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Path of Wisdom

Read Acts 6: 1-7

A man became angry and frustrated because his donkey stopped walking in the middle of a journey. He pushed, spanked, beat and shouted, but the donkey did not bulge. A ten-year-old who had been watching the frustrated man and his stubborn donkey came and put her index finger in the mouth of the donkey. The donkey started following her gently. Wisdom!

In Acts 1:8, Jesus promised the disciples power through the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. However, the manifestation of the power varies. Thereafter, the disciples were limited only to conversions, healings, miracles and supernatural deliverances from the powers that be, it also manifested in the demonstration of wisdom in handling administrative issues.  Foolishness slows down destiny but wisdom leads to greatness.

Prayer: Enable me Lord to always seek the path of wisdom.

Desire Wisdom

Read 1 Kings 4:30

Many times, some people think they know exactly what they desire and act as if one of these desires is met by other things in their understanding. They have forgotten that most times what is needed is only one secret that can unlock other secrets of the good life.

When he was faced with the question of asking only one thing from the Lord, he knew that once He got the wisdom of God, he had gotten the secret of success. God gave him what he asked for and that wisdom made him great in his generation. Many of us also go through life believing that the solution to our problem is money, a job or a high position.  Not knowing that the only thing we need is the wisdom of God, which is Jesus Christ. Once we have Him on our side, finding fulfilment in life becomes easy. Are you troubled about finding your way in life? Get the outstanding wisdom of God through Christ. Christ is the wisdom of God and the only key to greatness.

Prayer: Lord, help me to follow after Your wisdom in my life.

Wisdom for Life’s Decision

Read Proverbs 1:7.

Making decisions is a crucial aspect of human life that nobody can hide from. But the question is how many of these decisions end up being right? A lot of people have made decisions they will regret all through life while some have made decisions that made them happy all through life. Today’s passage is calling our attention to one important thing that can help us in making choices in life -this is wisdom. Wisdom helps us see things beyond the present into the future. With wisdom, you can weigh your options well and make the right choice.

The only way to get hold of this wisdom is by fearing the Lord. To fear the Lord is to pay attention to His instructions and this will in turn give you wisdom. Navigating through this present world can be quite challenging, which is why it is essential to get wisdom. As God’s children, our decisions should be guided by God’s wisdom, especially when it comes to forming associations. We should allow the wisdom of God to guide us in choosing friends and partners that will add value to our lives and not lead us astray. As you go out today, let God’s wisdom guide all your decisions. God’s wisdom gives the right direction

Prayer: God, enable me to fear You and keep Your instructions so that I can enjoy Your wisdom.

Wisdom Saves from Temptation

Read Proverbs 2:10-19.

At school, Joe was good at arithmetic. On examination day, Joe forgot many words, and the temple said, ‘Look on Mabel’s paper, she has them right!” So, Joe coupled several, and the teacher saw him, she intended to talk to him after school, for she always thought Joe was honest. Just then the boy who was collecting the papers came to Joe’s desk, and she saw him tear his up, and say, “I haven’t any l” She knew he had decided to take a zero rather than hand in a dishonest paper. When the school closed, she called Joe and said, “I saw your struggle, and I’m proud of a boy who conquered temptation.”

Sometimes, getting out of temptation might be difficult especially when it seems to be the order of the day. When it seems like everybody is doing it, getting the courage to stand out might be difficult. However, today’s passage tells us that only wisdom can save us from temptation. If we will truly overcome temptations, then we must learn from the wisdom of God which is Christ Jesus. Only His wisdom can teach us to say no to all ungodliness. Trust God’s wisdom from today. God’s wisdom can deliver us from destruction.

Prayer: God, give me the grace to access Your wisdom, Christ Jesus.

Wisdom Is Wealth

Read Proverbs 2:9.

Many people view wisdom as the fitness of this world wisdom. Having godly wisdom is an essential virtue of becoming successful as a child of God. When God gives wisdom to those who pursue and call out for it there are many positive and pleasurable results, including understanding and discretion. Nothing else should take the place of the wisdom of God in our lives as believers, When we trust God, He will give us access to His wisdom and this will give us an edge over others around us. Put your trust in Him today and enjoy these unending benefits. Wealth without wisdom is a disaster waiting to happen.

Prayer: Lord, help me to seek after Your wisdom in the name of Jesus Christ.

Christ the Wisdom of God

Read 1 Corinthians 1:18-25.

Austin Martyr was a second-century man who eagerly sought truth. He sought insight, especially the answer to his longings for sexual purity. But every effort was in vain. “One day, aimlessly wandering on the seashore, he met an elderly man who spoke to his heart as no one had ever spoken before. He pointed him to God through Jesus Christ, and in that simple witness, Justin found the knowledge he had sought all his life-“the knowledge of God. “Many people are wandering through life trying to find wisdom that defies the world’s principles. But in the passage, God has promised to destroy the wisdom of this world and make it foolish. This is because worldly wisdom has no root; therefore, it cannot last. The Scriptures refer to Christ as the wisdom of God. Do you have a relationship with Wisdom? Search your heart today. Wisdom outside God is foolishness and will soon fade off.

Prayer: God, help me to walk in Your wisdom from today and forevermore in the name of Jesus Christ.

The Call of Wisdom

Read James 8:1.

A proverb was told about a young man whose father had human and material possessions before his death. They willed all of his remaining possessions to the servant but they only became his after the son had chosen just one out of the father’s possessions, After consultations, on D-day, the mas so chose the servant, and the son eventually, owned all repossessions. In today’s article, Wisdom is portrayed as an acknowledgement that is good but wisdom is supreme (Proverbs 4:7). Knowledge is having a revelation or insight on a matter or an issue. Wisdom is the application of knowledge. Wisdom goes with understanding. There are two kinds of wisdom: earthly (unspiritual demonic) and divine (heavenly) wisdom (such that is pure, peace-loving, considerate, submissive, merciful, good fruit, impartial and (James 1:5).

Everything about our lives requires wisdom. Wherever you are. making: in your workplace or school; at home or in your marriage Wisdom should define every aspect of your life. Be sure to open it all. Wisdom is the principal thing. Get wisdom!

Prayer: Help me O Lord and remove every foolishness in me.

Wisdom at Creation

Read Proverbs 8:22-31.

A tale was told of the devil challenging God to creativity. It was said that the devil said it could also create man like God did. So, the devil gathered mud that would be used for creating man but God told him, Drop the mud, that was my own created “material”, ‘create yours’.

God is meticulous, in creation: He created first things first, before making man! Look at the complexity of the human anatomy, and you will marvel at the wisdom involved.

Beloved, where is wisdom at the inception of that venture you are about to undertake? Who is the foundation of your relationship or marriage proposal? Ask for God’s Wisdom first. Christ is the power and the Wisdom of God! You need Jesus Christ as the foundation of your life.

Prayer:  Visit the foundation of my life and renew my destiny.