One thing we have to pray for in life is connection. The connection is the link that one has to achieve a difficult thing. The connector is like an angel that everybody has. Your angel can be anybody that God sends to your to encourage you, help you, and support you naturally to achieve your goals. To know your angel or connector, your mind must connect to the person as well. Once your mind is right with the person, God is speaking with you about the person. He or she can come from anywhere. Work on his or her messages to you. This article will address 10 areas you will need divine/destiny connectors. Read the following Bible verses: Number 18: 1; 1 John 4: 7; Hebrew 7: 14; Ephesians 4: 16; Colossians 9; Colossians 1: 17; 1 Corinthians 15: 46; John 15: 5.

Prayer for the Salvation of souls  

I have been hearing the sermon for a very long time about salvation, but refuse them irrespective of I was born to a Christian family. One day, the ministration of someone connected me with salvation and I gave my life to Jesus. That is the power of connection. Have you been like me hearing the calls for salvation but wayward? You need the connection. Once you are connected to the right person, your salvation is sure. Can you pray this prayer?

Lord Jesus, connect me to my salvation connector today in the name of Jesus. I confess my trespasses today. Forgive and save me in the name of Jesus.

 Prayer to tackle joblessness

The high rate of joblessness is alarming these days. The major cause of the issue is the population explosion of graduates and fewer jobs. But do you know that people are getting lucrative jobs still? What you need is someone you have not met or connected with for your position. I learned about a man who has been unemployed for many years after he graduated from a university. He has applied and attended a lot of interviews, but all are unproductive. One day he met one of his mates who know someone in a famous company. He connected the job seeker to the company. That is all! Within less than one year in the company, the story of the man changed because he was one of the top management in the company. Have you been like this man? You are a job seeker, right? There is a divine connector you have never met. It is an angel that God will attach to you to get that dream job. Once you are connected, the problem is solved. Can you pray this prayer?

Father, I believe you have everything, where is the angel you have assigned to my help, connect us today in the name of Jesus.  The person that will work on my dream job and make it successful, connect me from now in the name of Jesus.

Prayer to secure a contract

You will sometimes discover that many people will be securing contracts beside you and you will not have one. It is not because you are competent or you are not professional. The connection differs.  I heard about two contractors who have submitted proposals to a company for contract award. What we heard is that one of the contractors has a friend who knows one of the top management teams in the company. Guess what? It is only called. The company awards the contract to a person who people don’t think of. That is the power of connection. Have you submitted a lot of proposals, but no contract has been awarded to you? You need someone who will connect this year. The major problem is that you have not met the person. Once you meet him/her, the problem is over. Can you pray this prayer?

Almighty God, where is my connector? Where is that person; where is that angel? I need you right now to see to my current situation in the name of Jesus. From now on, connect me to my destiny connector favor everywhere in the name of Jesus.

Prayer for Business network

Business objectives cannot be achieved without connections. The connection is powerful as people recommend you to people and people to you. That is how it works. You cannot achieve in business in isolation. There are two cloth sellers in the market. They are beside each other. We heard that when one goes with thousands of money per day; the second may at times go home with nothing. According to the belief of Africans, we may conclude that it is diabolical. But I want to tell you that it is a connection.  The first trader has some links in the organizations while the second does not. What are your business aspirations? Most of the time, you may not be happy with the patronage. You need a connector. There is someone in your life you have not met. It is your angel. Once you meet the person, the problem is over. Can you pray this prayer?

Gracious Father, connect me today to my divine and destiny helper in the name of Jesus. Where are divine connectors, come to me quickly and deliver my business destiny to me in the name of Jesus.

Prayer for ministry growth

It may be funny and disappointing when some ministers of God are still saying that things are uneasy in the ministry. Also, in the ministry, many will be counting the ministerial achievements while many ministers cannot. What makes a difference between a minister who recorded ministerial achievements and someone who does not is a connector. Are you a minister of God? Do you find your ministry difficult to achieve? What you need is a divine connector. You will connect to Him and He will connect to you for feasible achievements. Once you rightly connect to the finisher of our faith, the problem is over. Can you pray this prayer?

Lord Jesus, connect me to your Holy Spirit that will always help to record feasible achievements in my ministry in the name of Jesus. Do not other things turn off my sight from my vision and set goals for your kingdom expansion.

Prayer to overcome health challenges

Health is a serious issue that everyone must take care of. Many people are suffering from health challenges these days. Several sicknesses and diseases are called chronic ones. The issue of health challenges has been existing for a very long time. During Jesus’ ministry, He healed many sicknesses and diseases. Naman has been with leprosy for a very long time and he has spent all he could but the leprosy did not go. Haw connected to the Prophet Elisha who told him a simple thing to do and that is all! Are you suffering from any kind of ailment or placed on drugs? You need a health connector. Someone has been in a hypertension ailment for years. He met a man who told her that she should take bitter cola and *something*. That is the end of the hypertension. When you are connected to your divine health connector, the health challenges will be over. Can you pray this prayer?

Lord Jesus, connect me to my divine health personnel to terminate my diseases and sickness in the name of Jesus. You connect Haman to Elisha and His leprosy vanishes, O God, connect me to the person that will tell the last solution to this ailment in the name of Jesus.

Prayer for divine Career/profession 

Your career is your profession. Your career may be your academics, your job, or the work you do. Are you the one coming last in your class or repeating the courses? You need a connector. It is the angel of success that will connect you to retentive and remembering memories. Once you are connected, your career problem will vanish. Can you pray this prayer?

Eternal God, I want to connect with your wisdom, knowledge, and understanding from now on in the name of Jesus. My career connectors respond now in the name of Jesus.

Prayer to restore marriage/family 

Your marriage and family need repair. You need a divine connector. What are those challenges you have in your home, poverty, sickness, frailty, childlessness, unhappy home, etc? Your marriage and family need to connect to a heavenly connector that will be rebuilt and put everything for you. Once your marriage and family are connected to divine connectors, your family problem is over. Can you pray this prayer?

Heavenly Father, connect my marriage and family to my divine connector in the name of Jesus. My family and marriage connectors, where are you? Respond today in the name of Jesus.

Prayer to secure a Project 

A project is a key thing we have in mind to achieve or the objectives/goals we set to achieve. The project may be a housing or landing project, book project, building project, marriage project, etc. These projects may be difficult to achieve if you have not connected to or met your angel that will be of help. I heard about a family whose landlord injected from a rented house. When they were hopeless, the woman came from abroad and heard about the plight.  The woman built a befitting house for the family. That is the power of connection. Once you are connected to your angel, your sorrow will turn to laughter. Can you pray this prayer?

Oh Lord, today connect me to my project angel that will help to complete it or them in the name of Jesus. Speak the word that will bring success to this project in the name of Jesus.

 Prayer to Travel abroad

Remember that as are declined the visa to travel abroad, people are traveling daily. You need a travel connector. It means that you never met your connector that will show you the way. Once you meet the person, your visa and permit will be approved. Can you pray this prayer?

Rock of Ages, connect me to my travel connector this week in the name of Jesus. I want to travel this year. My travel helper, where are you? Respond in the name of Jesus.