The story tends to become a history of life if it has been past with feasible evidence. The biography of Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye, the present General Overseer how he became a hero from zero is cryptic, didactic, and educative.

The name of God has a bleak and very poor family background that no man can pray for. Hardly his parents can take three square meals a day. But the determination of the present Pastor Adeboye made him a limelight in the ministry today.  The story portrays various important themes that will benefit a lot of people, especially those who are in abject poverty or those who are facing one challenge or the other that no present unpleasant situation is not forever if you are a determined person.

The theme of Abject Poverty

The story portrays the poor family background of Enoch Adeboye. The poverty is severe to the extent that it is difficult to eat what they want. That is, Adeboye’s parents cannot send him to school. When Enoch got admission to Grammar school, instead of jubilating, they tended to reject the offer of admission because of money to send him to Grammar school.

The theme of Determination and Decision

The determination of a determined person can take him or her to a greater level of success, and the right decision one has in life will make one a successful person in life.  Enoch can become Pastor Enoch Adeboye today because of their wise determination and right decision to go to school during his young time. Enoch did not allow His family background to discourage him and kill his bright future. He told his parents that they could make it to sponsor him to Grammar school. Enoch refused to eat and other things he liked to show his love for education. When his father noticed his seriousness, he sold his bicycle to send Enoch to Grammar School. Adeboye eventually joined them at Ilesa Grammar School.

The Theme of Genius

The academic brilliance of Enoch makes him stand out to become a destiny-fulfilled person. Enoch was noticed in one of the mathematics class lessons as an exceptional student.  He won some prizes for the schools.

The Theme of Death and Bereavement

While Enoch was in Primary school, the strange news reached him through the school principal that his father was dead. He wept bitterly and bereaved. The management of the school and he visited the family and buried Enoch‘s father was buried. The death of Enoch’s father affected sponsorship because his sponsor had died.  Considering this, the school management came to his help to sponsor him until he graduated based on the written agreement that he would return all the debts incurred when he got a job. The two parties signed the MoU.

The Theme of Friendship

Enoch graduated from secondary school and got admission to the University of Nssuka to study Applied Mathematics. He had many friends and girlfriends being a boy who had not been given ground with fear of God.  There was a day his friends were jokingly asking him a question about whom he would settle with out of the many girlfriends he had then. One day, one of his friends came in with his younger sister Foluke. Foluke was a student in a Bible School.  Enoch centered his eyes on her passionately and greeted her warmly. Enoch asked her name and her school and Foluke responded politely. When Foluke left, Enoch asked whether she had any boyfriend and Foluke’s elder brother politely refused to answer the question.

The Theme of Love

The theme of love was depicted between Enoch Adeboye and Foluke. As Enoch was in love with Foluka, Foluke too was in Love with Enoch. Foluke would occasionally send the gifts to Enoch. The love grew in the minds of both of them.

The Theme of Marriage Proposal

After the love grows in the minds of both parties, Enoch invites Foluke to his birthday party which she attends.  Shortly later, Enoch visited Foluke in her house and proposed to her for marriage. The proposal notes were warm, arousing, erotic, and interesting. The proposal notes from Enoch to Foluke go like this.

Enoch: There is something I want to tell you Foluke,

Foluke: (With interest) I am all ears

Enoch: out of all ladies, I have known, you are special, priceless, and invaluable and you are the one my mind yearns for. I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

Foluke:(Strangely requested). Can you please come again?

Enoch: (Asking)From what parts?

Foluke: From the beginning!

Enoch: (Repeatedly) From all the ladies I know, you are priceless, special, invaluable, You are the one my mind looks for. I want to spend the rest of my life with you (holding Foluke’s two hands passionately)

Foluke: (With a smiling face). Did you cram it?

Enoch:(With stammers). Yeeeeeees!

Foluke: (Politely)Ok, I cannot say anything. I will tell my father about it.

Enoch: (Happily). It is okay.

The story has been adapted into a play by Solid Rock in collaboration with Mount Zion Film Productions to make the story live.

The Theme of Marriage Introduction

Foluke informed his father about the proposal of Enoch to her. Her father asked whether she loved him or not and the reasons why she did that. Foluke relied on that she loved Enoch so much because he was humbled and he was the man of his word. Foluke’s father advised her to bring him to him. Enoch visited Foluke’s father and everything was settled.

The Theme of Marriage

Enoch and Foluke got married and the marriage was glorious. Their marriage union was blessed with children. Enoch has become a Mathematics lecturer at the University of Lagos by this time. But in a short time, the glorious marriage started to experience the challenges of sicknesses on the children in which Enoch began to consult herbalists for help.

The Theme of Ifa Consultation

The challenges of life pushed Enoch to different Ifaoccult healers so he could find a solution to the storms of life. Despite all his efforts to get the solutions, unfortunately, he could not.  He used several He-goats for sacrifices but no solution was proffered.

The Theme of Final Solution

After Enoch and his wife had spent all they could but no solution. God sent one of his uncles to Enoch who introduced a Redeemed church to him, though he was not serious about it in the beginning, his wife and he joined the church. Enoch encountered Jesus Christ and the family became born again and began to grow in the Lord.

The Theme of God’s Test

We do not know when God is testing us to become great in life. The Founder of the Redeemed Church, Baba Josiah Akindayomihad had been praying for their predecessor when he died. God directed him to do a test for all the pastors both senior and junior pastors. God said that He would identify the loyal person who would take the mantle. God said all of them should bring all the salary of the month and the money in their bank to the church and donate it for the growth of the church. The person who did it would come after him. Baba Akindayomi announced it accordingly. It was only Enoch (Present Pastor Adeboye who did it).

The Theme of Ordination

God commanded Baba Akindayomi to ordain Enoch as a pastor. The experience was very great that day. Enoch had the experience of the Holy Spirit. He was filled with the Holy Spirit. Since that day, He was a special person. Enoch became Pastor Enoch Adeboye.

The Theme of Great Mission

God set PastierAdeboye apart and anointed him for the great works. Before Baba Akindayomi died, he documented that his predecessor would be Pastor Adeboye. He would be the person that would be the General Overseer after him. When Baba Akindayomi, the Founder of the Redeemed Church died, Pastor Adeboye was announced as the General Overseer of the Redeemed Church of Christ.


This story had been translated into a play by the Mount Zion Drama Ministries and it was titled “Enoch”. I will implore you to watch the video from the beginning to the end. Watching the video will make this literary work more meaningful and lively.