Joseph the eleventh son of Jacob determined and focused on the big picture God has put on his way. He didn’t allow the pleasure of one day to truncate God’s mandate of being the savior of many lives (Genesis 50: 19-20). The admonition “Don’t despise a little beginning” came into play in the life of Joseph.

A dreamer with many enemies (his brothers) became a prime minister, also put in charge of Agriculture, the store-keeper general, and chief collector of taxes in a big and prominent nation in those days. (Egypt) How did Joseph rise to the top? He was an observant young man (Genesis 37: 2).

  • Joseph is an obedient child and loving brother. (Genesis 37: 14-17)
  • He is a lover of God. (Genesis 39: 2-9)
  • He is a responsible young man. (Genesis 39: 20-23)
  • He is hard-working and faithful. (Genesis 39: 3-6)
  • He is ready to help at all times. (Genesis 40: 6-18)
  • He is very respectful. (Genesis 41: 16, 33-37)
  • He is available to perform duty. (Genesis 41: 46-49)
  • He is full of wisdom. (Genesis 42: 7; 14-20)
  • He has a forgiving spirit. (Genesis 43: 31-34; 45:3-24)

Joseph as a young man refused to be used by the devil to hate his brother, commit adultery, or retaliate negatively. God saw him through. Youths should be careful!

Joseph, the man of God’s presence

Among many things in life, securing the presence of God is a must for all. Nothing in life can be compared to having God on your side. Joseph of old was blessed with the presence of God. The beauty of this unique experience is that it has nothing to do with whether you are popular or local, rich or poor, great or small. Joseph secured this grace while he was a slave in Egypt.

To Joseph, because God was with him; he became successful and he prospered for favor before he laid his hands to do. God’s presence positioned him, he became a trustworthy vessel ambassador in Egypt. Ultimately, Joseph became a blessing himself.

Dear reader, the presence of the Lord is above all things in life. You just must be a friend of the Bible, that is, make yourself a student of the Bible. Be committed to holy living without sinful compromise. Beyond this, take prayer very seriously and seek His presence in prayers and you shall remain fresh.

Joseph’s destiny mattered to him.

Joseph indeed was a man of great destiny having greater glory ahead of him. The one who after sometimes will become the rescue agent to preserve a whole generation otherwise famine would kill all. Despite all these glorious plans and the purposes of God ahead of him, he needed to go through a lot of trials.

The temptation was primarily to make him commit immorality, sin against God, and betray his master’s confidence. Ultimately, it was to make him fall short of fulfilling the purpose of God for his life. This was so unique to Joseph because he was a single youth, coming voluntarily from the woman and the pressure was on him day by day. Still, Joseph resisted the whole attempt until he took to his heel.

Indeed,  Joseph was an Old Testament figure but living with the New Testament principles, 2 Timothy ‘Flee also youthful lusts; but pursue righteousness, faith, love, peace with those who call on the Lord out of a pure heart.’ 1 Timothy 6: 11 ‘But you, O man of God, flee these things and pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, patience, gentleness.’

Dear reader, do you know that there are many challenges wherever you find yourself? You never need to give in to trials and temptations no matter how pressure may be. You just must win the battle of life and fight the good fight of faith. As you do, lay hold on eternal life, no matter the trials, and keep your heads above the waters. It shall be well!

Joseph overcame temptations.

You will recall that Joseph was bought by Potiphar for twenty Shekels of Silver. To his brothers, he was a good-for-nothing boy. To his master’s wife, he was a young man to make a mess of his glory. Failure to comply landed Joseph in prison. Potiphar was not a good entrepreneur and not a careful manager or a winning player.

He forgot the loyalty and the progress that he had recorded on account of Joseph’s stewardship to him. Beyond this, no investigation was made and he acted based on the report of the woman alone. Not even a time of prayer was made to God on it.

Dear reader, it is good to defend one’s partner but no injustice or bad treatment must be allowed against any less privileged. It thus appears again that Papa Potiphar was a hot-tempered leader. Because the Bible says, ‘… his anger was aroused.’

Patience, discernment, and wisdom are very primary in this regard. Leaders in the homes and industries should depend more on the Holy Spirit rather than trusting the fact of the matter from men. Always ask the Holy Spirit for the will of God before you go ahead.

Joseph experienced the presence of God in prison.

One of the major attributes of God that are never shared with a man is His Omnipresence. God owns the whole world and He occupies every place at the same time. This is very awesome of Him. He is the only being without restrictions and he restricts all things.

What a glorious God! Joseph, His beloved would get to prison. God showed mercy to him. Mercy was needed considering the weight of the offense levied against him, death was looming against him. Beyond this, where the presence of God is found with a man, the mantle of favor was already upon him, thus wherever he goes, he is not alone.

Dear reader, can you see the effect of the presence of God with Joseph, even in prison? It turned him into a leader by the grace of election through His divine order. Just as he was in charge in his master’s house so also God never withdraw from him. His presence kept making Joseph trustworthy still. Are you in difficult times or under any threats? His unfailing presence is everywhere. Be calm to embrace Him in your situation.

Joseph’s prison experience paved the way for him to a breakthrough.

This chapter shows Joseph in prison. But the two chapters deal with the same practical subject being prepared through the blessings and trials of life. Joseph was made stronger by serving and observing those in need. God used Joseph’s prison experience to teach him to care for others and to be kind to them. How long had Joseph been languishing and suffering in prison?

We do not know. What Scripture says is that it was after the events of the former chapter, which was sometime later. It was an unusual grace and trait in the life of average human beings through a difficult moment. This looks like Jesus’ approach, caring and serving souls while on the cross paying the price of redemption.

Beloved of God, are you so perplexed about your situation and conditions? It has even stopped you from doing good, your gifts and talents are getting rotten within you. Somebody awaits his or her wonders through you. God is aware of that very situation of yours and he wants to use it to keep honoring His name.

Lay your burden at the feet of the Master and continue to affect lives positively. Are you wrongly accused which is not an end to godliness? Let the stumbling block on your way be a stepping stone to achieving the purpose of God.