There are several good devotionals out there. But the Daily Encounter is within the line with our three bigger pictures – a theme for the quarter, a title for the systematic understanding of God’s Word, which in turn leads to spiritual maturity.

The daily encounter is also designed to prepare members for Sunday school and the need to apply the lesson to real-life situations. In my deliberate study, the Bible reading plan seems to be missing in some of these other devotionals. Our devotional material, DAILY MEDITATION, is specifically built to help us grow and mature into the fullness of Christ. Check our devotional explanatory topics/pages here and be blessed.

Types of Devotion

Family Devotion: The importance of family devotion in the home cannot be overemphasized. In Joshua 24:15, he declared, “But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord. “There is no other place to begin knowing and serving the Lord than at home. Family devotion is when every household member comes together to pray, study the Word of God and know the Lord better for a life of exploits. Family devotion can be held at any convenient time for the family. It improves family bonding, establishes a solid foundation for Christian Values, and, most importantly, helps to develop the mind of Christ in the family.

Personal Devotion: The nourished Christian life we received at salvation can only be maintained when we consistently fellowship with Jesus. While we admit that it is not always easy to be consistent with daily prayer and studying God’s Word, we must make a conscious effort to make this happen. To achieve this, there must be proper planning. The first is that we must have an appointment with God (A Time of Meeting). This appointment with God could be in the morning or evening. The most important thing is to be faithful to your comfortable place where you will have a chair, a table, and your devotional tools. The third thing you need is your devotional materials, including the Bible, booklet, and writing materials. As we read the explanation of the passage in the devotional, we gain insight into God’s Word. By praying and studying His Word daily, Christians grow in their faith and become more and more like Jesus.

Seven Benefits of Daily Encounters with God for You

Daily devotional reading helps you start your day with God: When we start our day with meditation on God’s Word, it sets the tone for what we will focus on throughout the day. Allowing God’s Word to dwell richly within us daily helps us to think clearly and make wise decisions in the face of worries and troubles of this life. It also helps us face our daily challenges with courage and confidence.

Daily devotional reading helps build your faith: The scripture is clear that faith comes by hearing the Word of the Lord (Romans 10:17). The Bible is full of stories of God’s power in action, showing us that He can do the impossible. In these stories, you find God healing the sick, providing food for the hungry, delivering people from sin, raising the dead, helping the helpless, etc. When we connect with these stories and are reminded that God has not changed, our faith is strengthened to face life’s challenges.

Daily devotional reading helps you draw closer to God: Making daily devotional reading a habit helps you draw closer to God, and He will, in turn, draw closer to you. This will make you more aware of His will and desires for your life and give you the confidence to approach Him when storms of life come your way.

Daily devotional reading keeps your focus on God: Life is full of distractions that divide your attention from focusing on God: You can be so busy pursuing your goals and dreams that we take God out of your schedule. Many distractions compete for your attention, but your daily encounters with God will keep your focus on Him. Reading devotionals daily can provide the pathway and the right mindset to go about your day. It will also give you the confidence that God will lead you on the right path.

Daily devotional reading provides spiritual energy to keep moving on in life: Daily meditation on God’s Word will help you gain insights into how the heroes of faith were able to navigate through the trials they went through. Resilient but because God showed up when they needed Him. As you will constantly derive the spiritual energy to persevere.

Daily devotional reading helps you understand the Bible more and more: Spending time with the Lord through devotional reading helps you is made easier to understand through His revelation and the Bible commentaries for each day. Daily devotional allows us to reflect on God’s Word and gain further understanding of it. Therefore, the more you know God’s truth, the more you are mature as a Christian.

Daily Devotional reading improves our relationship with God and helps us Grow Spiritually: One of the primary reasons God created us is to have fellowship with Him. Jesus gladdened our hearts by calling us his friends in John 15:15. One of the ways to have this relationship is by studying His Word. Following and relating with Him through daily devotionals will deepen our relationship with Him and help us grow spiritually. Peter told his readers that the way to know Jesus Christ better is to grow in His grace and knowledge (2 Peter 3:18), which is possible through our daily encounters with God.

Enhancing Love and Unity in the Family through the Use of Daily Encounters with God: Love and Unity are fundamental to God. In the Scripture, God commands faithfulness and love. He enters into a covenant relationship with His people, and He wants us to respect the terms of these covenants. God sees all believers as one family, and He expects us to relate with one another with that understanding. The Scripture consistently reminds us of the importance of Unity and love, whether in the home or the Church. The Psalmist said, “How good and pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity” (133:1).

Jesus Christ taught His disciples that their effectiveness would be predicated on their Unity. Perhaps that was why He prayed for the Unity of His disciples in John 17:23. Devotion is one of the essential ingredients and Unity to the home. His Word is replete with directives about the family because it is established as the core of human relationships. In a Baptist home, family devotion through the use of Daily Encounters with God is paramount.

The coming together of every member of the family strengthens the bond of love among members of the family, enabling spiritual growth. The Daily Encounter has a prayer list for every Baptist pastor daily, This is one unique opportunity you do not find in other devotionals. It must not be seen as a ritual or burden but as a natural expression of love and gratitude to God. Consistent family devotion allows parents to exercise their God-given responsibility to train their children in the way of the Lord. The Bible says, “Train up a child in the way he should go.”(Proverbs 22:6).

In times of despair, the family devotional period is used to draw strength and comfort from the Word of God. It is an opportunity to fight their battles collectively in prayer. This togetherness in family devotion will help to renew their hope in the Lord. Our morning devotions could be a double-edged sword: enriching the family and witnessing Christ to those around us who may be hearing us.

This is why family devotional moments should be pleasant, inspiring, engaging, and all-inclusive. Therefore, every family member should be involved in reading the Scripture and sharing insight derived from the Word of God. The more they unite in family worship, the more the Unity and their love for one another grows. Thus, family devotion is a treasure we must guard with all our hearts.


One of the ways to encounter God and build ourselves up to face the challenges of our world, personally, corporately, and as a family, is through daily devotional reading. There is no doubt that when we spend time together with the Lord as individuals, families, and corporate organizations through our Daily Encounter, we will receive the help we need to develop a personal faith and a virtuous character that will benefit us throughout our lives.

I urge us to spend time studying, praying, and meditating on the Word of God. Our consistent fellowship with the Lord through daily devotion will enable us to grow in our love for God and one another, and it will help us to be more united in serving the Lord and achieving His purpose for our lives and destinies. Let us lay hold on our devotional guide, Daily Encounter with Unique.

It is well packaged in a manner that will provoke a spiritual encounter with the Lord every day. If you have not been using it, be reminded that it is easy to incorporate into your daily routine. Pick up a copy, hard or soft, and it will undoubtedly lead you into God’s presence.

As you study the Word of God each day, you will find that the Daily Encounter with God explains the text to help you understand, an application to help you relate it to contemporary daily life experiences, and a follow-up action to help you do what God has said. These are arranged to deepen your knowledge of His Word and your relationship with Him.