James, Mr and Mrs Peter were well-favored by God. They enjoyed true riches from God and lived a comfortable life. James grew up to testify to the uncommon goodness God showed to his parents. Suddenly, the story changed. All that gave them joy and good living became history. They sold almost all their possessions and began to live in poverty. James’ parents decided to see their pastor for prayers and spiritual help. The Joel 2:18-32. There is no how we can talk about the characters of the Bible that we shall not talk about minor characters The story of the major prophets and their lessons will be discussed in this article.


Joel, one of the Minor Prophets, was sent to the children of Israel to deliver a message of restoration to them which would happen after they had repented of their disobedience. Prophet Joel called the people to repentance, and they humbled themselves, fasted, and prayed to God for forgiveness and mercy. The word,’ Then’, in verse 18 of our text suggests genuine repentance from their sins. Sincere repentance from sin brings restoration.

When God saw their brokenness and humbleness, He gave them a profitable answer; “I am sending you grain, new wine, and olive oil, enough to satisfy you fully.”(v.19). God is gracious and merciful. He promised to remove from them, the Northern army and send them to a barren land. They would rejoice in the Lord their God. They would have comfort and spiritual benefits. God promised to restore to them all the years they had lost to the destroyers(verse 25).

They would eat in plenty and be satisfied; they would praise the name of the Lord and shall never be put to shame. These are wonderful and precious promises of divine restoration. Finally, Joel gave the message of the outpouring of the Spirit of the Lord on all people. This promise has nothing to do with gender, age, and family background; even servants are not left out.


God is faithful to His words. Whatever He says will surely come to fulfillment. Just as He sent Prophet Joel to the children of Israel, He is equally sending this message of restoration to as many that will come to Him in genuine repentance. Whatever you have lost: physically, spiritually, academically, or in any other way, God will restore them all. If what you are going through is a result of your sin, if you can repent and ask for forgiveness, God will forgive your sins and restore your losses.


The people of Karuna are known for their detestable acts. They love to take bribes and treat the poor unjustly. Yet they offer sacrifices of praises to the Lord and regularly perform religious activities. They thought God would be happy with their sacrifices. One day, God sent a messenger to want them to repent from their sinful activities or else Would visit them with a great punishment that would never be forgotten in the land. There is a similar story in the Bible.OpentoAmos5:12-24.

During the days of Amos, the children of Israel were known for their many offenses. They were known to oppress the innocent, take bribes, and deprive the poor of justice. The Lord sent His word through Prophet Amos to tell them to seek good and not evil, so they might live and then He would be with them. He also told them to maintain justice in the courts. But if they failed to repent, He would pass through their midst and there would be a great mourning in the land. He went further to challenge those who thought that the day of the Lord would be a day of light.

I told them the day would be terrible, there would be great darkness and suffering. The Lord also told them that He hated their religious festivals. He would not accept their sacrifices nor listen to their songs. Instead, they should allow justice to continually roll on daily like a river and righteousness like a mighty stream.


Do you treat innocent people badly? Do you act unjustly toward the poor in your neighborhood, church, and school? If you do so, God is not happy with you. Repent today so you will not face the wrath of God. (Allow children to make decisions, and pray for them. Counsel them and do a proper follow-up.)


Judah and Joshua, the son of Jehozadak, the high priest. This was the second year of King Darius’ reign in Babylon. After Prophet Haggaiad delivered this message to them,  On the 21st day of the seventh month (Just like today’s date).

Ask them,’ Who of you left who saw this house in its former glory?'(Show the pictures of the temple in Solomon’stime and the new temple built during King Darius’ reign. Allow the children to point out the differences). Yes! The former temple was much bigger, decorated with gold and silver, and more beautiful. So, God encouraged Zerubbabel and his people not to lose faith.

The Lord told Zerubbabel, the governor, Joshua, the priest, and the remnants of Judah to be strong to work. Though what they were intending to build might not be like that of Solomon’stemple, they should take heart and build it for the Lord. God then promised them the following:

  • That He will be with them. His presence will always be with them to guide and guard them all the way(v.4).
  • His Spirit would remain among them. So, they should not be afraid of their enemies or what they would need to finish the work. Would protect them and provide for all their needs (v.5).
  • He would once again shake the heavens and earth, the sea, and the dry land. This is the promise of better days ahead. This means would send rain in its time, cause their land to yield abundant crops, and bless them in all areas.
  • The desires of the nations would come to them. This implied that other nations of the world would support them. They would all desire to come to Jerusalem as it was before the time of Solomon. This is the opposite of what happened to them in Chapter One. Obedience brings God’sblessings(vv.6,7).
  • “The silver is mine and the gold is mine.”This is telling them that the silver and gold they needed to build this temple belonged to Him. God can complete His project because all resources are His. Trust God to finish what He has begun in your life because He is able(v.8).
  • “The glory of this latter house will be greater than the former.” Nothing is too hard for him to do. He told them that by the time they finished building the temple, its glory would be greater than the former temple. Do not despise the day of your little beginning(Zechariah 4:10). God is in charge(v.9).
  • Peace. God would make them experience peace again after war upon war.


God can do what He says He will do. The situation the remnants of Judah found themselves in was not good: their temple had been destroyed, their harvests were little and they had little to eat from. God told them to obey and build temples, if they did he would supply all their needs and be with them. Are you in a situation like that of the remnantsofJudah? Call upon Him today. Obey His word and you shall have more than you ask for.


Habakkuk 1:12-13;2:1-4Prophet Habakkuk was troubled as a result of the cruelty of the Babylonians who were in power over the land of Judah. Times were difficult and dangerous for the people. There was injustice and violence in the land. Habakkuk felt God was silent as the wicked Babylonians were taking undue advantage of the people. So, Habakkuk cried to the Lord, “Why then do you tolerate the treacherous?

The Lord answered Habakkuk. He asked him to write down what he would reveal to him on tablets. This is for the herald (official messenger and representative of a king or leader) who would run with the message. It would take some time for it to happen, but it will certainly be fulfilled (let children recite the memory verse). Though the enemy may be puffed up, the righteous would live by faith. This is a message of hope and assurance from God to His people


In what areas of your life have you lost hope or you are giving up? Tell them to the Lord today. He can rekindle your hope. (Lead children to pray over the hopeless situations in their lives, families, and country.)