Different controversial issues come up about the genuine existence of heaven. Even if heaven exists, where is heaven located? Is it in the sky or on Earth? These are the questions that are coming to the mind of people about heaven. In the Bible, the first opens the statement that heaven was created with the creation of the earth. (Genesis 1).

For Christians, the word and meaning of heaven in the Bible are ambiguous, varied, and complex. There are two words used to define heaven or heavens: paradise and hell. Paradise is seen as a place of comfort and enjoyment while hell is seen as a place of distress, pains, and afflictions. The mind of the Christians about heaven is that “Where will I go when I die? That is, what will be my hope after death?

The revelation of John in the book of Revelation pointed to the existence of heaven. Starting from the throne in heaven which gives the picture of how heaven will look like (Revelation 4), the scroll and the lamb (Revelation 5), seals (Revelation 6 and 7), and the New heaven (Revelation 21). All that we have discussed are operations of heaven which mean that there is heaven somewhere.

We can get the true meaning of heaven from the words in Hebrews and Greek. The word for heaven and heavens in Hebrew is shamayim and the word for heaven and heavens in Greek is ourano. Both of them can be translated into sky which is not something that exists eternally, but a part of creation.

Heaven can be seen as a dwelling place of God; it is the realm in which things operate according to God’s plan and will. It has been the place of singing and worship, peace and love; the place of community and union.

Creation of Heaven and Earth

The first line we discovered in the Bible is that in the beginning, God created the heavens and earth. That means that the heavens were created along with the earth. There is heaven! Read Genesis 1: 1.

Our inheritance is in heaven.

Remember that the Bible recorded that our inheritance is in heaven. We live on earth as a visitor and strangers. Peter speaks about heaven as our inheritance. Read 1 Peter 1: 3-5.

Lord will come down from heaven.

When the Lord comes from heaven, there will be a lot of signs and voices. This means that there is heaven somewhere in which the Lord will appear and the saints will be taken up and later be with the Lord. Read 1 Thessalonians 4: 16-17; John 6: 51; Acts 1: 10-11.

Jesus will prepare a place in heaven.

When Jesus said that he would go and prepare a place for us in heaven. This means that we have somewhere to go which is heaven. That is why we should always prepare for heaven. Read John 14: 2; Amos 9: 6.

Think of heaven more.

Heaven is real. Every Christian and beyond should think and set their minds above all things of the world. The things of heaven should be a priority. Read Colossians 3: 2.

There is a position in heaven.

We are the citizens of heaven. This means that our original home is in heaven, not on earth. We are waiting for the savior which is the Lord. Read Philippians 3: 20.

A desire for heaven.

We have one God in heaven whom we trust to meet one day. As we can see, our desire should be a desire of heaven. Are you thirsty for heaven? Read Psalm 73: 25.

There are heavens.

There are heavens from which the glory of God comes. It was recorded that the skies proclaim God’s works.  The glory of heaven cannot be over-emphasized. Prepare for the day. Read Psalm 19: 1-2; Jeremiah 23: 24; Psalm 115: 3.

A season under the heavens

The Bible even said that no matter how long we live on this earth, the season will vanish and the season of going to heaven will come one day. Are you preparing for the season? Read Ecclesiastes 3: 1.

Heaven is our home.

The Bible pointed at heaven as the place of treasures and where we should store our treasures in heaven. It is where nothing can destroy it. And where thieves will not break in and steal. Read Mathew 6: 19-20; Ephesians 6: 12; Mathew 24: 35; 2 Corinthians 5: 1.

God is the maker of the heavens.

God makes heaven. He is the maker of heaven and earth. He accomplished this by the great power and his outstretched arm. You have to recognize the creation of God. Read Jeremiah 32: 17.

Heavens are located above.

We should always exalt God because God situated the heavens above. He made everything in heaven beautiful. Therefore, it is very important to recognize his greatness. Read Psalm 108: 5; Isaiah 55: 9; Deuteronomy 4: 39.

There is a kingdom of heaven.

The verses here talk about the kingdom of heaven that Christians will be inherited at the end of the world.  God said that he would hand over the key of heaven into our hands. So, that is the home or place all Christians must think of always. Read Mathew 16: 19; Mathew 4: 17; 5: 19; 7: 21.

Jesus is in heaven.

Jesus Christ is in heaven pleading for us. The Bible said that Jesus sat on the right hand of God. What this explains to us is that there is a particular heave as discussed earlier where God dwells. Jesus Christ is with us. Let us have a strong belief in the existence of heaven. Read Mark 16: 19.

Names in heaven

What should be your target is heaven. What you should rejoice for is that your name is written in the Book of Heaven. No matter what you do on earth and how beautifully you do it, if you miss heaven, all efforts are of no use. Read Luke 19: 20.

There is joy in heaven.

The verses state that there is joy in heaven. The joy in heaven is more than the joy on earth. That is why Jesus Christ came to die for sinners so that they should have that joy at the end of this world. Read Luke 15: 4-7.

After death, next is heaven.

Our permanent home is heaven. This world is like a market that will close one day. After death, the next home is heaven. Are you preparing for it? Read Psalm 139: 7-8.

A sign from heaven.

It is also believed that mysterious things and wonders come from heaven. During the gatherings of God, the spirit of the Lord will come down from heaven. The Apostles were in one voice praying and suddenly the spirit of the Lord came from heaven and their lives change for the better. Read Acts 2: 1-2.

Prayer pointing to heaven

It may be confirmed that God is really in heaven. The prayer Jesus Christ taught his disciples makes us know that there is a heaven and there is a Father who is in heaven. Read Mathew 6: 9-10.


When we consider the descriptions of heaven as paradise, we can point to the likeness of the Garden of Eden. Even many scholars compared the paradise to the Garden of Eden. God dwells in the garden of Eden and paradise. We have discussed a lot about heaven and Bible verses about it. The researchers, Ministers of God, and readers are Christians.