Effective Communication cannot take place among siblings (children of siblings. This gap will give room for many vices like hatred, backbiting, fighting, and envy ). Cain killed his brother, Abel due to anger and envy. We have earlier discussed the communication between husband and wife and between parents and children. This article will address other forms of communication among other members of the family.

Ways of Effective Communication with Your Siblings

Since we have seen the danger of lack of communication or ineffective communication, we have to learn how to communicate with them. Also, we need to know that our siblings are very important to our survival. They are part of our lives because God has made them so. Therefore, if we want to live well and right, we need to always communicate with them on every matter. Factors that can enhance effective communication among siblings are:

Love: The first way to communicate effectively is through love. The Bible says in Corinthians 13:7, ‘Love endures all things.’ One of the things that cause poor communication among siblings is offence but the way to overcome this is through love and forgiveness. Jesus asked us to love others as we love ourselves.

To communicate with your siblings, you must be patient. Also, as younger ones, you need to be patient and not vent your anger. You have to explain yourself patiently and respectfully. Patience involves forgiving over and over again, ‘seventy times seven times’ poor day, as Jesus thought. It also means being caring. An important message you need to communicate to your siblings before other things is that you care for them. You need to let them know that they mean a lot to you.

Let them know that whatever they do is important to you too. You will do this not just in words but also in actions. John 3:18 says, Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth. (NIV)Even the Bible admonishes you to show love through your actions. Think of ways you can show love. Help your younger siblings with their assignments. Assist your siblings (both younger and older) with their house chores.

Support your siblings outside the home too. Avoid talking to your siblings rudely, both at home and outside the home. Observe them when they are unusually quiet and ask them what could be wrong. Tell them your care. Try to help them in ways you can. Avoid reporting your siblings to your parents or teachers because you want them to be punished. You can correct them in love instead of reporting them always.

Be Inquisitive: When you notice that communication between you and your siblings is not effective, be inquisitive. To be inquisitive means to ask necessary questions. Avoid talking down on your sibling(s). Rather, let them know you are interested in making things right. If there is no clarity about a matter, ask your sibling(s) questions like: What happened? How did it happen? Are you sure? Ask in a calm voice. Avoid asking sensitive questions in public. You can ask privately, so he or she can be sincere and open up to you. Also, as we have learnt from the first lesson non-verbal communication matters a lot, avoid frowning or raising your voice at your siblings. Be friendly to them

Confidentiality: This is an even professional ethic. The word ‘Confidential ‘ means that something is kept secret within a certain circle of persons; not intended to be known publicly. That means you should keep private whatever your sibling(s)tells you, they should be able to trust you with their secrets. The only people you have the right to tell, if need be are your parents. Be careful not to discuss your siblings’ matters with outsiders, not even your friends. This is because when you tell an outsider something bad about your sibling(s)that individual will begin to disregard your sibling(s)and even tell other people about it too. This will make your sibling(s) lose trust in you. Therefore, they will not communicate freely and openly with you anymore.

Think Before You Talk: It is important to think before you talk. This is verbal about how to talk responsibly. Ponder on these things before you talk:

Will what I want to say hurt someone?

How will the person I want to say it to feel?

Study Others: Since we are all different from one another, we need to understand others to know how each person loves to be communicated with. Some elderly people prefer formal communication while some are okay with informal communication. Some people dislike certain words. You need to learn how to communicate with people without barriers.

Forgive: People will hurt you, and you will hurt others. We all need forgiveness. If we forgive others their sins, our sins will also be forgiven. If we do not forgive others, it will be difficult to communicate effectively with them. Forgiveness will also make you have peace with yourself and God.

Enjoy Others: Spending time with People could be interesting. Learn to have funGod wants us to enjoy the company of people around us. Develop interest in other people in your family. Do not entertain the spirit of fear but love and sound mind will help you to communicate freely and effectively with people in your family.

Avoid Discrimination: Avoid treating others unfairly just because they are less privileged. This applies to a housemaid or houseboy in your family. Communicate with him or her with respect and love. Avoid looking down on them.

Importance of Communicating Effectively with Others in the Family

Communicating effectively with others in the family is important for the following reasons:

  • It makes the community a peaceful place to live in.
  • It helps family members to be at peace with one another.
  • It promotes love among extended family members.
  • It encourages unity in the family.
  • It helps to prevent vices such as anger, jealousy, fights, etc.

Importance of Effective Communication with Your Siblings

Effective communication with our siblings is important because it enhances the following:

  • Enjoyment of freedom in the home
  • Peace will reign in the home.
  • Love among siblings will increase.
  • There will be trust.
  • Siblings will be able to share one another’s problems.
  • There will be cooperation in the home.
  • Goals will be achieved easier and faster.
  • Absence of misunderstanding, fight, envy and rivalry.
  • Our parents will be pleased with us.


We have learnt that we need our siblings to survive. They are very important in our lives because God put them there. If we did not need them, He (God) would not have put them there. As Christ’s disciples, we must be at peace with everyone around us, including our siblings. Good communication is a necessary tool to achieve that. Begin to communicate effectively with your siblings.

Have you been communicating with your siblings effectively? What have you noticed that causes ineffective communication between you and your siblings? What will you do differently from now? It is important to communicate effectively with people in the family.We have also realised that it is possible to do so. We learnt ways by which we can achieve effective communication with other people in the family. Try as much as possible to live and communicate freely with your cousins, uncles, aunts, grandparents, house, helps, etc. Learn to love and forgive.

How have you been communicating with your family members? Is your communication with your family members effective? What can you do to achieve effective communication with members of your family?