Wisdom is a life-long virtue that everyone born of God should possess. It is primary and fundamental in making life choices, decisions, and plans. It is the foundation upon which all life is built. It is like a pivot around which every human activity and reasoning rotates.

Wisdom acts as a guide to individuals and makes them successful in life’s endeavors. Some still said wisdom is the same as understanding or intelligence; others have said that it is good judgment and insight to distinguish between good and evil.

God’s wisdom is knowing and doing His will in every situation and circumstance. It is the ability to discern between right and wrong. All leaders from the facets of Nigeria and the world, in general, should know these to put nations in the world again.

1. wisdom comes from God.

Wisdom is a common saying that the older one is, the wiser he or she becomes. It is also said that wisdom comes naturally, as one grows older and becomes a sage.

The Scriptures make us understand that true wisdom comes from God (James 1: 5). In 1 King 3: 16-22, there was notable evidence that Solomon applied the wisdom of God to solve the issue that human reasoning cannot solve.

Solomon employed the word of wisdom he had received from God. Of course, this is what Paul said in 1 Cor. 2: 1.  In addition, we must remember that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

2. wisdom possesses good qualities.

Wisdom possesses some good qualities that believers should covet. Wisdom is eternal. As we usually say, “Wisdom is worth more than silver or gold.” Solomon demonstrated the best (1 King 3: 16-22) wisdom when one of the women was a liar and what she was seeking was an injustice.

But God who knows the intention of the human heart unravels the hidden agenda and motive of such a wicked heart. Wisdom is an instructor that brings great understanding to humans, especially concerning life’s experiences. It is a pearl of great value that one can go for with all that one has.

3. wisdom brings about creativity.

Wisdom is creative. She dwells in the heavenly places with God. In the same vein, anyone who has wisdom becomes creative. Wisdom is the Word, who was with the Father from the beginning, without whom anything would have been made that was made (John 1: 1-3).

Apart from the fact that Solomon needed the wisdom to handle this case, special insight into human nature is also needed to uncover the intentions of humans. This is human creativity to the right from the left. Wisdom brings out the best of creativity in those who choose and abide by her instructions.

4. God’s wisdom stands as the principal thing.

The wisdom of God is the foundation of all good things in life. It is supreme above all things. Hence, all believers should seek it with all their hearts. Read (Prov. 4: 7). ).

Solomon understood in 1 King 3 that God’s wisdom is the principal thing to achieve as King (leader). He demonstrated unparalleled wisdom in Israel as he governed God’s people. His request to God was for a discerning heart to govern God’s people and to distinguish between right and wrong.

No doubt, this is an indication that Solomon understood the concept of wisdom that is needed to lead a nation. This means that without the application of God’s wisdom, one is doomed.

5. God’s wisdom is relevant and needful in all situations.

The best counsel, as far as this lesson is concerned, is that believers should not lean on their understanding in any matter. We must acknowledge God in all things (Prov. 3: 5). By so doing, the crises will be resolved easily in our homes and the nation at large. Learn from Solomon. God’s wisdom cannot be compared to our strength.

In 1 King 3: 23-28, it is evident from the verses that Solomon carefully listened to the two women before he pronounced his wise judgment. Probably, the whole court was already in expectation of what course Solomon will take to find out the truth, most especially when there was no evidence on both sides.

Having been endowed with wisdom, Solomon ordered that the child be cut into two parts and each woman be given half (Vv. 24-25). Solomon’s demand for a sword may appear outrageous and wicked, but it was simply a way of applying his God-given wisdom to test the sincerity of the two women.

All leaders need to ask God, the pillar of all wisdom, the best method to use to deal with each situation. It is very important

6. Leaders should learn to employ God’s wisdom in leadership.

Leadership becomes hard and cruel when it is devoid of divine input. This divine input is God’s wisdom. It makes the domain of governance peaceful and leaves better results for the governed. Wise leaders are always people’s delight. What a leader need is more than just intellection ability.

Through God’s wisdom, Solomon was able to handle difficult situations and position the nation of Israel on a high platform of honor, thereby making other kings, queens, and nations envious of her. This lesson is a reminder to all irrespective of our positions that we need to apply the wisdom of God.

7. God’s wisdom provides timely intervention in the crisis.

Crisis is always part of life’s journey. It is unavoidable. Whenever it is mismanaged, the effect is always devastating. Nevertheless, when God’s wisdom is employed, there is a resolution. In 1 King 3 23-28, to an ordinary person, it could easily be concluded that common sense should be able to decide that case, but Solomon applied God’s wisdom and the people eventually testified to this fact in verse 28.

Solomon in the book of Proverbs said, “Wisdom dwells together with prudence:  it possesses knowledge and discretion. Wisdom comprises counsel and sound judgment. Wisdom has understanding and power. By wisdom kings, reigns and rulers make laws fair and just laws.  By wisdom, princes govern all nobles who rule on earth (Prov. 8: 12-16). We can now see that the work of wisdom is valuable and every Christian needs it to succeed in life.

8. Christ, the power and wisdom of God

The evidence of wisdom: Paul affirmed that though the Jews demanded evidence and Greeks desired wisdom (1 Corinthians 1: 23), a message was offensive to the Jews and senseless to the Gentles. Ironically, the Jews did not believe that the Messiah could be crucified, and the Gentles did not believe that a crucified man could be worshipped as the Messiah. However, to those God has called, whether Jews or Gentles, the cross is not foolishness but the power and wisdom of God (v. 24). Paul emphasized the strength and wisdom of God, as against the wisdom of humans and strength in verse 25.

The views of Jews and Gentles: The Jews and the Gentles had different views about Christ’s crucifixion. Nevertheless, Paul established the fact the message they proclaimed (the crucified Christ) is offensive to the Jews and made no sense to the Gentle, except those God has called (both Jews and Gentles).

The wisdom and power of God: Interestingly, the message is Christ Himself – the wisdom and power of God. All of God’s initiatives are powerful and wise, including the message of the cross. Therefore, God is both wise and powerful; hence any of His purposes will process out of wisdom and will have amazing effects on His creation.

People’s understanding: Unfortunately, many people do not understand the fact because they depend on their human wisdom or strength. We should learn that believers in Christ should not depend on their so-called wisdom which is equivalent to foolishness but on the wisdom and power of God that can make all things possible.


Solomon was a man who administered justice without fear or favor. His wisdom and reign became widespread to the extent that they attracted visitors from other nations. Considering the testimony of the queen of Sheba, it has become obvious when a leader allows God’s wisdom to take the governance lead, it produces justice and righteousness.

God’s wisdom is therefore justified when the land is peaceful and people find freedom and fulfillment. Thus, the challenge for contemporary leaders is that they should not operate with their common sense and neglect the counsel of the Highest. When this happens, mediocrity will perpetually be on display and God will not be honored.