The term antichrist is only found in the epistles of John (1 John 2:18,22;4:3;2 John 1:7).  The rise of the one-world government of the antichrist is beginning to take its shape already.  They envision a one-world banking system and currency that will give in to a cashless computer financial system, one-world centralized control of the global population, and global control of the world’s environment, economy, trade, and army. They have already made a giant step. This study will look at various emergences of digital technology concerning the antichrist and its effect.

With the ever-growing use of communication technology in our culture, it is perhaps inevitable that the church will be increasingly influenced by this fact, in how she worships, communicates with herself and the world, reaches into her various communities, and in broad terms how she sustains her identity as the body of Christ. A critical question is the growing tension between the traditional face-to-face communication and interaction within the church and the now almost universal mediating presence of technology, e.g., in the reading of biblical text, in the singing of hymns, and preaching.

Understanding the Digital World

We must know exactly what information technology is, and why it has come to play such an important role in our daily lives.

Today, personal PCs, cell phones, fax machines, pagers, email and internet have all not only become an integral part of our very culture but also play an essential role in our day-to-day activities. With such a wide scope, for the purpose of this article, we shall focus on the impact of the internet in information technology.

Communication is a necessity in the world of human beings, animals, and plants and is an ever-continuing process going on all the time. It is as necessary to human, animal, and plant existence as life itself. “Communication is the name we give to the countless ways that humans have of keeping in touch, not just words and music, pictures and print, nods and becks, posters and plumages; to every move that catches someone’s eye and every sound that resonates upon another’s ear. Communication then presupposes a shared environment which leads to social relationships between those who participate in social interaction, contributing to a sense of community.

Advantages of Information Technology

Helping to build the kingdom is made possible through the digital world. Computers have helped automate record keeping in our churches. They have also helped draft plans for new church buildings. They typeset magazines and materials for church members. They keep track of membership records, read and record financial documents, list donations by members, and help with the translation of church materials into different languages.

The Church is using computer technology to solve problems, save money, and to better serve church members on the local level. However, church leaders need to be sensitive to how computerization affects them. Too much dependence on computers can cause a person to be less receptive to the promptings of the Spirit. If a pastor relies too much on computerized information at his fingertips, the danger is that such a man of God may neglect the Spirit of God.

It is essential to be less dependent on digital gadgets at the expense of the Holy Ghost. The digital tools are available, but we need to use them properly. We must think in terms of the Spirit, individuals, and ordinances, instead of programmes and numbers. Pastors must be trained to think in those terms even more as they use computers to help them in their responsibilities.

The Church, Antichrist, and Technology

As we can see,  the antichrist’s technology-based system has been set in place. Read the Bible verses: Daniel 8:24;2 Thessalonians 2:9; Revelation3:2-4;12:9). Also, the technology to achieve and enforce his near total control of the world and its People is at hand. We can see this in the Bible passage of Revelation 13:16-17:

He (the Antichrist’s right-hand man, the False Prophet all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, of the beast, or the number of his name.

Imagine what Apostle John must have thought when, in about 90 AD, he saw a vision of his take in place a futuristic world. Ever since people have been baffled as to how any such universal totalitarian economic system could be established or policed. With electronic commerce rapidly replacing cash and virtually everything that is bought and sold being identified and tracked by bar codes and other means, in no longer inconceivable that the financial transactions of everyone in the world could one day be monitored by a centralised agency.

Most of the technology already exists, but before the antichrist’s plan can work, it needs to be more powerful and widespread. Also, the technology is not enough in itself. The antichrist also needs to sell the world to it. It appears that he is busy at that, too, and he is not alone. He works through others mostly unwitting accomplices who are helping to further his agenda by developing and marketing the technology, including some of the world’s brightest minds and biggest financial powers. A Scripture that goes along with that point is Daniel 11:21b, KJV:

Some versions of the Bible translate this as “seize the kingdom by intrigue”-by secret scheming or plotting. Either way, it sounds as though the antichrist is going to rise to power through cunning salesmanship rather than solely the strong-arm tactics that the leaders of most past empires depended on. What he is not saying, of course, is that he will eventually use them to suit his evil purposes. Consider these developments:


Biometrics is the technology of collecting, processing, and storing details of a person’s physical characteristics through such means as finger printing, thumb scans, retina scans, hand geometry, ace recognition, voice recognition, and digital macrophotography. Biometric identification has caught the interest of both governments and the commercial sector because it is far more foolproof than more primitive forms of IDENTIFICATION, such as photo ID cards or signatures.

Cashless Commerce

The shift from cash to electronic commerce helps curtail drug trafficking, counterfeiting, and theft, not to mention the greater convenience and security that electronic commerce affords. So-called smart cards now contain microchips that store not only the owner’s financial information but also medical records and other personal information. The logical next step would be to eliminate the plastic card and embed the chip directly into the owner, saying “on their right hand or their foreheads.”

Global Networking

Governments and industries are setting international standards and expanding their electronic networking by sharing information, services, and technology. The level of technological development now varies greatly from nation to nation, but the whole system could be “online” in are relatively short time.

Considering science and technology, the governments of the world have been rushing to complete the antichrist’s economic and political system the Bible warns against. Do not be deceived into following this false messiah or receiving his mark! Follow the true Messiah, Jesus Christ. Then you will be on the right side, the winning side, when Jesus returns to put a stop to the antichrist’s wickedness and set things right (Revelation 14:9-11; 19:11-21).


Whether or not the Church decides to use the latest forms of social communication in the service of promoting her image and message, her enemies most certainly will. Lust, greed, and envy are in no way new opponents to our pursuit of holiness in this digital age; this digital age just provides them with new playgrounds wherein they can bully people.