Lies and deceit are like diseases that have pervaded the lives of millions of people in the world. Even a lot of Christians lie irrespective of what the Bible has said against it and warned us to desist from lying and deceit. Lies have become a second nature of human beings. Why? People lie and deceive because they want to achieve certain objectives by all means and they lie and deceive because they want to cover up their weaknesses.  Even if you are living without lies or deceit, people will call you names. They simply believe that there are no lies and deceit; there are no achievements! To many people, no one can live without lies. Employers lie; employees lie, parents lie; children lie, pastors lie; members lie, leaders lie; followers lie, people lie online; people lie offline, teachers lie; students lie, politicians lie; voters lie, husbands lie; wives lie, judges lie; the accused lie, lawyers lie; criminals lie, the educated lie; the uneducated lie, the rich lie; the poor lie, the wise lie; the foolish lie, sellers lie; buyers lie, drivers lie; passengers lie, governments lie; citizens lie, people lie in group; people lie individually, people lie in the upper class; people lie in the lower class. Virtually everyone in the world has made lying their handbag and their confidant because it has commonly become the second nature of every human being. But does the Bible support lying or deception? What does the Bible say about lying and deceit? I think we shall have to learn more Bible verses about them.

What Psalms say about Lies and Deceit

These psalms talk about lying lips and deceitful tongues/mouths. He also continues to shed more light on falsehood which affects a lot of people. The Psalmist cries to God for the deliverance of his souls and against them. Dear friend, are you not a liar? Are you, not a deceitful person? Can you check your tongue or lips or mouth whether they are not full of lies and deceit? Read Psalms 120: 2; Psalms 109: 2; Psalms 144: 8-11; Psalm 30: 8; Psalm 119: 163, Psalm 34: 12-13; Psalm  12: 2; Psalm: 7; Psalm 78: 36; Psalm 55: 11; Psalm 5: 6

What Proverbs Say about Lies and Deceit

Proverbs advises and encourages us to keep away from any form of deceit and lies. They are not God’s characters. One of the reasons to do that is that truthful lips are going to be established. No matter how long it is. Truth will prevail and lies will die. Dear beloved, are you not telling lies to cover up your weaknesses? Are you not deceiving people to get what you want? God is waiting to repair you. Read Proverbs 12: 19-22; Proverbs 14: 5; Proverbs 26: 28; Proverbs 17; 7; Proverbs 30: 8, Proverbs 14: 25; Proverbs 24: 28.

What other Old Testament Verses say about Lies and Deceit

Genesis, Exodus, and Leviticus do anything with false and deceit. It is not a good character. You shall not lie to one another. Lies and deceit are against the laws of God. All people and prophets should not lie and deceive people before they can achieve their objectives. Read Leviticus 19: 11, Hosea 11: 12, 1 King 22: 22, 2 Chronicles 18: 21, Jeremiah 9: 5-6, 1 Kings 22: 23, Micah 6: 112, Daniel 11: 27, Jeremiah 7: 8, Micah 7: 5, Isaiah 44: 20, Isaiah 59: 13, Jeremiah 24: 28, 1 Kings 13: 18, Zephaniah 3: 13 Isaiah 30: 9.

What the New Testament says about Lies and Deceit

Most of the New Testament Bible verses support that if one desires to satisfy God, one should say the truth. He or she must not be far from the truth. We should disguise the truth with the false and the false with the truth so that people can believe our false or lies.  Dear friend, are you not a deceiver? You say a lot of things that are not true. You are a rumor monger so you can mobilize people to your gibberish caucus. God is knocking at your door to heal today. Read further Colossians 3: 9-10, John 8: 44, 2 Thessalonians 2: 11, Acts 5: 3, 1 John 1: 6-9, 1 Peter 2: 22, Revelation 22: 15, Ephesians 4: 25, Mathew 5: 34, 1 Timothy 4: 2, 1 John 1: 10, Luke 24: 39, Acts 4: 20, James 1: 17, Titus 2: 14, James 3: 2-1.

How to work on Lying and Deceit

There are steps to take if you are suffering from the sieges of lies and deceit. If you are free from the Son; you are free indeed. If you are addicted to lies and deceit, God can deliver you and you will be delivered indeed. Take the following steps and turn a new leaf.

Recognize that you are a liar.

You have learned that lying and deceit is not a good character for the children of God. They are destroying! To overcome them, one of the steps to it is to recognize that you are liars and deceivers. Recognition is conviction. You are convinced that lying and deceit are sins. They are not three characters. Once this is discovered, congratulations! It means you have examined yourself to abstain from the evils (2 Corinthians 13: 5)

Repent of lying and deceit.

Once you are convinced of your iniquities, the next step is to repent of your sins and put yourself in the right way. The Prodigal Son came to his senses and got back to his father. He accepted him back and celebrated with him. Make sure you repent of your lies and deceit today before God with a humble heart. God will accept you back and celebrate you back to the circle of His children. There is jubilation in heaven for a sinner that repents.

Renounce them (lies and deceit).

The word “Renounce” means “Forsake”.  After you have repented of your sins (lies and deceit), renounce them from the depth of your heart and ask for the grace of God to help you. Remember you cannot do this alone. You need the Holy Spirit that will always help you to remember always.

Receive Jesus Christ or renew your Sonship.

If you have not received Jesus Christ, you have to do that with immediate effect because tomorrow may be your own. Only those who accept Jesus Christ as their savior will live with him. After receiving Him, He will be in charge of your life or control your life. You are not alone anymore. And you will be free from the powers of lies and deceit. If you have accepted Him as your savior, congratulations! Renew your sonship and tell God so that the Spirit of lies and deceit will not control me anymore.

Reassure yourself that you are on the track.

Personal reassurance is making sure that you are totally on the Lord’s side. You have been convinced that you are a child of God. There will be no more condemnation in your heart again. Your heart will be free and you will begin to be free from any form of sins. It is something all Christians must do always to put themselves in the right way (Self-assessment/appraisal).


This article has discussed what the Bible says about lies and deceit, as well as the steps to take in controlling sins. If all the discussions and the points are well read and understood, there is assurance that you will overcome the Spirit of lies and deceit. Another very important area is that you should try to put everything under the control of the Holy Spirit. Let the Holy Spirit perfect the work. You can do it alone. Pray the following prayers:

  • Thank you for exposing the negative effects of lies and deceit to you and putting Satan to shame.
  • I confess all my previous sins of lies and deceit in the name of Jesus.
  • Father, every symptom and manifestation of lies and deceit shall be no more.
  • From now on, I will no longer be controlled by the forces of lies and deceit in the name of Jesus.
  • I am free indeed from the oppression of lies and deceit in the name of Jesus.