Satan is the masterful strategist who seeks the downfall of Christians through various arrangements or schemes, such as unbelief in the promises of God, discouragement, fear, spiritual apathy, etc. But we must stand firm because there are powers above those powers troubling your life. There are seven levels of power we can rely on below.

1. The power of faith

The power of faith can never be over-emphasized. It is the vehicle through which miracle gets to people. Faith calls what is not as if it exists. It is the belief that the impossible will surely become possible. It is the belief that no mountain cannot be moved.

Faith makes man begin to plan and prepare for what is yet to cough the physical and makes a man see the invisible. Imagine a barren woman buying clothes for the yet-to-be-born child(ren). It is nothing but foolishness to the people of the world. The child’s father in Mark 9: 14-24 developed a great faith which made his child receive the unexpected miracle.  With great faith receiving miracles becomes easy. Your miracles are sure when you exercise faith.

2. The power of prayer and fasting

To every door, there is a key. If a wrong key is used, the door will remain locked no matter the status of the person using the key. However, if a small child uses the right key, the key door will open unto him. Immediately after the transfiguration experience, a man brought his child who was an infirmity to Jesus. The unfortunate and sad thing about the situation was that he had taken the boy to the disciples but they could do nothing (Mark 9: 27-29).

What a shame! Even Peter, James, and John that had just come from the mountain cannot attend to the situation. They have not done the preparedness that brings power, strength, and anointing. They felt disgraced and came to Jesus. They wanted to know what other things. Jesus was using what He had not shown to them.

The secret is prayer and fasting. Man of God is made inside and the manifestation is evident outside. If you want to serve God faithfully and effectively, do not joke with the spiritual exercise of prayer and fasting. Your miracles are sure when you fast and pray. “And he said unto them, this kind can come forth by nothing, but by prayer and fasting,” vs 29

3. The power of unity and boldness in the Lord

An act of kindness shown to a cripple by Peter and John left the rulers the elders and teachers of the law to be afraid and disturbed. They queried them. By what power or what name did they use to do this?

God empowered believers to speak boldly anywhere where the need arises. He knows there are challenges and equips his prophet to be ready in the face of oppression. The disciples were not ready to compromise their faith but went ahead to speak the truth and share information that could bring relief to believers. Your miracles are sure when you are bold to speak deliverance.

4. The power in praise and worship

Persecutions all over the world have led people to God to lay their requests before Him and wait in their expectation for answers. God listens and gives favorable answers. It is necessary therefore to appreciate and acknowledge God in praise and worship. The more you do this, the more God is delighted and pour blessings on you as a believer.

The psalmist highlights God’s goodness. He is a just God who guides nations to safety. He gives a beautiful harvest and refreshes his inheritance. He is worthy to be praised. Let His joy be our portion always. Your miracles are sure when you praise and worship God.

5. The power of evangelism

When God gives an assignment, He makes available adequate resources to make a success of the mission. Before Paul finally sailed to Rome where he continued his missionary work, he met the leading man of the Island who welcomed and entertained them courteously for three days. His father was ill and Paul laid his hands on him and healed him.

Within the neighborhood, several others received their healing and salvation took place through Paul. In response, the people honored them with many marks of respect and took care of their needs. They stayed there for three months before they finally traveled to Rome.

God proved Himself faithful in the life of Paul. God allowed many things to happen between the shipwreck and Paul’s eventual journey to Rome. He and others were safely delivered upon a barbarous ( that is, non-Greek) Island, a place where God was unknown and these people who were not already Christians showed Paul and his band extraordinary kindness.

God’s favor to Paul is shown in both his survival of the snake bite and his successful prayer of healing for the sick on the island, starting with the father of the ruler of the island. No doubt that all these happened to prove the Gospel to the heathen.

6. The power of the right attitude

Many people expose wrong attitudes to different kinds of things which cannot fetch them any value. No miracle can happen when they don’t change. Some can watch TV or listen to the radio the whole. Many things in life seem it cannot be done without but they technically affect the lives of people.

Those things lead people to penury. They select different seasoned films to watch on their timetable. They can stay with the television from morning till night. No idea was conceived of how they can improve their present situation and how they can change from hardships to comfort.

Your miracles are sure when you build up effective hobbies, get personal and life passion, stay away from your comfort zones, stop blaming others for your problems or failures and hate begging.

7. The power of Jesus Christ

God has manifested His love toward us by giving us His only begotten son, Jesus Christ, nothing should separate us from His love. As Christians, we face challenges of life every day, meet with tribulations and are being distressed, persecuted by the malicious world that hates those who love Christ, famine and being starved with nakedness, being exposed to perils, at danger/risk of the sword of the magistrate.

All these should not, and must not, cut off the bond of love and friendship that exist between Christ and Christians. When we experience adversaries (stated in vs 35-36), we should not think of it being strange for the prophets of old experienced such.

God never abandoned His own and He has never stopped loving us nor is His love toward us diminished. Instead, suffering serves as means by which we can receive and experience His love. It is only by remaining in Him even in the face of troubles and adversaries that we can receive His love and we will never be cut off from His love.

Apostle Paul affirms that in all these things, we are more than conquerors in a fallen world. In Christ, Through the victory on the cross of Calvary and by the power of the Holy Spirit within us, we are more than conquerors.

Whatever befalls you do not lose hope. Abide in Christ and remain steadfast in Him. He will surely see you through. Your miracles are sure when you believe in Jesus Christ. “No, in all things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.” Romans 8: 37