Prayer is powerful, so if you want power in your life, over your circumstances, build great relationships, to succeed, pray! A 2005 survey of more than eight hundred pastors in the United States revealed that only 16 percent say they are “delighted” with their prayer lives. That leaves an overwhelming 84 percent who feel their prayer lives could be better. Things we do that show our prayers are not simple and powerful.

We do panic-based, carnal, soulish prayers (prayers that come from a person’s mind will, or emotions) instead of praying Spirit-filled, Spirit-led, faith-based blessings. We engaged in fire brigade prayers that addressed external situations to douse tension and put off the fire but sleep back into coldness once the problem was calm.

We labor and strive to pray for specific minutes every few days instead of enjoying and actually personally needing and wanting to pray throughout the day as things come to our heart, finally ending our day talking with the Lord as we fall asleep.  We engage in erratic, irregular prayer life instead of regular, disciplined prayer times without being legalistic.

We approach God with indecision, hesitance, or fear, wondering if He will hear and send an answer to our prayers. Prayer is so simple; it is nothing more than talking to God. It also includes listening to what He has to say. God speaks to us in many ways.

The Strategies to Tap into the Power of Simple Prayers

Desire-Luke 11:1: Knowing about prayer is not enough; we have to know how to pray as individuals in an intimate, dynamic personal relationship with the God to whom we pray.

Personal Communication: Because God has fashioned our hearts individually, our prayers need to flow naturally out of our hearts and be consistent with the way He has designed us.

Relationship- Ephesians 3:12: Everything about our spiritual lives depends on our faith in God and our relationship with Him.

Personal Faith – Hebrew 11:6, Ephesians 3:20: Faith is a personal thing. Learn to put your trust in the Lord by yourself. Faith is not transferable.

Personal Uniqueness- Psalm 33:15: God relates with us as individuals. Therefore, understand your uniqueness as your fellowship with God in prayer.

Personal Leading- Romans 8:14: Prayer is more of a personal fellowship than following a rule. Allow the spirit of God to direct you in prayer.

Factors That Would Help Develop Your Prayer Life

  • Approach your situation with a burden: John 11:38.
  • A burden is a desire for something. It describes the pain of a woman in labor, ready to birth to a child. Passion leads to delivery.
  • Prioritize God in everything you do: John 11:40.
  • Appeal to God’s Glory: John 11:40.
  • Approach God as Father: John 11:41(cf. Matt.6:9).
  • Approach God with a Heart of thanks: John 11:41.
  • Approach God as Friend: Genesis18:17(-33), Isaiah 41:8, James 2:23,2Chronicles 20:7, John 15:15, Luke 11:5-8, Hebrews 4:16.

If I had to identify the most critical key to effective prayer, I would say that it is approaching God as His friend. When we go to God believing that He sees us as His friends, new wonders are opened to us. We experience freedom and boldness, which are both necessary for effective prayer. You can be as close to God as you want to be; it all depends on your time to invest in the relationship.

What are the three qualities of a friend?

  • Speak in faith and don’t preach: John11:43,44.
  • Simple prayers that are effective are specific.
  • Don’t sermonize by telling God what He “knows”; tell Him what you want.

Pray with the scriptures

Praying with scripture is called Lectio Divina in Latin. Lectio Divina means “as we read the word, we can pray too”. Praying scripture is the practice of using God’s word as the foundation for shaping our communion with God to attract favor both for ourselves and others. Scripture praying lays much emphasis on wording your prayer with the words of scripture. Someone calls it” praying God’s word back to God”. This is in realizing that prayer is a dialogue between God and us.

Engaging the Bible and praying are the principal means of developing a deep connection with God. All other spiritual means of grace like fasting, study, simplicity, worship, confession, and service have their base in the act of reading the Bible and praying. While many tend to think of prayer and Bible reading as different spiritual practices (e.g., first I pray, then I read the Bible), they can be even more powerful when combined into one course of “praying scripture. “Personally, nothing has been more enriching in my own spiritual life than this act of daily praying scripture.

Are you ever unsure about what you should pray for? Do your prayers become dull or repetitive? Do you feel like you’re praying “wrong?” Your confidence in your prayers will be strengthened when you pray God’s Words. Praying the Scriptures allows you to use the words and emotions of the Bible to gain more confidence in your prayers.

What do we mean when we say “pray scripture?” according to Evan Howard (Praying the Scriptures),”To pray the Scriptures is to order one’s time of prayer around a particular text in the Bible.” This can mean either praying the prayers of the Bible word-for-word as your prayers, personalizing portions of the Scriptures in worship, or praying through various topics of the Bible.

  1. The Principle of Praying with Scripture A principle is a rule that governs something to achieve a particular result.
  • The word is a creative agent/agency-Hebrews 11: 3, John 1: 4
  • The word sets free-John 8: 32
  • The term is a lamp & light-Psalm 119: 105
  • The time is a hammer- Jer. .23: 29
  • The time is fire-Jer. 5:14
  • The time is sharper than a Sword-Eph. 6: 17,
  • The time is living and active-Hebrew s4: 12
  • The time is valued by God-Psalm1 38: 2
  • The Word heals and delivers-Psalm 107: 20
  • The word produces faith-Romans 10:17
  • God performs His word -Jer. 1:12, Num. 23: 19
  • God’s word never fails-2 Kings 8: 56
  • God’s word does not go out without result-Isaiah 55: 11

What challenges do you experience in having a proper attitude toward the Bible?

  1. The Power in Praying with Scripture Every task in life is expected to achieve a result.
  • Praying scripture builds faith in us-Romans 10: 17
  • Praying scripture reminds us of the purposes of God-Luke 1:55, Dan. 9:1
  • Praying scripture reveals the mind of God to us-Psalm 89:35, 1John5:14,15
  • Praying scripture reminds us of God’s power- Deut. 26:3, Micah 7: 20
  • Praying scripture is a rapid response to satanic attacks- Matt.4:1-11
  • Praying scripture increases our prayer vocabulary-1 Cor. 14:14,15, Rom. 8:26, 27
  • Praying scripture helps us have success-Joshua 1:7
  • Praying scripture makes our prayer time not to be dry and empty-
  • Praying with scripture increases our boldness-Acts 4:23-27,31.

Do you constantly pray with scripture? If yes or no, why?

Can anyone share with us that you have experienced praying directly with scripture?

What are the derivable benefits of praying with scripture?

3. The Pattern of praying with Scripture Read a scripture at least four times meditatively. Allow something to take hold of your spirit from the passage or text. Plug the situation you have at hand into the scripture by making sure it fits into the context and theme of the course or verse. The insights you gain from that scripture should fire your passion for settling the challenge you have in prayer. Talk that scripture back to God by reading it, paraphrasing it or summing up the central idea of the text or verse.

Let us gain insight into this pattern of praying from the lives of certain persons in scripture. Take note of the various ways to use scripture and the prayers offered.

  • Moses, after the report of the spies: Numbers 14: 17-21
  • Daniel 9: 1-19
  • The disciples-Acts 4: 23-31


God wants to take us just the way we are and help each of us discover our rhythm of prayer and develop a style of prayer that maximizes our relationship with Him. He wants prayer to be an easy, natural, life-giving way of communicating with Him as we share our hearts with Him and allow Him to share His heart with us.

You can live a stress-free life if you will only pray because when you pray, you are turning the situation over to God. You’re taking the case out of your hands and putting it in His hands. You’re releasing it to God. These Scripture Prayers are very easy to read, and if you’ll read them every day, you will have memorized Scripture and won’t even realize it until a situation arises or until someone asks you to pray for them.