Healing and miracles are inseparable. Healing occurs when every part of the body and soul receives the torch of God. It is a way of dealing with one problem or the other. Jesus Christ heals many people in His ministry. That is why he achieved a lot of things on earth. Are you down, painful, afflicted, or facing one problem or the other? Jesus has healed and will heal you. Several bible verses about healing will speed up your answers when prayed. This post is for the researchers, readers, and all people.

God will heal you.

God can heal any diseases and infirmities. He has power over all forms of sicknesses you are carrying about? Cry for salvation and healing; you shall be healed. Read Jeremiah 1: 14; Psalm 103: 2-4; Isaiah 57: 18-19.

God will bring you health.

Have you been in a sick bed for a long time? What infirmities and ailments you are going through? Have you been diagnosed with a terminal disease? Today, if you believe, God will visit your life and your body with sound health. Read Jeremiah 33: 6

Trust that you have been healed.

God will heal spiritually and physically. What wounds and bruises have affected your life and body? Fear not, you will be healed. God will solve the wounds of the heart and body. Read 1 Peter 2: 24.

God will sustain and restore your health.

Your health is paramount to God. It is what God is interested in. When you are at home sick, God will restore you. When you are at the hospital sick, God will restore you. He will stretch His hand to sustain you. Read Psalm 41: 3.

The Lord will build your wounds.

Is your heart broken? What has caused your heart to trade around? You are restless in one way or the other. He said He will rebuild and repair your wounded heart. God will do an urgent correction and you will begin to live a normal life again. Read Psalm 147.

The Lord will give you the joy of heart.

A joy of heart is a peace of life. A heart full of sadness and a heavy load cannot rest. The Lord is your hope during brokenhearted situations. He will calm you down and free you from the bondage of heavy load. Read Proverbs 17: 22.

Your prayer of faith will save you.

None of your prayers are in vain. Continue to pray. That disease and sickness will vanish one day. Do not relent in applying your faith in prayers. The mercy of healing will locate you. Read James 5: 15.

You will be in good condition.

The mercy of God is so much that He will not leave his people. Do not worry about the condition of your health. Our God is God that heals; He will heal you in the right position and you will be in good condition. Read 3: John 1: 2.

The Lord will end your diseases.

Any form of the disease is small before God to terminate. He saved the people of Israel in Egypt and did not allow any disease in Egypt to affect them. The same God will wipe off all your diseases and ailments. Read Exodus 15: 26; Exodus 23: 25.

By Jesus’ wounds, you are healed.

Jesus suffered; He wounded and injured because of me so that I will not be wounded, injured, and died of diseases. Jesus overcame injury and wounds so that the wounds and disease would not have power over you. God will heal your wounds. Read 1 Peter 2: 24; Isaiah 53: 4-5; Jeremiah 30: 17.

The Lord will bring you to life.

Are spiritually dead? Are you physically dead? Are you materially dead? God can turn death into life. What are those things that have become dead in your life? God will torch it. Your health is very important to God. He will heal you. Read Deuteronomy 32: 39.

God will heal your land.

The land of your life will be normal. Many factors can make people bow down. Many people are sick mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, etc. You will be healed if you believe God – the healer. Read 2 Chronicles 7: 14-15.

The Lord will restore your health.

The world these days is full of different diseases and viruses. Many are incurable while some are curable. A lot of people are suffering from different ailments and infirmities. Several people have lost good health. This is the good news! God will restore your health if you believe that God can do it. Read Isaiah 38: 16-17; Isaiah 57: 18-19.

You will enjoy abundant peace and security.

When you are healed, then you will enjoy the peace and security of God. That is why God said He prayed so that you may enjoy good health. Seek and pray for good health in your soul and body. Read Jeremiah 33: 6; 3 John 1: 2.

The Lord will wipe away your tears.

Tears are not good. From now on God wipe away your tears. Wherever in your life you have been thinking otherwise, May the Lord wipe off the tears. You will not become an ordinary person again. Read Revelation 22: 4.

Your body system will receive sound health.

You can say God I need your torch in my body if you discover the different things in your body system. God will have the interest and you receive the torch of God. Read Proverbs 4: 20-22.

God will give you a cheerful heart.

Be cheerful always because a cheerful heart is good medicine. Do not let people wipe away your joy. It may affect health. Smile always and let your heart be free with all people. Read Proverbs 17: 22.

God will relieve your distress.

God is your salvation during your distress. He will relieve your pains. No matter what your heart challenges, god will take care of it and you will give glory to God. Read Proverbs Isaiah 33: 2.

Confess your sins: Be healed.

Keeping the sins always worries the heart. If care is not taken, it can affect the heart. The solution to sins is to confess it. Let the mature elders pray for you so that your heart may be free from heavy load and be healed. Read James 5: 6.

You will receive peace today.

There is nothing like peace because peace is important in the lives of people. When life has peace, such life will have rest of mind. Nothing will trouble his/her heart. You will be free from a heart attack, heart worry, heart trouble, etc. Read John 14: 27.

The Lord will give you rest.

What is your yoke? What is your burden? God can remove the burden and he can break the yoke. Come to Him; serve Him and reverence Him. He will give you the rest. Read Mathew 11: 28-30.

God will have mercy on you.

You do not need to be afraid because God is merciful to you. He will have mercy on you. The mercy of god will locate you and will make you high. Read Psalm 6: 2; Psalm 41: 4.

Jesus heals.

One of the ministry works of Jesus is healing. After teaching, miracles and healing will follow. He went from village to village to do the healing. In what area of your life do you need the intervention of God’s healing, He will take care of the place quickly. Read Mathew 9: 35; Acts 9; 33-34; Acts 10: 37-38; Luke 12: 17-19; John 9: 5-11.

Jesus will perform wonders in your life.

Our Jesus Christ is the God of wonder. He has done several signs and wonders. He makes things possible. He is ready in your life to do wonder if you are ready for Him to do that. You will not regret doing that. Read Acts 4: 30-31.


The post about healing is a post that points to the bible verses we can use to explain the concept of healing and the miracles of God in your life.