Children are the heritage of God. They are gifts from God. The purpose God gave them to us is to have an impact on them and lead them to heaven. Not necessarily what we want to collect from them when they grow up, but what God wants them to be under our custody. The points discussed below will help all parents the ways to deal with their children and how to train them in the way of the Lord.

1. Love your child/children.

Love is good. It is what the children cherish so much. Love is everything and parents are expected to love their children irrespective of what they do or who they are. They will emulate love when you love them. Children will love you because of you.

2. Rescue your child/children.

God gives us the children to take to save them from any dangers. God expects us to be their shield always and their rock. The children will be adequate, comfortable, and satisfied if they discover that we rescue them and they are saved from any danger.

3. Intercede for your child/children.

The only ability and weapon we can use to take care of our children in times like this is to intercede for them in prayers. This time is full of bad occurrences, dangers, odds, etc. When we stand in the gap in prayers for them, their security, their provisions, and their affairs will be guaranteed.

4. Care for your child/children.

Caring is what the children love so much. The parents are expected to care for their children so that they feel at home. When you care for your children, you teach them how to be caring with some people in their schools, churches, societies, etc. They will learn how to care for other people.

5. Teach your child/children.

The best way to relate with people is to teach them what they love and cherish. Teach your children memory verses, teach them songs and hymns, teach them bible verses, teach them morals, teach them domestic chores, teach them respect, teach them honor, teach the use of language, teach them good things, teach them humility. When you teach your children the way of God and morals, they will learn about them and emulate good virtues.

6. Read for your child/children.

Reading is interesting if it is properly done. The children are happy when you read to them. Read books for them, read poems for them, read Bible verses for them, read memory verses for them, read stories for them, read hymns for them. When you read to them, your children will feel happy and adequate.

7. Sleep beside your child/children.

Parents should make their children happy by sleeping beside them. Always move close to your children. Do not ignore them; do not forsake them. Get close to them. When you sleep beside your children, they will feel safe and confident.

8. Pray for your child/children.

Prayer is the weapon to protect your children. Children are a heritage of God. They need your prayers to fulfill their destinies. Your children need prayers for protection, provision, for spiritual growth. Pray for them in the morning, pray for them in the afternoon, pray for them in the evening, and pray for them at midnight. When you pray for your children, they will love to pray for other people too.

9. Help your child/children.

The children love help. They want you as parents to be available for them always. Find time to help them to achieve their goals, help them to do their assignment, help them to identify their dreams, help them to pursue their goals, help them to read the bible, help them to know how to praise God, help them how to say “Thank you.” And appreciate. When you help your children, they will learn to help others too.

10. Provide for your child/children.

The provision of your children cannot be played with. You have to provide for them to motivate them to know Christ and to do well in their academics. Provide food for them, provide clothes for them, provide security for them, provide Bible for them, provide a solid foundation for them in Christ, provide shelter for them, and provide a future for them. When you provide all these needed for them, they will be comfortable and learn to do the same in the future.

11. Secure your child’s/children’s future.

Your children’s lives are very important. That is why it is very important to secure them. The only sure security for your children is their spiritual security. Lead your children in the way of the Lord, save them, and let them know Christ. Bring them to the church to learn more about the word of God and to follow Him further. The second security is physical; life security, financial security, academic security, future security, and so on.

12. Unite your child/children.

The parents should put their children together as one. You should not separate them. Teach them how to love one another, share knowledge and ideas, pray together, and play together. You too as parents should not separate from them. Watch over them and solidify the love of God among them. When you unite them, they will learn about unity.

13. Motivate your child/children.

Motivation is a driving force that makes do something. Your children need motivation that will make them deep in the Lord and feel adequate in everything they do. Do not be harsh with them; do not be angry with them; do not curse them; do not abuse them; do not say they cannot make it in life. Instead, motivate them that they can do it. When you motivate them, they will learn to motivate others in the future.

14. Encourage your child/children.

Encouragement is like motivation we discussed. But encouragement occurs when there is reinforcement, using certain things to motivate children. You can encourage good character, good performance, good skills, good virtues, and so on by saying “Thank you”, or “Well done” or buying gifts for your children. When you encourage your children, they will be strong and still learn to do the same in the future.

15. Preach to your child/children.

As your children grow up, it is the responsibility of parents to preach salvation to them.  Save and protect them from oncoming tribulations. Do not let them perish; do not let them go astray; do not let them become thugs; do not let them become hooligans; do not let them become sex workers, fornicators, adulterers, harlots, prostitutes, etc. When you preach salvation and goodwill to your children, you are directly leading them to the right way to heaven.

16. Smile with your child/children.

Smiling attracts people and makes people get comfortable. Parents should not frown at their children all the time. Smile with them when you teach them; smile with them when you correct them; smile with them all the time. Make them happy and become interested in them all the time. Make yourself the person whom they want to play with and see all the time. When you do it, they will feel at home.

17. Eat with your child/children.

The parents are expected to make them available for their children. You can eat with your children if you have been doing it. It may not be all the time. When they come from school, eat with them to show love and a warm welcome. When you eat with your children, they will still learn more care and love.

18. Discipline your child/children.

Discipline cannot be divorced in training the child right. All parents should understand this. You have to correct your children in love. Do not beat until they understand the reason why they are beaten. Discipline them in the right way. Your discipline must divert them from the wrong to the right.


Children are good gifts from Heaven and they have to be cared for on earth. All parents are expected to put all the points above into practice. It is believed that all will be well as we see our children growing up in our presence.