You are welcome to 14th Edition of our wonderful and impactful devotionals that are being published regularly to our faith-related blog page in the name of Jesus Christ. We still believe that this edition will be a blessing to your life in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.  You can still have access to read more on our previous editions in the pages here.

A Call of God

Read 2 Corinthians 4:5-7

“But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power from God and not from us”Vs7

A man of God looked straight into my eyes one day and said “Bro…, your countenance will surely deceive any man ” he further explained that, “what you carry is different from your outlook”. I was not very surprised because few other people have also confronted me with such a reality. In myself, I know I am weak, but there is one unexplainable divine ability that inhabits me anytime I am carrying out His assignment.

That is exactly what God can do in the life of His chosen. God can turn your weakness into swiftness, your inability to ability, and your story to glory. If you are not weak, you may not be picked. God is not looking for people who are perfect already, rather, He is looking for raw materials (weak ones) who are willing to submit themselves unto Him to be refined and processed into what He desires. This was why Jesus told Peter in Matthew 4: 19 that“Follow me, and I will make you a fisher of men.

Brethren, has God been sensitizing you to do certain things for Him? But every time you look at your weakness, it stands as a barrier before you, and you feel discouraged, ask Him for His supernatural ability. His grace will surely suppress every weakness in you as He did to Paul the Apostle. Look beyond your limitations, draw close to God and He will use you.

Prayer: God, let me serve more and answer your calls whenever you call me to a higher calling in the name of Jesus Christ.

2. Commit Your Works unto the Lord

Read Proverb 16:1-3

“Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.”Vs3

God can answer all prayers (Ephesians 3:20) But there are many prayers He will not answer. Many Christians truly know how to pray, but their challenge is, praying at the right time.

Many will start praying after they must have reached their decisions. Therefore, what they are only asking God to do is to endorse what they have decided. By so doing,w e are only putting ourselves in trouble because the ways of man seem right to him, but the end thereof is destruction.

The will of God for His children is to first commit their works unto Him before embarking on it at all. He is the God who knows the end from the beginning. He is the God who has good thoughts and plans for us.

David enjoyed God maximally and did not lose a battle because he would not do anything, nor take without first knowing the mind of God for Him. Beloved commit that work, journey, examination, business proposal, relationship, plans etc.unto God and you shall be established.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, I commit my business, job, and career unto your hands, take it to a fulfilling level in the mighty name of Jesus.

3. Equipped to Promote God’s Word

Read Exodus 31:1-10

“And I have filled him with the Spirit of God, with skill, ability and knowledge in all kinds of crafts”Vs3

If God had blessed you with a certain skill,your primary focus shouldbe for God.Those skills are needed in the church; fellowship you are attending. You need to quickly discover those skills and channel itrightly.

In building God’s Tabernacle, God told Moses that He had specially endowed Bezalel and Oholiab with skill to do all kinds of works as engravers, designers, and embroiderers all for the work of the LORD.T hese skills in their lives are mainly to promote God’s work in their generation. God had raised and still raising people like Bezalel and Oholiab, those who are raised and endowed with the spirit of wisdom, understanding, knowledge in certain skills for the purpose of God’s work.

God does not make mistakes by giving you wisdom to the extent that people testify to it in your life. Are you using it to promote the work of God? Some who were blessed with such skills were even using it against the work of God. They stood against the gospel

Prayer: Almighty God, give me the grace to promote your work throughout the world in the special name of God. Equip me for your work in the name of Jesus Christ in the mighty name of Jesus.

4. The Strange Fire on the Altar

Read Leviticus 10:1-3

“Moses then said to Aaron, “This is what the Lord spoke of when he said among those who approach me I will show my self-holy; in the sight of all the people? will be honored”.Vs 3

Aaron had been commissioned for priestly ministry together with his son among the Israelites, he commenced his duty as a priest, and even the first sacrifice he offered to God as a priest, fire came out of God presence to consume the burnt offering and the glory of God’s appeared to all the people which means he carried out the assignment appropriately and God was pleased with him.

The two oldest sons of Aaron Nadad and Abibu also saw what God had done after their father had offered the sacrifice before Him.T hey also witnessed how God had used their uncle(Moses)mightily for the deliverance of the Israelites in the land of the Egyptians. They were also ordained with their father as priests and they followed God wholeheartedly.

At a time , they took the instructions of God lightly and offered an unauthorized fire before the Lord contrary to His Commands Vs 1. The consequence of their sin was instant and severe; they were consumed by fire from the presence of God.

As Christians, we need to be careful of committing the same error. While we move closer to God we must also reference Him for whom He is. We must know that we are only privileged to be called his children through the gracious invitation that was extended to us because we are unworthy. We must always bow in awe of whom who He is so that we mighty not serve as a bad lesson to others.

Prayer Point: Give me the spirit of humility and commitment to serve you better in the gracious name of Jesus Christ

5. Tarry, Until, Ye Be Ended with Power

Read Luke 24:49-50

You are going to send you what my Father has promised,  but stay in the city until you have been clothed with power from on high”.Vs 49

To tarry means to linger, wait, abide, or stay in expectation of something with God without patience as a fruit of the Spirit. The reason for this is because God is ageless, all-knowing. He has no beginning and no end.These attributes will not allow Him to be in haste or anxiety in His dealings. Man on the other hand is usually anxious, desperate, and impatience in his dealings. Meanwhile, to walk successfully with God, we must trust Him as the all-knowing God, and the one who has the best plan for us. To receive any tangible thing or information from God, we must learn to tarry; abide,wait patiently, and stay in His presence.

Jesus promised to send His Holy Spirit to the disciples, however, He puta “but”they must “tarry until” they receive power. Dear beloved we must know that God’s presents are not for those who will not stay in His presence.Do you notice that it is difficult for you to spend at least an hour in praying? An hour for studying the word?’ an hour in His presence: and to maintain a consistent prayerlife?

But very easy for you to spend hours watching TV, reading newspaperss, playing?,etc, you need to make a new decision today. You cannot carry His glory if you cannot tarry in His presence. Men ought always to pray and not faint.

Prayer Point: Help me always to be in your presence so that you too will be in my presence always in the name of Jesus Christ.