Conduct is defined in the Microsoft Encartà as “to behave in a particular way, like’shegenerally. Every child is expected to behave well at all times.Christian children asChrist’s disciples should have good manners in speech and action. Today’s lesson focuses onthe importance of displaying good conduct at home as young disciples of Christ.That wasthe example Jesus laid down as a child before His parents and for us to follow.

Displaying good conduct in the home

Conduct towards Parents:As young disciples of Christ, your conduct towards your parents should be love, submission,obedience, respect, and joy. In today’s text, Jesus laid down an example for us to follow. Hisconduct towards His parents as a child was that of love and respect for them.When Hisparents were going to Jerusalem for the annual feast, He submitted Himself to their authorityby following them.And even after the feast, He did not follow His parents immediately backhome.When they found Him in the temple teaching and told Him they had been looking forHim,He did not ignore them. Instead, He told them what He had come to do.

But He also leftwhat He was doing and followed them back home. Young Samuel was another child whobehaved well in the house of Eli his guardian. He was obedient and respectful to Eli, thepriest. (1Samuel 3:1-10). You are to follow Jesus’ example as a child by submitting yourself lfto the authority of your parents.Your conduct should be respect, honour, submission, andobedience.

You need to accept their discipline and correction when they scold you forwrongdoing. You are not supposed to argue with your parents over any matter as a child.Ifyou notice any bad behaviour in any of your parents, make it a habit to pray for themconcerning that behaviour. Always be ready to run errands for them and help them withdomestic chores.

Conduct towards Siblings: Psalms 133:1 says “how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell together in unity!” AsChristian children, your conduct towards your siblings should be love, patience, and respect.You are to love and respect your older siblings and also love and be patient with your youngersiblings. Avoid transferring aggression to your siblings when your parents scold you fordoing what is wrong. Avoid fighting one another.

Your conduct should show the love youhave for one another as you are always ready to assist your siblings when necessary.Youshould live together in peace and harmony. Avoid being jealous of one another. Be like Jesusin the manner in which you relate to one another as brothers and sisters.Be satisfied withwhatever your parents can afford and do not steal. Also, your conduct towards other familymembers like uncles, aunties, and housemaids should be love and respect.Avoid being rudeto them but see them as your blood relations. Generally, your conduct in the home shouldmake everyone around you to be proud of you.

Generally,as young Disciples of Christ,let your conduct at home glorify God.This will make your parents proud of you. They will also be able to defend you when you arewrongly accused outside your home. Your siblings will love you and respect you.Othermembers of your family will be proud of you as well.

Think and Decide: How is your conduct at home? Can your parents defend youregarding your character? Ifyes,you need to keep it up. If no, what do you intend to doabout what you have learnt today?

Talk to God: Heavenly Father, give me the grace to be of good conduct towards myparents,siblings,and others in my family, in Jesus’ name.

Displaying good conduct in the church

Bible Passages: 1 Corinthians 14:4; 1Timothy 3:14-15

The church as a place of worship is a sacred place. Children should not feel they can doanything in the church because it does not belong to anyone. Whenever you are inchurch, you should always remember that you are in God’s presence.

Nature of the Church: The word ‘Church’ is usually viewed as the place of worship which is the building. That istogether of believers in Christ to fellowship and worship God. In other words, the church is agroup of people with the following characteristicand the church as His children that is, joint heirs with Jesus (Galatians 4:7).The pillar and foundation of the truth: This means that the Church is laid by the word of God to live(Acts 20:28).

The possession of the living God:This means that the church belongs to God with Jesusher in the pool of water which is God’s Word(Ephesians 5:26).

Reasons Believers should conduct themselves well in the Church:Whenever we go to church, we should know that God is there and He deserves ourhumble worship.God deserves our reverence and honour and we must revere Him and not disrespect Him.It is a sign that you are self-disciplined: A self-disciplined person will do whatever ittakes to conduct himselfwell in God’s presence.

  • It is evident that you are mature.
  • It is a sign of being responsible.
  • It is an obligation that we must be faithful to.

How to Conduct Ourselves in the Church: Avoid causing distractions during worship service such as speaking loudly,sittingcarelessly, or moving around.

  • Avoid skipping service to play.
  • Avoid chewing or eating during worship

Conducting yourself well in the church of God is an important way of showingthat you respect God. So when you are in the congregation, know that you are in the presenceofGod and you must honour Him and stay calm. You must not cause distraction to those whohave come to hear and receive from God. You too should come with expectations to receiveblessings from God.

Think and Decide: How have you been behaving in church before now? What doyou intend to do better? Start doing it immediately.

Talk to God: Almighty Father, I am sorry for the way I used to behave before.Henceforth,help me to conduct myself well in Your presence in Jesus’ name.Amen.

Displaying good conduct in the school

Religion got to the entrance of her school one morning and found a leather wallet on theground. She picked it up and opened it. She saw money inside it. Immediately, withouttaking anything from the purse, she went straight to the headmistress’s office to tell herabout it.The headmistress collected the wallet and thanked her. Later, it was discovered thewallet belonged to a parent who came to the school premises earlier to buy books for hisdaughter, not knowing that the wallet had dropped from his folder. The man was very happy and rewarded.What can you say about Precious’ action?

Children generally seeschool as a place of freedom where they can display any kind ofbehaviour since their parents are not there to watch them.Although,they are usually afraid oftheir teachers but whenever their teacher is not around them in the classroom, they tend todisplay bad behaviour. Today’s lesson focuses on how Christian children should conductthemselves in school even when no one is watching them.

Christian Children as the Lightin the School: What is light? (Allow children to define light in their understanding). Microsoft EncartaDictionary (2009), defines light as the energy-producing a sensation of brightness thatmakes seeing possible. Now in Matthew 5:13-14, Jesus referred to His disciples as the lightofthe world that must shine to give brightness to the darkness in the world.

The same appliesto all Christians-adults,youth, teenagers and younger children like you, Christian children.As young disciples of Jesus Christ, you are the light of the world everywhere yougo, including your school. You are to shine your light for others to see and follow the right way.As you display good conduct before your teachers and fellow students, you are already

Examples of Good Conductin School:Displaying good conduct or behaviour in school involves paying full attention to the schoolto other students:

Punctuality to school:Avoid lateness to school as well as truancy.

Diligence:Be serious with your studies, write all your notes completely and properly,and do your class and take-home assignments ad submit them in time and never stayaway from classes so that you can play.

Honesty: Be honest in all things, avoid taking what belongs to another person, avoidcheating during class tests and examinations.

Gentleness and peace loving: Be gentle in the class, avoid noise making in the classroom.Do not use bad words on other students and do not bully others.

Humility and Respect: Be humble. Avoid boasting, especially if you are the brilliant typeor you are from a wealthy family. Do not be boastful. Give due respect to your teachersand to other students. If you respect other students, they too will respect you.

Readiness to help: Be ready to offer help to other students when necessary. You too mayneed their help at any point in time.

Decent Appearance:Always be neat and tidy in your dressing. Avoid putting on dirty ortorn school uniform.Always appear neat and decent.

Good Companion: Always move with good friends and children whose lives andmanners reflect godly homes.Avoid keeping company with bad group in school.

way to go. It is a way of correcting bad behaviour of some students and rescuing them from behaviour in your school, other students will be able to learn from you and change their bad habits.

Think and Decide: How do you behave when you go to school? Are you well-behaved? Start behaving well from now.

Talk to God: Dear Father, help me to be a good child in my school for other children tolearn from me in Jesus’name.Amen.