There are indeed a thousand and one reasons why people miss it along the line, but I think every one of us must be watchful in order not to fall. In this fast-moving world, it is easy to get caught up in daily toils and lose sight of our purpose in life-living for God and focusing on Him. It will not be an overstatement to say that one of the blessings of being a Christian is that we have a purpose for living. You have a vision of what your life will be when you focus on Him all through. Therefore, as the year rolls by and even as you pass through a period of change(challenges), it is easy to focus on your pains, problems, pressures, and difficulties. Though focusing on them is a natural human response the biblical response that is expected of you as a Christian is to turn your focus to God and His words, thereby surrendering your whole life’s pain or joy to Jesus.

Based on Jesus’ command,”Go”(Matthew 28:19-20), the mission of the church is to reach out and make disciples of all nations for the transformation of the world. Therefore, the essence of the church is to provide means by which disciple-making will be possible. In a larger, the church exists:

  • To welcome people to the fold/church (believers and non-believers alike)
  • To lead people in worship to grow in their relationship with God through prayer, studying of the Word, offering praises and fellowship
  • To nurture people to maturity in the faith (discipleship)
  • To send people out to witness others

This is evidence of our knowledge of the Word of God. It is good to quote the Scriptures. It is another way of reaching out for Christ. Do you know that all Christians are called through their salvation experience to minister to the world? Therefore, anyone who responds to God’s call of salvation is expected to reach out for a mission. I

Where and How Can One Reach Out?

The instrument of God in reaching out to the lost is no other than human beings. Thus, we cannot just fold our arms; we must do the work of evangelism. We do this through the following means:

Through our daily activities: A sensitive believer must be alert to meet the needs of people he/she comes in contact with from day to day. As you inquire about other people’s lives and welfare, as you respond to them with love and care, as you smile and offer kind words, and even as you ask questions and reconcile conflicts, you are ministering to people in all these situations. This is the greatest gift you can offer the world. Reaching out to people in your workplace, ministering in your neighborhood, or the marketplace is an avenue to affect others for Jesus.

Through new initiatives: When you hear of a need, read about a crisis, or see an opportunity to share the gospel of Jesus, and you make use of the opportunity, you are reaching out for Christ. With such opportunities, believers are expected to make phone calls, visit, or write in response to the need.

Through groups and institutions: Reaching out in some cases involves joining forces together with others. Getting involved in community projects, for example, is a way of reaching out. When believers come together in prayer to intercede against social forces or factors that are causing people to suffer, they are reaching out to save souls that are being oppressed and deprived of living as God desires them to live. Their freedom from such oppression opens their minds and spirits to the knowledge of God and His Word.

Through the church: When churches commit their funds, time, and even materials to the work of the kingdom, it is a way of reaching out. The church ministers in all kinds of ways, like gathering within and outside the church to worship or in crusades, meeting face to face with unbelievers, sending members on mission trips, etc.

How Can an Individual Christian Effectively Make an Impact on the Reaching Out Effort to Others?

Every believer is expected to participate in missions because the command “Go” is for all, both old and young. Therefore, an individual Christian can do the following:

Pray: You can pray for missionaries, pastors, and individuals who are involved in missions. You can also pray to toGodtorevealHimselfto to those who are yet to accept Jesus as Savior and Lord.

You can go from place to place sharing the gospel of Jesus. You can share tracts, do house-to-house witnessing; participate in village evangelism, rural rugged, prison evangelism, hospital witnessing, or school outreaches.

Your money is part of your commitment to reaching out with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Sacrificial giving of money, time, and possessions is rewarding. Therefore, you can reach out to others through social ministry – giving out clothing materials, household utensils, food items, motorcycles, etc. educational ministry-you can commit yourself to teach new converts how to read and write (Bible reading and ability to sing hymns will assist them in their spiritual growth); medical ministry-you can attend to people in a given community, treat them (children and adults alike) as a means of ministering to their souls; and sport ministry-you can organize a football match in a locality and preach Christ to them during the second half of the game.

Encouragement to reach out and win souls for Christ

  • Write your goals your vision and the means of achieving them.
  • Have a correct thinking pattern. There is a need for mental planning.
  • Watch and flashback on who God is and what He has done in your life in the past. That will aid you in trusting Him for what He can do again. Remember that change is a process.
  • Watch out for vision killers and stumbling blocks to reach out. Distractions will come your way but stick to your guns, do not give up. If you understand the challenges you face, you will be better prepared to deal with them in the future.
  • Be ready to pay any price it will cost you to achieve your goal.
  • Be aware of God’s Omnipresence: Whatever you do and wherever you go throughout this year and beyond, be aware that God is with you, thank Him for being there, and be conscious of the way you live.
  • You need the support of other growing believers. Tell them your goals and ask them to help you to achieve them. They have become your accountability partners.
  • Share your faith. There are several opportunities for this with the use of the media, such as the radio, television, internet, cell phones, etc. You can also go to people directly. Make sure you do this at least once a week.
  • Observe a daily quality of quiet time. Find a time and place to be alone with God for about 15-30 minutes each day. During this period, develop a relationship with God and learn to trust Him. Use this time to pray, read the Bible, and hear God’s voice.
  • You speak to Him through prayer and He speaks to you through the Bible.
  • Ensure that you only work; it is the god that converts and saves.
  • Evaluate your progress because signs of failure will strengthen you to change while success will keep going.

Characteristics of Focusing on God in Soul-Winning

  • When you live a life that focuses on God, you will God’s judgment and believe that God has your best interest at heart. It is in trusting that His word can have a remarkable impact on your life. It is trusting that all your needs will be met. Focusing on God takes the focus from the self and places it upon Jesus, and this is demonstrated by complete obedience. There is no better way of remaining focused as a believer than to completely surrender one life to Jesus.
  • Someone who understands God’s purpose (God’s agenda) and is willing to take practical action necessary for such purpose can be characterized as one who focuses. The reason is not far-fetched, he/she has a clear mental picture of a better tomorrow, given by God and he/she has faith.
  • Commitment to life’s goals and life’s purpose (resolutions the case may be) is equally very important. Someone said, “Lifegoals are convictions about what God would have you do as you move in faith with Him to achieve His purpose for your life.”This implies the relationship with the Father(God)is what can afford you the ability to focus on God and win with Him.

Challenges of Focusing on God in Soul-Winning

Lack of strong faith and courage: Focusing on God is not for the faint-hearted (Joshua 1:7a;9a). Resolve to do it no matter the challenges. That was Job’s resolution when he said, “Though He slays me yet I maintain my trust in Him.”(Job 13:15)Hannah was focused even though she was abused and called a drunkard; she never shifted her focus from God. David was focused even when King Saul and his army were panicking and shivering and wanted him dead wonder, when sin and defeat crept into his life, he was able to quickly rise against the enemy of his soul and get his restoration from the Lord. Peter was able to walk on water when he focused on Jesus.

Lack of persistence: Focusing on God requires some level of persistence. Do not be satisfied with being a nominal Christian who is still working on you; allow Him to refine you so that you can come out shining. Do not allow adversities or challenges of the year to dampen your enthusiasm for God. It has been said that”adversity is the raw material that God needs to do miracles in life.”


Brethren, do you know that the fields are white and harvests waiting? The Lord is pleading with you to exploit for Him, go to the field/world, and work for Him by bringing the lost to His kingdom. Do not rest on your oars until all have come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. You know the Scripture but is the Scripture alive in you? Now is the time for you to refocus all your attention on God, He is ready to do a new thing for you. By doing this repeatedly every day, you will continue to grow in the faith without knowing it. The Holy Spirit and God’s power will help us stay focused on reaching out and winning more souls for Christ to the end in Jesus (Ephesians 3:20-21).