The concept of Peace can be seen in different ways. It depends on how each individual sees it. One can define peace as the absence of violence for the person who has been experiencing quietness. Another can define peace as a lack of hostility and hatred if the person has not been hated by anyone. Peace can also be seen as harmony and friendships which peace brings. In society, peace is regarded as the absence of conflicts, fear, riot, and noise between individuals and groups. Conflicts can occur in different forms. But when peace comes, conflicts will vanish. There is peace of mind, emotional peace (expression of peace in different ways), societal peace (peace between an individual and a group of people), and psychological peace (peace requires logical and critical thinking). This post will shed more light on the facts and Bible verses about peace.

Live in peace.

Living in peace will relate comfort zones to your mind. A troubled mind is a troubled life. You should not allow what is going on around you to become peace breakers. We should also encourage other people to live in peace. Remember, love and peace reside when we live like brothers and sisters. Read 2 Chronicles 13: 11; Romans 12: 18; Hebrews 12: 14.

Seek peace.

Always seek peace and maintain peace with all men. Do not be an agent of war, violence, or riot in any society you find yourself. If you sustain peace everything about you will receive peace. Make sure you always relate the peaceful atmosphere for people. The lively and interesting environments will always welcome peace. Read 1 Peter 3: 11; Philippians 4: 6; Psalm 37: 37.

Lie down in peace.

Psalmist said he lay down in peace. That is, he always sustains peace. He is an agent of peace. He also cried to them that He should make him dwell in safety. This is the lesson for everyone. Let us be an agent of peace in whatever we do. The people around us should feel peace and safety. Read Psalm 4: 8.

Receive perfect peace.

Do you know that if you are on the Lord’s side and you are doing His will, putting it into practice, the Lord will grant you peace? We have to learn the words of God and receive from Him. Then, His peace will be with us. Read Philippians 4: 9; 1 Thessalonians 5: 23; Isaiah 26: 3.

Let peace Christ rule in your heart.

Remember, Christians are one in Christ. We should let the peace of Christ rule in our hearts all the time. If we understand that we are one body, then peace will reign among us. It should be noted that the peace of heart is the peace of society. Be guided by your heart. Read Colossians 3: 15.

Peace with God

We have peace with God Jesus Christ because we are justified through faith. Let this peace reign across our lives and or societies. It does not matter how good someone is or how bad someone is. What matters is that as we have with God; so also, we should maintain peace with other people. Romans 5: 1.

Be peacemakers.

Be a peacemaker and sustain peace. There is a blessing for you. First, you will be called the children of God. Secondly, you will be blessed. Read Mathew 5: 9; Psalm 29: 11.

Prince of peace

Jesus Christ is recognized as the prince of peace. He brought peace to this world of war and commotion. He taught us how to live in peace. We Christians should live in peace and harmony. Do not do what can break peace with your people. Be an agent of peace all the time. Read James 2: 14-24.

Establish peace.

Wherever you find yourself, make sure that peace is maintained and sustained. There should be no reason for you to cause a riot in a place. Jesus Christ brought peace to the world and we too must establish peace. Peace should be our motto and song every time. Read Isaiah 26: 12

Go in peace.

This is the command of God for what we should do. It is the good news for us when we are worried and troubled that [peace will come. The storm of life and family will not end in death. We should go in peace means we should live in peace. Read James 2: 14-24.

Have peace

Peace is yours; have it. God has commanded peace into our lives already. That is why He sent the prince of peace into our lives, which is Jesus Christ. Is it, not something worthy of appreciation? Listen today, nobody can steal your peace; it is your inheritance; have it; hold it. It is well! Read John 16: 33; Romans 15: 13; Romans 14: 17-19.

God is the God of peace.

Our God is the God of peace. He is the one who commanded peace in the hearts of people. He will not leave you during the troubles. The storms of life will not overcome you. He will speak peace to you’re your and it shall be so. Read 1 Corinthians 14: 33.

You will be in peace.

Is there any worry or trouble in your life? What are you going through currently? Reset assured that God is at work to put an end to all troubles and worries in your life. When Jesus finishes with you, you will not remain the same. Read Isaiah 55: 12.

Gospel of peace

Gospel should be accompanied by peace. When you go on evangelism and mission, try to maintain peace. Do not fight; do not preach out of envy and jealousy. Make quality relationships and friendships with people. It shall be well. Read Ephesians 6: 15.

Maintain peace.

Where are you now? In what position you are currently? Maintain peace. The reason why you should maintain peace is that God is happy with relationships, unity, love, and friendships. All these cannot be realized without peace. Read 1 Thessalonians 5: 15; 1 Peter 39: 11.

Sow in peace.

If you sow in peace, you will raise a harvest of righteousness; but if you sow in violence, you will raise a harvest of unrighteousness. Let us be a peacemaker to reap righteousness. Read James 3: 18.

Promote peace.

Be an advocate of peace all the time. In your home, in your family, in your church, in your office, in your business, in your school, in your career, and others, try to promote peace. Let the violent people know the importance of maintaining peace. Read Proverbs 12: 20.

Promise of peace

God promises peace for everyone because He wants to live a peaceful life.  When we are weary, he promises peace; when we are troubled, He promises peace; when we do not know when to go, He promises peace. All the time, He promises peace. It is we who detach our hands from Him. Close to the Lord and you will receive true peace. Read Psalm 85: 8.

Great peace

God has commandments and laws. He wants us to abide by the rules and regulations in the Bible. When we comply and do the word of God, there should be peace in all rounds of our lives. Will take a bold step in doing the will of God today? Psalm 119: 165

Bond of peace

When there is peace, there will be unity because unity, oneness, and harmony reside when peace resides. Let us maintain peace at home, in the office, in our businesses, in the schools, in the churches, in the nations, and in the world. The peace will bring about unity and unity will bring about progress and developments. Read Ephesians 4: 3.


Peace has been dealt with in this article to enlighten you more on the need for peace in our lives, in our families, in our churches, in our communities, in our societies, in our nations, and in the world. Also, the prevailing prayers that will speak peace to your life have been packaged with the anointing of God. The readers, research fellows, Christians, and all the people who want peace.