Baptist Students’ Fellowship (BSF) is a group established by Nigerian Baptist Convention where the students at Baptist Churches exist to manifest their genius and potential in them.

The report of the Baptist Students’ Fellowship (BSF) of Hallelluyah Baptist Church, Agbaje-Ijokobo Ibadan is amazing as all the students came before the Lord to display their God-given talents and endowed gifts. They ministered throughout the day and the church was blessed.

Apart from awesome Sunday School Classes that began at 9:00 am prompt and the Discipleship Lifestyle Classes that followed, the general services came gloriously by 10:00 am.

As We Proceed to the Altar

The choir selected a beautiful song rendition that suited the topic and aligned the mind of the program for the day. The Pulpit, Officiating Ministers for the day, and Choirs were sequentially into their seats.

In Call to the Worship

The BSF President, Bro Ajibade Stephen, Opened the service through Call-to-Worship from the selected Bible Verses relevant to the Program of the day.

In singing Praises

As it is good to sing and praise to the Lord, one of our BSF students, Sis Praise Olaniba, led the church “Praise and Worship” where all church members were lured to the heavenly realm through her ministrations. She tailored her Song Ministrations towards the topic of the program of the day.

In Prayer of Thanksgiving

The next line of the program is prayer led by one of our BSF students, Sis Toluwalase Popoola. She did wonderfully thank God on behalf of all BSF students for sparing our lives till that day. She continued to pray for the success of the program of that day while she put everything ministration under the control of the Holy Spirit.

Through Congregational Hymn

The first hymn was from Baptist Hymnal 16 led by one of our BSF students, Sis Victoria Obadara. It was a joyful moment to dance and rejoice in the Lord.

In Greetings and Recognition

The BSF adviser, Dn Adeola Adelakun, took on the responsibilities of greetings, recognition, and introduction of the program. The adviser sent a series of warm greetings to all the BSF students, the Pastor of the Church, the Deacons of the Church, and all members of the church.

He continued to welcome the visitors that worshipped with us for the first time or those who were invited to the program. He also introduced the Guest Speaker from Triumphant Baptist Church, Owode, Apata, Ibadan in the name of Prof. S. A. Olakojo who delivered the lecture on the topic: “Achieving Academic Excellence and Life Application.”

The adviser then introduced the program and how each section would go and be presented. He explained that the program was to appreciate the existence of our students and to know the importance of our students. Not only that, the church has been ready to do a celebration for all the students in the tertiary institutions that have worked for God and served Hallelluyah Baptist Church.

These outgoing students had been invited to the celebrations. The adviser wished the church members a wonderful day as we were marking a good landmark that day.

Through Announcement

The announcement was done by the Secretary of the day, Bro OreOluwa, one of our BSF students. He also did wonderfully well by giving us a detail of the program of the day.

Through Pastoral Prayer

Our Father in the Lord, Rev, Peter Niyi Ajibade, led the prayer concerning the success of the program. The man of God released Godly utterances on us. Baba took us to the heavenly and spiritual realm where all students were blessings of God upon us. Pastor Ajibade also prayed against the plan and manifestation of death this year. Every single member of the church was blessed that day.

In Bible Reading

The BSF Vice President, Bro Iyanu Okegbola, read from the Book of Isaiah 11: 2; Daniel 6: 3. The Bible verses are the foundation of other Bible verses that the Guest Speaker used for his lectures. The Lecture was based on the Bible verses.

Choir Special Songs

The Church and BSF choir were on the stage to minister in song to us. The song rendition was based on the program and it ministered a lot to every student and the church at large.

Through His Servant

The servant of God, Prof. S. A. Olakojo from Triumphant Baptist Church, Owode, Apata, Ibadan was invited to give our students and outgoing students and the church in general a lecture on the topic: “Achieving Academic Excellence and Life Application.

Wow! The Prof. spent more than one hour on lecture delivery and none of the church members was bored. Prof. Olakojo explained every nook and cranny of the topic with life experience or application. The lectures were interesting, distinguished, notable, well-presented, effective, and superb.

The progress of the lectures made the church members feel engrossed. Every member did not have any choice rather but to listen and get one or two things to learn.

BSF Anthem

Our active and articulate outgoing student, Sis IkeOluwa Adeoye, led our Baptist BSF Anthem. The church experienced the wordings of the Anthem and they loved them. Because of the love for the Anthem, all stanzas were sung.

With our tithes

Rev. Niyi Ajibade led the church to give tithes. Pastor asked the church members to come into the front he prayed over the tithes as usual for more blessings.

With our Offerings

One of our BSF students, Sis Lydia Falohun, led the church to the offerings’ presentation. She called for the church members to bring out their offerings and for choir members to lead us in the offering song renditions. After the submission of offerings, she prayed over them.

Presentation of gifts

This is the time to present the gifts to our outgoing students. The BSF adviser was in charge of this. The adviser appreciated the services of the outgoing students when they were among us. He continued to say that they should not relent wherever they found themselves. The adviser called them one after the other for the presentation of the gifts.

Special Prayer for the Outgoing Students

The pastor prayed for the outgoing students after the presentations of the gifts. The release of the prophecies was to become great in the future.

BSF Thanksgivings

The BSF President, Bro Stephen Ajibade, led his BSF members to the front in joyfa ul dance to give glory to God. The members donated the gifts to the church and entered the dance steps with jubilation.

Music Ministrations

Another Invited Guest, Evang. Kemi Adetunji, got on the pulpit for her ministrations as the students were in a happy mood. The Evangelist ministered to the lives of all students both our students and outgoing students. The session was full of joy and happiness.

With Prayer, Confession, Benediction

The church pastor led the prayer, confession, and benediction after the all the students danced to their satisfaction. The day was full of joy and happiness.

In Recessional Hymn

One of our outgoing students, Sis Roseline Adigun, led the recessional hymn 4 while all the officiating ministers orderly stepped out. The program was put to a close with refreshments. It was very exciting!