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Faith In God’s Protection

Read Exodus 14:21

Dayo observed COVID-19 protocols whenever she had to go out despite this, she eventually contracted COVID-19 during one of her routine visits to the antenatal clinic. She was then admitted. Throughout her stay at the hospital, she made sure that in addition to observing the COVID-19 protocols, she kept her heart guarded. She trusted God enough to deliver her from the deadly virus and at the end of the quarantine, she tested negative for COVID-19.

The Egyptians assumed they had subdued the Israelites. They pressed on with their planned attack against the people of God, but they were destroyed in the end. The parting of the Red Sea is mysterious. That is what happens when God shows up on our behalf unbelievable things happen. Irrespective of our circumstances and the battles we encounter in life, God is watching out for us. He is the surest shield and fortress all creation must seek and depend on. God is your shield from all evils. God’s protection is sure.

Prayer: Help me Lord never to lose sight of Your protective shield.

Faith in God’s Deliverance

Read Exodus 14:14.

The announcement of Christopher’s wedding brought excitement to everyone. After a short prayer, everyone was in high spirits as the hired bus drove out of the church auditorium. On their way, they saw people scampering in various directions for safety, motorists driving apprehensively, causing obstructions and accidents. They heard gunshots, and the driver was overwhelmed with fear but Christopher began to confess Psalm 91:3 “Surely he will save you from the fowler’ snare and the deadly pestilence. “Then they drove right through the clash, unhurt. It was a mighty deliverance!

The Israelites were under slavery in Egypt for more than 400 years. In panic, they cried out at the bank of the Red Sea. And Moses said, ‘The Egyptians you see today, you shall see them no more.’ Many a time, we do not see what God is doing behind the scenes on our behalf. Like the Israelites, we may not see the pillar of fire and the pillar of cloud set before us by God to deliver us from the wiles of the enemy. We must learn to trust God at all times for His deliverance.

Prayer: O Lord, I receive grace to always recognise that You are always beside me.

An Unexpected Confession of Faith

Read Mark 15:39.

She was busy with her colouring book. As they journeyed, a major turbulence started and people were panicking. The little girl was calm all through the trip, she kept on colouring. The turbulence ended and they arrived at their destination. The businessman, surprised by the girl’s calmness asked her what made her calm.

Blinded by their prejudices and false doctrines, the Jews agitated that a known robber be released in place of Jesus. Jesus knew that this must take place for the Scriptures to be fulfilled and so He did not object. The Jews permitted their flesh to get the best part of them. They were first-hand witnesses of the things that Jesus both said and did, yet it took a centurion, who was probably meeting Him for the first time to detect and declare that ‘…Truly, this man [Jesus] was the Son of God.’ God is no respecter of persons, position, power or authority. He can use any channel to deliver His message to us. God is no respecter of persons.

Prayer: O Lord, deliver me from self-righteousness.

Faith Challenged and Encouraged

Read Mark 14:18.

Whenever the Boko Haram insurgents invade a community, they always leave sorrow in the hearts of the people because of the killings and their dastardly acts. However, this has not hindered the spread of the Gospel. Believers keep springing up and are holding on to their Anchor, which is Christ Jesus.

In today’s text, we realise that the time for Jesus to fulfil His ministry was drawing near the ministry of reconciliation. It was also during this period that Judas began to plot His betrayal while conniving with the chief priest and the teachers of the Law on how to arrest Jesus. Jesus knew it was time; instead of being dejected, He gathered His disciples together for supper. He encouraged them about the times they were in, and how they would come back after they had scattered. Believers’ source of encouragement in trying times is Jesus Christ.

Prayer: I receive strength to always trust You, O Lord.

Faith in the Risen Christ

Read Mark 16:1.

Someone says, ‘The resurrection of Christ is the bedrock of hope for Christians.’ He added that ‘faith is that which is most important and necessary in the life of every person.’

Early in the morning after the Sabbath, Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James and Salome went to the tomb of Jesus to anoint his body with spices. As they journeyed, they asked one another who would help them roll away the stone. From afar, they saw that the stone had been rolled away. So, they entered but met the tomb empty. For a little time, a young man wearing a white garment sat on the right side of the tomb. As wondered by his appearance, the women were calmed by the man. He told them that Jesus had risen and that they should tell His disciples to meet Him in Galilee. They left afraid, not talking to one another.

Jesus is risen, and that is the hope of our faith. The resurrection of Jesus confirms that He is alive. Hence, it would help if you did not doubt the resurrection story. Reaffirm your faith in Christ because He kept His promise. It would help if you also shared the good news with people around you. That is one way to put your faith into action. Faith in the risen Lord is the foundation of the Christian faith.

Prayer: O Lord, help my faith to remain unwavering.

Faith, Despite Pain and Loss

My God, my God, why have you forsaken me, said Jesus Christ? Why are you so far from saving me, so mother’s faith trended on social media recently after the death of her baby. Her baby was ill, and the doctor gave a wrong diagnosis of the child’s sickness. By the time the error would be discovered the baby’s condition had degenerated. Her mum took to social media to raise funds and shortly after, they travelled for treatment. Unfortunately, the little girl died. The woman did not pretend or shy away from her pain but said she trusted God enough to know He has her family’s best interest at heart.

The psalmist exclaimed: ‘Why has thou forsaken me? “His pain was so grievous that he could not bear it.” He was sincere enough to let his emotions out but that was not all acknowledging God’s sovereignty and His righteous judgment. We must not be ashamed to express our emotions to God, despite our pains or losses. He is our Father and wants us to always come to Him just as we are. He will not judge us. God’s comfort is always sure.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, grant me an enduring faith in the face of the storm of life.