A pew and a loudspeaker of the church were left outside the auditorium after a picnic programme was organised for children. It was during the rainy season and it was about to rain. Mr. Godwin, a member of the church, noticed the pew and the speaker but only muttered to himself, “It is the work of the church sexton to return them to the auditorium, he will take care of that. “Mr. Godwin then left in a hurry to escape the whipping hands of the rain. Not long after, the rain came and it was very heavy; the pew and the speaker were soaked. The next day, the pew was sun-dried and taken back to the auditorium, but the speaker was condemned and out of use because of the damage done to it by the rain. In your own opinion who should be blamed for the damage and why? Mr. Godwin, the sexton, the organiser of the programme or the rain?

You are very correct, all hands must be on deck when it comes to taking care of church properties. Infrastructural resources are important for the effective operations, services, and progress of the church. It is an endowment of God to be cared for and maintained by all in the church. The church leadership should not overlook and abandon her God-given resources and allow them to rotor waste away. In our midst is someone who will guide our thoughts on the management of the church’s infrastructural resources. Let us join hands to welcome our guest speaker.

The space and infrastructure at the disposal of a church may differ in size and quality from those at the disposal of another church.

However, God has given every local church the important thing is not how much space and infrastructure a church uses of what has been made available to her.

Church Infrastructures

The Church infrastructure includes the following:

The physical material resources, structures, and space for her operations and services.

  • The physical materials and facilities that enable a church to function, which include musical instruments, the parking lot, meeting halls, church school, security apparatus, electrical gadgets, power plant etc.

It is necessary to note the following:

  • Church infrastructural resources are evidence of the development and physical growth of the church.
  • They are also symbols of the success of the local church. Unfortunately, in some cases, such resources have caused undue and unnecessary competition and rivalry among churches.
  • They are essential in the sustenance of effective operations, service to God and humanity and survival of a church.
  • They help in facilitating the delivery of the church’s programmes and activities.

Some Guiding Principles in Maintaining the Church’s Infrastructure

The church administrator, who is the pastor in most cases, with the support of the church leadership, has the immediate responsibility of administering and managing the church’s infrastructure. Some of the guiding principles for effective administration and maintenance of the church infrastructure would include the following:

Insist on the purchase of quality things with warranty and right or legal documents. Fake things are usually cheap and may be attractive. Good administration begins with getting the right facilities, which will last the responsibility of the church administrator and leadership alone. goods and other facilities for the church should be faithful to get quality things with warranty and right or legal documents.

Insist and be diligent in routine maintenance or cleaning of infrastructure. If the church would engage the services of a maintenance committee or a maintenance company, it must consist of faithful making the mistake of nominating a person who does not have a good maintenance culture as a maintenance officer, and whose own personal facilities and bodily features lack good maintenance. Such a mistake is likely going to be regrettable.

Develop policies for the use of the church’s infrastructure. Where no policies are guiding the use of the church infrastructure and other facilities, people frequently take advantage of and abuse them. If care is not taken and policies are not developed, every group in the church may want to use the bus for every outing even if only four members are going for the outing, which may not cost each one more than fifty naira (N50.00) to get there.

Insist on thorough supervision of contractors, suppliers and supplies of facilities and goods to the church. It should not be taken for granted that those who are engaged in rendering services of building, supplying, or constructing facilities for the church would do what is right with the fear of God. It does not matter even if such individuals are church members. Therefore, every with proper supervision to ensure that the right quality and correct quantity of what is paid for is done or supplied.

Insist on taking an inventory of the church’s infrastructure the church. A good filing system would be required to have an asset database of the church. This could be done and kept manually or electronically.

Insist on ensuring a good security and safety plan for the church’s infrastructure.The era has passed when the church premises and the auditorium could be opened at any hour of the day with the mind that anybody  should be able to enter and meet with his or her God at any given time. Burglary proofs, locks, keys and security personnel are required and are to be engaged for the security and safety of church members and infrastructure. This plan is a wise and faithful stewardship of the God-given resources.

Finally, educate all members to be involved in faithful maintenance, care and management of church facilities. All members are to become aware of the six principles above to apply them when it comes to handling church facilities. The principles will help them to know about taking care of the church facilities and resources.


If we are all determined to be faithful to the Lord and the church, then we need to change our attitudes and dispositions towards the care of the church’s infrastructure and rise to become responsible as faithful and good stewards of God-given resources. The little infrastructure our churches have will be enhanced to achieve maximum performance to the glory of God and successful operations and services.


When we are talking about the things of the church, we are talking about the things of the Spirit that must be handled with the Spirit’s mind. The spiritual they say controls the physical. We cannot divorce the section of prayers if the church will seriously manage its infrastructure successfully. Let us pray these prayer points to committee everything unto God.

Prayer Point 1: We thank God for building this church for us and allowing us to serve Him in this church. Also, we appreciate God for providing these spaces and infrastructures for our church. Accept our thanks in the name of Jesus Christ.

Prayer Point 2: Our helper, You are the wisest in the world; teach us the way to manage all the infrastructures you have provided for us in this church in the name of Jesus Christ.

Prayer Point 3: Jesus, do not allow our church facilities and resources to perish because they are useful for Your glory O God in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

Prayer Point 4: O God, we put all our properties and infrastructures in this church under Your care and protection, let them get secure in the special name of Jesus Christ.

Prayer Point 5: Our facilities and infrastructures must not be wasted for any reason, and will not be carted away by the robbers or be vandalized in the powerful name of Jesus Christ. Thank you for allowing You to know You more. Accept our gratitude and appreciation in the name of Jesus Christ.