The account of Daniel is enough for those who want to learn to be serious. Daniel is a good model whose lifestyle can be emulated. There are five lessons in which everyone will learn to know Daniel better.

1. The Plot to Undermine Daniel (Daniel 6: 1-10)

The gift and grace of God upon Daniel made way for him in a foreign land. This confirms the truth of God’s word as written in Proverbs 18: 16, “A man’s gift makes room for him, and brings him before great men.” Daniel had the anointing of excellence on him.

No wonder he was always preferred above others. He was forthright, firm, faithful, and faultless; no wonder he became famous. Despite the high of Daniel, he was consistent with his faith and spiritual discipline. He maintained good standing with God; this was confirmed by his boss and noticed even by his enemies.


What is your testimony? How do your neighbors and colleagues at your workplace see you? Are you living a blameless life before all? On what issues can you be faulted? Daniel’s high position attracted much opposition against him. If you are highly placed, expect much opposition. Your ability to manage opposition will determine your next promotion.

2. The Plot Fails (Daniel 6: 11-23)

The enemies of Daniel set a trap for him, pitching him against the king and God’s order. Daniel never compromised his faith in God. He preferred to dare the consequences of disobeying the king’s command.

Daniel’s practice of praying three times a day was not because of the king’s degree but a normal spiritual exercise he was already addicted to. How often do you pray and how consistent are you in seeking God?

Although Daniel was thrown into the lion’s den for defying the king and obeying God, the God he obeyed was in the den ahead of him to protect and preserve him. It was a joyful occasion for the king when he discovered that Daniel’s God protected him from the lions. The evil plan of Daniel’s enemies backfired against them.


When you are torn between following God and following the worldly system, what do you do? Remember, it is always right and profitable to listen to God rather than men. Every plot against your destiny is destroyed today in Jesus’ name. Just be obedient to God. Remember, God who turned the tide against Daniel’s enemies is still alive.

3. Daniel’s Vision (Daniel 7: 1-8)

God speaks to His people in diverse ways. One such way is through dreams. Many Christians take dreams for granted and see them as child’s play, whereas God might be speaking His mind concerning an issue or situation.

The major issue we are meditating on is how Daniel wrote down his vision. This act helped to capture the essence of that vision for the next generation.

Do you write down the vision God gives you or do you just talk and forget about it? Do you also pray about the vision that God should give you understanding? Daniel got to understand his vision. The sea represents a multitude of people while the beasts represent nations.

The vision is about how each nation will rise and then fall and another one will take over. The vision also shows that it is God who determines the length and breadth of a nation. He is the sovereign Lord who gives authority to nations and can withdraw it.


Pray about your dreams; they may have international dimensions. God is over all nations and He can place us over them for impact and control. Daniel was used by God to interpret Nebuchadnezzar’s dreams in Daniel 2:4.

God can reveal His mind and intentions to you if only you are dedicated and committed and faithfully serving Him. You also need to live a life that will keep your mind clear to receive from the Lord. Be committed to Him today and always.

4. Daniel’s Resolve (Daniel 1: 8-15)

What will you do if someone puts you in a house full of all kinds of provisions, food, meat, fish, etc., and gives you the right to eat anything at any time? Will you control your diet or become a glutton? Daniel and his friends had this opportunity, but they refused to defile themselves. Many things forbidden by the Law were served on the king’s table, so to private such food would defile the Jewish youths.

Furthermore, this royal food had been sacrificed and offered to pagan gods before it was offered to them. To partake of certain food would be country to the Mosaic Law which forbids eating of flesh sacrificed to pagan gods.


Daniel and his friend purposed in their hearts to please God at all costs. They resolved that even though they were captives in a strange land, they would not follow any culture that was against God’s laws. Daniel and his friends were courageous, determined, and obedient to God.

They did what was right in the sight of God, not giving in to the pressures around them. Do you compromise your faith due to pressures around you? Do you conform to the worldly view of things by disregarding God’s laws and His expectations of you Resolve in your heart to live a life pleasing to God always?

5. Daniel Recognition (Daniel 1: 16-21)

Recognition comes as a result of making godly but costly decisions. Daniel and his friends received recognition as a result of their decision not to defile themselves with the king’s table; they appeared ten times healthier than those who had dined on the king’s food.

Since the four looked better than the others, the king did not object to the diet Daniel had requested for himself and his friends. So, they were allowed to continue on the natural diet. Daniel was given the ability to understand and interpret visions and dreams.


What are you known for? Many people think some things do not matter, but all things do matter to God. Daniel and his friends were known as Christians who were ready to stand for God at all times not minding the challenges that may come their way.

They purposed in their hearts to do God’s will and through their decisions, the king also respected the God they served. Because Daniel and his friends obeyed God, they were recognized and relevant in the decision-making process of the land. This can happen to you too if only you resolve to be different and serve God faithfully.n