A mother once told me that for every pocket money she gave her children, she always required that each of them give an account of how they spent much money, asked her why, and she replied “Because the money belonged to me, Similarly, everything we have belongs to God, everyone will give an account of how we use the resources in our possession

What Is Stewardship?

Stewardship is an act of managing someone else’s property or finances. A steward is a person who is put in charge of another person’s things. Such a person is like a manager or a caretaker. For example, a steward manages the affairs of an organisation, its finances, or other valuable resources. The earth is the Lord’s; everything in it belongs to Him. But He has given human beings the privilege to manage all that is in the world.

In other words, God has given you everything you have in life and wants you to take care of or manage those things well. He has given you life, talents, energy, money, clothes, shoes, etc. Most importantly, God has given you salvation in Christ Jesus. Hence, God wants you to use everything He has given to you to expand His kingdom and bring Him glory, A good steward will fear God in whatever he does while a bad one feels God should not be brought in whatever he has.

You can listen to the Vice President, of Finance and Investment of the Nigerian Baptist Convention, Deacon Biodun Oloyede, explaining about financial control at the financial summit with the staff and others.

Lecture 1

 Christians’ Beliefs and Practices about Stewardship

  1. Christians believe that stewardship is God’s trust in humans to manage His treasures to fulfil His purpose.
  2. Christians believe that we cannot lay claim to our life as something that belongs to us but to God. And we shall give an account of how we live on earth.
  3. Christians believe that God should be our first point of call-in decision-making concerning all He has given us. Everything belongs to Him; He remains the owner, while we are just managers.
  4. Christians believe that material possessions should be used to serve God and humanity.
  5. Christians believe that we will give account to God of all He has given us-our life, body, time, money, talents, and so on. At Christ’s return, we will take account of our stewardship, individually. No one will be responsible for another person’s lifestyle (Matthew 25).

God’s Investments in Your Life-1Peter 1:18

“You were bought at a price. Therefore, honour God with your bodies”. (1 Corinthians6:20)

God created each one for a purpose. He breathes His life into man. Man is ignited to begin and keep on living as God determines. The Creator expects each person to be unique, and productive and to live for a definite reason.

In finance investment is the purchase of a financial product or other item of value expectation of favourable future returns. Jesus invested His life through death to redeem each believer. This idea is expressed in Acts 20:28 by Paul in his admonition to the elders in the Ephesians’ church: “Be the steward of the church of God, which He bought with His blood. “One must endeavour to invest one’s life in worship of God service and in service to others.

One’s life ought to be a channel through which other people’s lives could blessed Harper G Symth wrote a hymn titled: Is Your Life a Channel Blessings? His question conveys a probing idea of what each one’s life is. Each one’s life should flow through its usefulness. It should affect other people’s lives for good. Other people’s needs should be met through you.

Paul described his ministry as a channel which flows through services to always try to please others instead of myself, in the hope that many of them will be saved. When I am with people whose faith is weak, I live as they do to win them. I do everything I can to win everyone I possibly can. I do all this for the good news because I want to share in its blessings” (1 Corinthians 10:32; cf.1 Corinthians 9:17,22 and 23).

Lecture 2

The Blessed Steward-Luke 12:35-38

“The servants who are ready and waiting for His return will be rewarded” vs.38.There is always a reward for everything done faithfully for the Master. What should be on the mind of every steward is how to do it faithfully. The issue of the reward is settled already.

There are two lessons that God wants us to learn from the passage today (i)getting ready and waiting for His return is rewarded. As a steward, you should not be distracted by many things in this world. Always be alerted and be prepared for His return every day. The Master is coming soon (ii)no one knows the time He will come. In vs 38, it was said that He may come in the middle of the night or just before dawn. This is the time that man is inactive. This is the time people get relaxed but the instruction is to be always conscious of the

Master’s return. Those who are conscious of His return and get themselves prepared are the blessed steward in today’s passage. Beloved, always get yourself prepared.

Lecture 3

Errant Steward shall be Punished-Luke12:45-48

When you read the Bible verses, you can still realise that the steward who knows his Master’s will and does not get ready or does not do what his Master wants will be beaten with many blows” Vs 47.

Jesus still warned His disciples about the errant steward that He would be punished for his actions. He would be punished because(I)he knows what the Master wants. The Bible contains the will of God for you as a Christian.

What God is requiring from you has been revealed to you through His word Pause here and ask yourself about what God wants from you (i)The servant who failed to do it was punished because he knew the will of His Master but failed to do it if human being disciplines disobedient person, God will also do the same. There is a need to check your life What are the responsibilities given to you by the Master? Do you know them? Are you doing them? What is the level of your preparation for His coming? You need to make a desirable adjustment wherever necessary

After the Vice President of Finance and Investment concluded, the Vice President of Human Resources and Administration, Deacon Emmanuel Ubandoma discussed the way forward of the Nigerian Baptist Convention with the Staff, then Vice President, Ministerial,  Rev. Dr Dickson Madoghwe ministered to the Birthday Celebrants of the Day and The Convention President, Rev. Dr Israel Akanji concluded the summit with prayer.


God knows everything about you. Moreover, He offers you salvation by the death and resurrection of Jesus. By accepting Him today, He will help you to manage other resources He has given you properly. Today, start using your life, talents, treasure (money and other possessions) and time to serve people expand God’s kingdom and make God happy.

What is your attitude towards the things you have? Do you know that you will give an account of your life someday to God? Pray that God will help you to always remember that everything you have belongs to Him. Also, pray that God will give you the grace to be a good steward.