Business networking is a useful way to tell others about your business, get new clients, develop your knowledge, and gain understanding from the other’s success. Abraham proved he would not hold anything back from God (Genesis 22) god has blessed him with his promised son, peace on all sides, and material abundance.  He needs to find Isaac, a good wife. What do you learn about networking from the onset of their story? Know whom you need to know.

Abraham knew where his servant needed to meet a suitable bride for his son. It was not a random event. These are the kind of people you will need in life to get you to where you want to be. God is the first one; those who challenge you and motivate you to keep going; those who teach you such as mentors, teachers, or consultants; those who believe in you; people who are willing to go with you when you need a team or partner and those who are loyal to you.

Read and meditate on the following Bible verses Mathew 7: 12; Luke 16: 9; Ecclesiastes 4: 9-12; Proverbs 25: 6; 1 Samuel 16: 22; Deuteronomy 22: 10; 1 Corinthians 9: 20; Romans 14: 19; 2 John 1: 12; Exodus 1: 10; 1 Corinthians 3: 9.

1. Know what you are after.

It is essential to have a goal in mind when networking. Take some time to brainstorm about your core values and beliefs. It is critical to be clear, concise, and confident when seeking a contact.


Lord Jesus, give me clear goals about business and career today in the name of Jesus. Let me know my business vision and pursue it rightly from today in the name of Jesus.2.

2. Start with your contracts.

Think about who is already in your network: friends, relatives, faculty, church members, internship or employment supervisors, coaches, your roommate’s parents, and start there.


Lord Jesus, friends, relatives, faculty, church members, intern people, employers, or people in the high places that will show interest in my business and take my business to higher places of success, let us meet today in the name of Jesus.

3. Keep a record of the people you meet.

We all forget people’s names. Immediately after you make a new contact, write down their information such as name, title, company, email/phone, referral sources, date of communication, and a few notes about your conversation. If they have one, a business card comes in very handy.


My Father, I need the record of many people who will show a keen interest in my business and buy from it today in the name of Jesus. Send the people who will compensate my business with a huge amount of money today in the name of Jesus.

4. Learn to ask for referrals.

After you know what you are interested in, ask the people around you if they know someone in that field. You might be surprised by what you can find when others share their contacts.


My Father, refer to me as the business partner who will buy my business products and to me as a rich person in life today in the name of Jesus. I need an enthusiastic partner who will boost my business to a flourishing company in the name of Jesus.

5. Become a connector.

You do not always have to gain something in a networking relationship.


Oh God, connect me with a business partner who will make my business known to people so that my business will lift to flourishing places in the name of Jesus.

6. Attend events that promote networking.

This may take some strategizing. Examples of events include the Old Boys Association, job social events, alumni programs, professional conferences, etc. Try to connect with a professional association in your field.


Father, expose my eyes to the events that will network me to the important people in the world of business and will make my business booming in the name of Jesus. Associate me with important business people who will help my business out of poverty today in the name of Jesus.

7. Have a positive mindset.

Imagine yourself being welcomed. Everyone at the event is there for similar reasons, and it would be great if you were the first to reach out. Ask the right questions “The quality of your questions correlates to the quality of your life” Tony Robbins.


Lord, give me the positive mindset that will catapult my business to the level of success in the name of Jesus. Let my thinking center on the success of the business in the mighty name of Jesus. Gracious Father, Make me an honest person in my business transactions that will make people see and patronize my business further in the name of Jesus. My attitude and character will not paralyze my business in the name of Jesus.

8. Make prayer a regular part of your networking.

Abraham’s servant prayed for three things namely success, God’s faithful love to be evident, and confirmation that he had met the right person for Isaac.


My Lord, I pray for the success and fulfillment of my business from today in the name of Jesus. Let successful confirmation happen today in the name of Jesus Christ.

9. Be very clear on what you are seeking.

To pray this way, we must know what we are seeking. This means thinking through the explicit criteria we use to determine if we have found what we are seeking.


My God, I commit my business and its growth unto you; let people see it and glorify your holy name in the name of Jesus. Let people glorify your Holy name through my business today in the name of Jesus Christ.


Their message “multiplied” in the hearts of new disciples who flocked to Jesus. Let us use networking to spread the gospel. Your network determines your net worth. Understand that people are gold that should be cherished (Prov. 18: 24). Be smart enough to know when you need help and brave enough to ask for it.