Marital life and marriage are very essential to human life. That is why prayers are also very important to marry the right person that God has ordained for each person. There are working thirty (30) prayers to guard against the marital failure and marriage battles below.

Prayer Point 1

Thank You, Lord, for making me a suitable helper for me as my partner and for bringing us together. Receive my praise and thanksgiving in Jesus’ name (Genesis 2: 18).

Prayer Point 2

Lord, in this courtship and when myself and my partner finally get married, help us Lord to bring comfort to one another in Jesus’ name (Genesis 24: 67).

Prayer Point 3

Lord, we ask for grace, watchfulness, and self-discipline that will help us to keep our marriage bed pure and undefiled until our wedding night in Jesus’ name (Hebrew 13: 4).

Prayer Point 4

Lord, may this courtship not bring reproach to your name and us. Help us to be a good example to other singles through our attitudes and behavior in Jesus’ name (1 Timothy 4: 12).

Prayer Point 5

Lord, the good plans and future and hope you have for me and my partner for bringing us together in this relationship, let it begin to manifest in Jesus’ name (Jeremiah 29:11).

Prayer Point 6

I pray against every yoke of marital failure in my family that will not want me to finish this courtship with joy and move into marriage, let it be broken by the power in the blood of Jesus’ name (Isaiah 10: 27).

Prayer Point 7

Lord, I receive wisdom, knowledge, and understanding for myself and my fiance/fiancee that will enable us to build a home that will be full of pleasant riches (Proverbs 24: 3-4).

Prayer Point 8

Oh Lord, let the spirit of agreement and unity envelope me and my partner in our relationship, and let it follow us from this courtship into marriage in Jesus’ name (Amos 3:3).

Prayer Point 9

Lord, we commit our wedding day into your hands, and all our days in marriage, Lord keep them and make them glorious days for us in Jesus’ name (2 Timothy 1: 12).

Prayer Point 10

We receive grace ahead for fruitfulness and we destroy every seed of bareness from our lives in Jesus’ name (Genesis 1: 28).

Prayer Point 11

Every negative voice speaking against our union, we command you to remain silent in Jesus’ name. Only the words of the Lord shall stand in this courtship and our future marriage in Jesus’ name (Lamentation 3: 37).

Prayer Point 12

Father, let there be no enchantment and divination against my fiancé/fiancée and me. There shall be no enchantment against our future marriage in Jesus’ name (Numbers 23: 23).

Prayer Point 13

Give me the wisdom to build our home. May I not be foolish to pull it down with my own hands in Jesus’ name (Proverbs 14: 1). Cancel bullets of afflictions targeted into my marital home, and go back to sender today in Jesus’ name (Isaiah 54: 17).

Prayer Point 14

Every battle and every enemy awaiting us in marriage let the fire of the Lord consume them in Jesus’ name (Psalm 97: 3). O Lord, send back the arrows of premature death to collapse my marriage to the sender now in Jesus’ name (Isaiah 54: 17).

Prayer Point 15

Lord, let your presence go with us into this marriage in Jesus’ name (Exodus 33: 15). Gracious Father, make a weapon of confusion and bitterness fashioned against our marriage return to the sender today in Jesus’ name (Psalm 54: 17).

Prayer Point 16

Every work of the flesh that is still manifesting in me and my partner that can destroy this relationship and our future marriage, Lord, give us the grace to purge ourselves of them, so we can be vessels unto honor in Your hands in Jesus’ name (2 Timothy 2: 21).

Prayer Point 17

Lord, the good works You have begun in us and our relationship, Lord perfects it in Jesus’ name. (Philippians 1: 6). Father, I declare that people will witness my marriage and celebrate me this year because I am getting married this year to my divine life partner in the name of Jesus’ name (Genesis 1: 3-4).

Prayer Point 18

Lord, give me and my fiancé/fiancée love that is without hypocrisy. Bind our hearts together in genuine love in the name of Jesus’ name (Romans 12: 9).

Prayer Point 19

Lord, give me the spirit of submission to my husband. Let it be easy for me to obey the commandments of submission in Jesus’ name (Ephesians 5: 22).

Prayer Point 20

Lord, give me the spirit of love for my wife to make our home heaven on earth in Jesus’ name (Ephesians 5: 28). Every satanic pot covered against my marriage, I destroy you from now on in Jesus’ name (Ezekiel 21: 27).

Prayer Point 21

Lord, even right now in courtship and when we eventually get married, may the two of us put ten thousand to flight. No enemy shall be able to stand in our ways in Jesus’ name (Ephesians 5: 28).

Prayer Point 22

This union shall produce great rewards in Jesus’ name (Ecclesiastes 4: 9-12). O Lord, blast all enemies that are saying no to my marriage plans this year in the name of Jesus. Locate where my marriage ring is hidden and bring it to me (Exodus 15: 8).

Prayer Point 23

Lord, though we are starting small, we pray that you will increase our future on every side in Jesus’ name (Job 8: 7). Father, O enemy that says “over my dead body” that I will not get married this year. I decree that the thunder will strike you by fire in Jesus’ name (Mathew 11: 12).

Prayer Point 24

Through Your divine guidance, every marital mistake and error of my parents in their marriage shall not be repeated in my marriage in Jesus’ name (Isaiah 58: 11).

Prayer Point 25

Gracious Lord, I let that sufficient grace that will help us to understand, accommodate and adapt to each other rest upon us (2 Corinthians 12: 9). Lord Jesus, I declare that the people who will attend will be blessed spiritually, materially and financially in the name of Jesus’ name (1 Samuel 10: 26).

Prayer Point 26

Oh Lord, scatter every gathering of satanic agents to mock this courtship now by thunder in the name of Jesus (2 Corinthians 12: 9). Father, our wedding and marriage shall be violent and crisis-free and it will be very come to success in Jesus’ name. (1 Samuel 10: 26).

Prayer Point 27

Holy Spirit, I put to sleep that entire are preparing to attack me during my wedding in Jesus’ name. Eternal Rock of Ages, do all you can to give honor to this marriage and this relationship in a proper marriage in Jesus’ name. (Genesis 2: 21).

Prayer Point 28

Father, we pray that your force of holiness envelops us both in this relationship. We worship you Lord for helping us find each other (1 Peter 1: 15).

Prayer Point 29

Father, I declare and decree that every prepared plan of the enemy to scatter this marriage should be destroyed by fire in Jesus’ name (Jeremiah 1: 10). O Lord, send back to the send all attacks of bewitchment targeted at us and our marriage in Jesus’ name (Galatians 3: 1).

Prayer Point 30

Father, arise and awake all those that will not despise us, whom you have arranged to help us realize our dream of getting married this year in the name of Jesus Christ(1 Samuel 10: 26).


I can see marital success and testimonies ahead of me and my life partner now in the name of Jesus’ name. Let’s begin to thank God for answering our prayers.