Anxiety and depression are two things that worry people these days. They are mentally distressing and unpleasant. Many people who are anxious and depressed cannot think well again or be organized. This post has helped many readers calm any anxiety and depression in life. It is our confidence that the post will solve the problems and issues of any of your anxiety and depression.

God is your joy.

Friend, no matter how great is your anxiety or what anxiety can bring to your life, this is the word of God, God will bring you unending joy. Your soul will finally receive the joy of God. Read Psalm 94: 19.

Your anxiety will be replaced with kindness.

Listen to the word today, your anxiety will turn to kindness. This is because it is God that speaks comfort into your life. Read Proverbs 12: 25.

Be free and free indeed.

Leave tomorrow to decide because God is in charge of your life. Remember God cannot leave you to perish. Free your mind and free indeed from anxiety and depression that are troubling your hearts. It shall be well! Read Mathew 6: 34, 1 Corinthians 7: 32.

It is God that owns your life.

What drops your head? What are you thinking of? What depresses you? Remember you cannot solve the issue yourself because your life is in God’s hands. God is the owner of your life and he is ready to take care of your life. Invite Him to your present situation and it shall be well! Read Mathew 6: 27.

God hears and delivers.

The only thing that God cannot do is to hear the cry of His child and forsake him/her. Our God is so merciful that cannot deny the requests of His children. Cry for help seriously today; he will hear and attend to you promptly. Read Psalm 34: 17.

God will solve the issues.

Do you know that God can solve the problem or issues you are anxious about? Do you lose your job? Is your business going down? Do you need the fruit of the womb? Is it the food, clothes, scar, house, admission, ministry growth, etc. you want? God will find the ultimate solution for them. Read Mathew 6: 25.

Stop worrying but supplications

God wants us to be worried for nothing but the solution is to put our requests to Him in prayers and supplications. No matter what you may be going through, see the praise in it and forget the issues and the problems because God will take care of those problems and issues. Read Philippians 4: 6-8; Mathew 6: 34.

Fear not; your time is in God’s hands.

God is God that will lift your hand and He will not let you down. You have to be strong because it is God that will strengthen you and you will not be weary. Do not be afraid because your time is in His hand. God will not let you down in all ways. He will surely uphold you with His right hand. Read Psalm 118: 6; Deuteronomy 31: 6-8.

Take courage.

The assurance of God for His children is that He said He will not leave in one second. He promised that his hands would cover us wherever we were. We are implored to take courage and take heart! Friend, do away with any trace of anxiety and depression that can suddenly ruin your life. Also, if you want to work for God or want to succeed in leadership, take courage because God is in control to help you. Read Joshua 1: 9; Deuteronomy 31: 6-8; Isaiah 35: 4.

God will repair your broken hearts.

God is so compassionate that will hear all our requests if you seriously cry. What has broken your heart? Is it your husband, your wife, your children, your job, your career, your ministry, your health challenges, poverty debts or more? Cool down! God will repair the heart and solve the issue for you. Just cry to Him. Read Psalm 34: 17-18.

God will lift you.

Do not bow your head anymore. God is your shield and life changer; He will change your life. You will have cause to give glory to God. He will lift your hand with His right hand. You will not fight the battle alone; God will fight the battle for you. Read Psalm 3: 3.

Not fear, but a sound mind.

Instead of being fearful, opt for love and a sound mind that will sustain you in all your endeavors. Fear does nothing but anxiety and depression. If care is not taken, it will end in destruction. Read 2 Timothy 1; 7; Isaiah 43; 1; Psalm 112: 7.

Let there be peace in your heart.

Many things can be responsible for the adult heart. Several things make hearts troubled. Many times, you do not know where to go at times, but God said you should not allow troubles to affect your heart. The reason is that the uncommon peace of Jesus Christ is sufficient for you. Read John 14: 27; Colossians 3: 15.

Trust God.

The burden you are about is not yours. Submit to God; He will take of it because God shares your suffering. He does not leave you to suffer He will sustain you and lift the burden. Read Psalm 55: 22; Psalm 56: 3; Proverbs 5: 5.

Release heavy heart.

Is your heart heavy or occupied by anxiety and depression? What have been thinking of that seems there is no God that answers prayers? Release the heavy load in your heart! Free the heavy load in your heart! Destroy the heavy load in your heart! Then, gladden yourself and God will calm the storm. Read Proverbs 12: 25

He cares.

The only perfect care is from Jesus. Your parents, sisters, brothers, etc. may try but Jesus is the perfect one. He cares for everyone. Do you trust Him for care? Cast everything upon Jesus, He will care for you and all the concerns you. Read 1 Peter 5: 7; 1 Corinthians 7: 32.

The Lord is all in all in your life.

The Lord promised us everything; He said He is all-in-all for us and sufficient for us. He takes care of our provision, health, security, comfort, protection, restoration, victory, mercy, goodness, and mention more. You do not need to run to any small gods and deceptive and false prophets for all these. Read Psalm 23.

God’s spirit will take care of your infirmities.

God is our friend who delivers you from your infirmities. Jesus always intercedes for us with groaning. He makes us to live a better life. Read Romans 8: 26.

The mercy of God will locate you.

You do not need to worry again because God will speak His mercy to your life. The mercy of God will locate you and you become a different person. What you need to do is to ask for mercy and compassion and God will answer you. Read Psalm 32: 10.

God will order our steps.

Do not fear; be courageous because God is at work. He will order your steps and put a smile on you. You will not labor in vain. Everything you do will be glorious and lustrous. You will not fail. It is He who will order your steps to become someone in life. Read Psalm 37: 23-24.

God will keep you in perfect peace.

Perfect peace is from God, not man. Let there be peace and shall be peace. The peace of God will be upon you. The storm of your life, ministry, business, career, or job causing anxiety and depression always shall go to exile today in the name of Jesus. Isaiah 26: 3; John 14: 27.

God will give you rest.

Are you tired and weary? What has become a burden on you? God shall give you rest. You will not labor in vain. Go to Jesus if you are labored, you will be given rest. Read Mathew 11: 28-30.

The Lord will renew your strength.

Do not entertain fear. The Lord is your strength. He will lift your bowed head and become a new person. You will mount up with wings as eagles. The power of God will be your elbows. Do not be anxious and depressed. Read Isaiah 40: 31.

 The Lord shall give you a glorious end.

Your beginning may be small; do not worry. Even if your beginning is small, your end will be many. That is what God promised to say He will give the expected end. Wait upon the Lord and it shall be well with you. Read Jeremiah 29: 11.

God shall supply all your needs.

What you need is with God. God will give it to you. He will not leave His people to suffer and be stranded. He provides for the needs of His children. You will not find wanting. Read Philippians 4: 19.

The Lord will stand for your help.

Our help is with the Lord. He will assist us and lift us with his right hand. He will not let us down. Wherever we need help, God will help us from above and make us fly like eagles. Read Hebrews 13: 6.

God has overcome your challenges.

What challenges are you facing? God is at work. God who overcomes the world will overcome that challenge. Go to the Lord with humble heart, He will answer you and your joy will come and He will protect you in all your days. Read John 16: 33; Psalm 30: 5; Psalm 9: 9.


It is no doubt that this post has provided solutions on how to be free from anxiety and depression. It will forevermore prove itself in your life that there is no more anxiety and depression.