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Proclaim God’s Wisdom

Read Ephesians 3: 7-13.

I was necessitated to visit the JAMB headquarters office in Lagos then as an Undergraduate to resolve an issue. I did so for days without success. I determined on the last day to know the cause and solve it. Opening the office door, I found a beautiful, secretary in tears, crying. It was an opportunity for me to minister Christ to her and I got the letter I had been longing for from the school. Paul had the grace and he utilized it to proclaim Christ to the Gentiles despite opposition and persecutions. You may not be an Apostle or even an evangelist, but God has given you opportunities to tell others about Christ. You have got God’s wisdom and the opportunity; He will provide the ability, courage, and power. If you feel that your role is minor, it is because you have forgotten the difference God can make. Beloved, how does God want to use you today? You may proclaim God’s Wisdom in His ability at every available opportunity.

Prayer: Lord God, assist me in proclaiming Christ’s opportunity.

Wise and Foolish Builders

Read Matthew 7:24-27.

A true-life experience was shared by a Missionary. After a year, she called that she was ready to give her life to Christin despite the conditions. Unfortunately, at that time the nine had abandoned their faith in Christ because their foundation was not deep-seated!

Water Leaf and Sugarcane plants are exposed to the same water nutrients, yet, while the former produces bitter juice, the latter produces sweet juice! The foundation of the house on the sand looked the same as the house built on the rock. While the sun shines, both houses look good; but the house built on the rock will stand. Most people do not deliberately seek destruction out of thoughtlessness. So, do not build the foundation of your money, beauty, possessions, and the like. Be wise!

Prayer: Father, let my faith, life, and love, weather the storms of life and build on Christ’s solid foundation.

God’s Wisdom Overrides Human

Read Mark 7:9-15.

Read Proverbs 9:10a and meditate on it. He sees the end from the beginning of life and everything else that exists. It is also important to recognize that the wisdom of God and the wisdom of men are not the same. We read in (1 Corinthians 1: 18-25) that they are incompatible and are in opposition to each other.

In Jesus’s days, Mark’s gospel records that the Pharisees added their rules and regulations to God’s holy laws, and tried to force them on people. Like the Pharisees, there are many religious leaders today who claim to know God’s will in every detail of life and resort to adding rules and regulations to God’s Word, causing so much confusion among believers. Such behaviour is tantamount to idolatry. It is wrong to claim that human interpretation of God’s Word is as important as God’s Word itself. Human wisdom leads to foolishness while God’s wisdom brings greatness.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, Your ways are perfect Lord, help me listen and be sensitive to Your guidance in the name of Jesus Christ.

The Blessedness of Wisdom

Read Proverbs 3: 18.

Wisdom is not just the accumulation of knowledge or facts, but its application. Godly wisdom is available to any believer who asks in faith (James 1:5). Wisdom is gained through hearing the Word of God, submitting to it and being transformed through it. Proverbs 3:13-18 states the benefits of wisdom; they include long life, wealth, honour and peace. If the world is godly, wise behaviour and choices would logically lead to such benefits. Sometimes, sin intrudes on our relationship with God and tampers with His will for us until we repent and live in righteousness. On the other hand, God is not limited by time and that is why we must live by “believing and not seeing” (2 Corinthians 5:7).

The history of humanity is filled with times when our knowledge has been to our downfall because we value human knowledge over God’s wisdom. God’s redeeming love for humanity through Jesus’s kingdom. Christ is that wisdom, by whom the heaven and earth receive Him now. If you have done that, seek more of Him.

Prayer: Lord, let me fear you more in the name of Jesus Christ.

Speak with Wisdom

Read Jeremiah 38: 1-9.

Wisdom is said to be a principal thing in life. The speeches from your mouth either bring grace or condemnation. In (v.4), the officials who have led to the death of Jeremiah but in (v. 7), Ebed-Melek spoke words of wisdom. Words of wisdom are words spoken peacefully, intelligently and maturely. These words pleased the What kind of worst comes out of your mouth to others? Wisdom is knowing what path to take next. Integrity is taking entrance with wisdom that my words may be.

Prayer: Pray for grace so that your words will be full of wisdom.

A Wise Investor

Matthew 6:20-21

Throughout the world, investors seek to invest in businesses that are thriving, with greater dividends and maximum guarantees. Even pension fund administrators are very meticulous about where they invest people’s retirement funds to avoid jeopardizing people’s future. The need to put one’s resources in safe domains is to be able to get it back anytime one needs it

Jesus’ Disciples were men who were called from various areas of endeavour in Israel. After their call, Jesus taught them to carefully live a life that gives glory to God in heaven which will guarantee their inheriting heaven. He cautioned them not to pay attention to earthly things that are temporal and perishable but to take delight in heavenly and eternal things. Jesus told them to store up treasures of godly living and leave a lasting and godly legacy in the world. The kind and worth of life they were taught to live, is a model for other people around them.

It is God’s will that you also invest and store up treasures of good works and deeds in heaven. This is profitable. Everything you store on earth will perish one day but those stored up in heaven remain secure and bring rewards. You are a stranger in the world, heaven is your home. Be heavenly conscious.

Prayer: Lord, I pray for the grace to daily live a life that lays treasures in Heaven.

Get Wisdom

Proverbs 4: 1-4

Wisdom can be said to be the ability to judge correctly and follow the best course of action, based on knowledge and understanding. Wisdom can equally mean having the knowledge and understanding to recognize the right course of action and building the will and courage to follow it. Today’s passage outlines some of the benefits of wisdom. It will also bring honour, and grace and even deliver to us a crown of glory when we exalt and embrace it. It also helps put us in harmony with God and by His will. If anyone wants to please God, getting wisdom is necessary. We can get this unbeatable wisdom only in Christ. The Scriptures say Jesus Christ is the wisdom of God. Wisdom comes by knowing Christ and also by understanding His Words. If we know God’s Word and apply it to every area of our lives, then we can truly say that we are wise. Are you in need of promotion, honour or glory? Get hold of Christ and His Word and He will release to you His wisdom. God’s Word can the simple to my life so that I can.

Prayer. Lord, help me to acquire sincere wisdom in the name of Jesus Christ.