken. Do not have high expectations from people because when they break it, your heart is damaged. You develop a disease called “bitterness”. When God sees bitterness, he turns back. Stop developing hatred and bitterness against someone because he/she has offended you. You are unconsciously damaging your heart.

Wickedness: Wickedness occurs when people are wicked to you, your heart is damaged. The disease that wickedness carries is “Unforgiveness”. You can never be selected if you are unforgiving. If you have found it difficult to forgive your offenders; you cannot free your heart. From the burden in your heart, you are damaging it little by little.

  • When you become a Warrior Leader, you become a vault/bank for God!
  • Stop fighting people, fight yourself!
  • When God selects you, that’s all. Because you become his jealously guided bride.
  • When God selects you, go and sleep.

Abused and Delivered: The disease that comes from this is called a “strange spirit” attached to it. When this foreign entity enters you, you are not in charge of yourself anymore. Anybody whose heart is damaged cannot LOVE! This person cannot have the AGAPE love, the God kind of love.

How Do I Fix a Damaged Heart? The day you open your heart to offence is the beginning of the end.

  • Get rid of offence and install an offence-proof system
  • Acts 24:16 says, “And herein I exercise myself, to have always a conscience void of offence towards God, and men.”

How Do You Deal with Bitterness? The bitterness can cause damage to your heat if you allow it. Work on it now before it is too late.

  • Create an excuse for your offender. For your sanity, remove the bitterness.

How to Do Away with Wickedness: Do not be wicked; it is not a good virtue. If the wickedness emerges in your heart, it will damage it. Work on it now.

  • Forgive
  • Understand that when you are dealing with unforgiveness, Heaven is locked against you.

How to Get Delivered: If you have been experiencing the symptoms of unforgiveness, wickedness, bitterness, malice and so on, you need to seek deliverance before it damages your heart and life.

  • Until your heart is repaired, you cannot build a perfect heart.
  • You need a higher power (God) to deliver you.

How to Build a Perfect Heart: The ways you can build your perfect heart include the following:

  • It does matter what you do, it is your personalities that matter to people. Who you are is your heart.
  • You build a perfect heart by developing a heart of love. A perfect heart is a heart of love.
  • A Warrior Leader is a person with a heart of love.
  • Who you are is nothing without love. Love doesn’t keep records of wrong. Love never fails.
  • The perfect heart is the heart of love.
  • If you want God to select you, you have a heart of love. Love is patient, Love is kind. Love does not envy. Love does not boast. Love is not proud. Love does not dishonour others. It is not self-seeking. It is not easily angered. It keeps no record of wrong. It does not delight in evil. Love always protects.
  • Who God loves, he chastised. Who the Father loves, he disciplines?

How Do I Develop This Heart of Love? You can develop your heart of love if you adopt the following, methods and practice them.

The secret to emancipating yourself and having a perfect heart; all you need to know is the LOVE OF GOD. If you understand how God loves you, then there is nobody you cannot forgive.

We are all living by the love and mercy of God! The Love of God overwhelms us. He provides the sun for both the good and the wicked. The reason you are where you are today is because of the love of God!