Proverbs cannot be understood literally. They are crucial in our everyday use of language. Many proverbs give vividness to ordinary speech and also to the viewpoint of the scope of our vocabulary. There are selected words of elders, proverbs, wise sayings, and text messages that will add more learning to the knowledge of the readers.

Manna from God

When you worship God with the whole of your heart, he recognizes it and appreciates this. The Lord is so good to those who belong to Him, honour Him, serve, obey, and love Him. In serving God, the pay packet may not be so high, but job satisfaction can be guaranteed. God slows you down at times to enable you to view things along the way. Be concerned with the work of God and the Lord will be concerned with all that concerns. Do not follow the world, follow the word of God. There is great joy when you appreciate what God has done for you, what he is doing, and what he will yet do for you.

Lift Jesus high above all problems, lift Jesus high above all difficulties, lift Jesus high above all distractions, lift Jesus high above all situations, lift Jesus high above all circumstances. Challenge your challenges, and rise to overcome them through Jesus Christ.

Adeola Abosede Balogun

Children are the God’s Heritage

Children are gifts from the Lord and they must be guided in the way of the Lord. Invest in the lives of your children; you will be glad you did so. Children are gifts from the Lord; therefore we must lead them to their owner.

Adeola Abosede Balogun

Hope and relationship

Your wisdom may be foolishness before other men, so why not tap into more wisdom before you take steps? I have been ruling before I rule. Do not help because of what you will get back from him/her, but because of love and help’s sake. Discouragement cannot take you anywhere; it can only kill your morale. Since nobody was there when you were created and therefore no human can determine your destiny.

Deola Adelakun

Life Principles You Must Take Care of

The most powerful communication is prayer. The greatest asset is faith. The greatest joy is giving. The worst thing to be without is hope. The most beautiful attire is a smile. The most prized possession is integrity. The most satisfying work is helping others.

Dominion Voice May 2010

Why men are happier than…

Men have one wallet and one pair of shoes which are good for every season. the whole garage belongs to them. Weddings take care of themselves. Men’s last name never changes. Everything on a man’s face stays his original color. For men, wrinkles add character.

Dominion Voice April 2010

A Strong Woman or A Woman of Strength?

A strong woman works out every day to keep her body in shape while a woman of strength kneels in prayer to keep her soul in shape. A strong woman is not afraid of anything while a woman of strength shows courage despite her fear. A strong woman will not let anyone get the best of her while a woman of strength gives the best of herself to everyone.

Dominion Voice September 2009 

Text Messages of Congratulations

 Surprises make our achievements beautiful, but words of God strengthen that success into a more meaningful purpose smile. Step by step congratulations go on, little by little achievements reward of success is reached, and hence your faith in God is manifested. Let God’s love and blessings keep pouring into your life each day.

May the Almighty God send his love like morning dew, so gentle and meek to fill your heart as this success is your right path for achievements. Icing can make a cake sweet, the string can make a balloon so high, a match can make a candle so bright, and a demand congratulations text brings a smile, and cheer up.

‘Congratulations’ is a language everybody understands better. It creates much happen fast, but its memory lasts forever. Keep rejoicing! ‘Congratulations’ are curves that set everything straight and wipe away your achievements have a lot of smiles, here are 14 from me. As the dawn breaks into a beautiful sunrise, God showers u with his blessings of love and led u to more successful paths. Hello, may God shine in everything u do, with this, congratulations you will always be safe, and favored not only today but forever. Anything that gives happiness is seeing your success it adds more joy, and this congratulation brings a new life.

Thanks and Appreciation

Always a day with prayer smiles and bountiful thanks to lighten your sweet dreams, hence always give thanks to God for more blessings. A thank for God has a plan for you. You are unique and original, you are born for the top and to be envied, packed to be displayed, just hold on to him.

May the goodness of God that surpasses all understanding be upon you and give your life and crown your dream with God’s word for God delights in you. Bless you! 24 hours in a day is your Thanksgiving, all thanks I see in you. So, do not ever try to take your Thanksgiving as a play. Remain blessed.

Thanks, for God, has welcomed you back with success prosperity, and a crown of the finest Gold on your head. He will preserve your life and grant your request. Appreciation is the man who is blessed, who is humble, for he will win a portion of the land.

You may not know where life’s thanksgiving will lead you, but keep moving God’s thanksgiving will envelop you forever. Just sleep thank God and be grateful for the wonderful things He has blessed you with, he will bless you more with important things again. This text brings a new thanks to your life. Be assured of abundant blessings coming your way remain blessed.

Do not let the excitement of thanks cause you to forget your creator, honour him in all your thanksgiving for you no longer live alone but in him. Be happy with thanks while thanking him and remember that a successful thanksgiving begins with God and ends for God.

Godson C. Kingso