The Family Thanksgiving program has been established for years at Halleluyah Baptist Church, Agbaje-Ijokodo, Ibadan. The purpose of this program as shared by the Man of God then, Rev. Bayo Abraham was to celebrate the goodness of God in each family. Baba said also that the day had to be a joyous one at our church and every family had to bring offerings to God in their capacity which would initiate more family blessings. December 11, 2022, was another day of celebration. Read the wonderful report.

As We Proceed to the Altar by Hymn

After interactive and engaging lessons in our Sunday School Classes, the choir, and officiating ministers proceeded to the altar through the hymn led by the Choir Leader, Bro Abiodun Osintona.

In Call to Worship

Dn E.F. Falohun led the church in Call to Worship in the Bible Verses prescribed by the Church Pastor, Rev. Niyi Ajibade. The session was moved by the Holy Spirit.

In Singing Praises

This is the time for praise and worship. Evangelist Kemi Adetunji led the church to inspirational songs in praise. The church was led to the heavenly realm and everyone was moved by the Holy Spirit. It was one of the most exciting and participatory sessions. Watch the video to the end to experience the torch of God through the ministrations of the Evangelist.

In Prayer of Thanksgiving

We went to God with a prayer of thanksgiving led by Dns D.B. Idowu. DNS Idowu passionately thanked God for His protection and security over all the members since last year we had the kind of program. God still counted us worthy to be alive. The church appreciated the goodness of God in our lives, families, and relatives.

Through Congregational Hymn

We proceeded to a congregational hymn led by the Choir Leader, Bro Abiodun Osintona. While carrying all the church members along, the Choir Leader led a Baptist hymn 285. The Church joyfully accepted the hymn and followed the Choir Leader.

In Greetings and Recognition

This is the time to warmly greet one another and recognize the first-timers and visitors worshipping with us that day. Pastor Aderemi Adeniran led the session and it was very wonderful. Every member of the church was carried along to welcome at least five members to the church with a handshake.

Through Announcements and Notices

The Church Secretary, Dns Ayobami Adelakun, proceeded to the announcements and notices to keep the church members informed of the programs ahead. Dns Ayobami explained explicitly the programs for the remainder of the year such as Carol and Love Feast, Count of Blessings, End of Year Revival (The Mighty Hand of God), Cross over Night, Halleluyah Prayer Revival, and so on.

Through Pastoral Prayer

The man of God, Rev. Niyi Ajibade led the church members to engage in fervent prayers beginning with giving thanks to God for making us see that beautiful day. The pastor led the church members to commit their ways and all the programs ahead of us to the Lord for the rest of the year. The man of God released the powerful prayers over us after our supplications to the Lord.

In Bible Reading

Dn Adeola Adelakun read from Psalm 115: 1-8 which says, “Not to us, O Lord, not to us but to your name is the glory, became of your love and faithfulness. Why do the nations say, “Where is their God?” Our God is in heaven; he does whatever pleases him…” (NIV). The Bible verses opened our eyes to what God had done and that He was worthy to be praised. All glory belonged to Him only.

Choir Special Songs

The Church Choir led us in special songs. Halleluyah Voices presented their rendition to bless the church. The rendition was inspirational and the church was filled with the Holy Spirit.

Through His Servant

This is the time for heavenly manna. The Church, Rev. Ajibade proceeded to share the mind of God with us. The Message was entitled: “The Dead Praise, Not the Lord”. We were inspired that only those who were alive could praise God. The dead could not. Therefore, we have every right to praise God for making us see another family thanksgiving for the year. In contrast, we do not have to blame God for what we have lost or we have not realized this year. As part of encouragement to praise God, the Man of God used this quote, the word of God says, “To everything, there is a season and a time to every purpose under the earth (El. 3:1). May you not miss your season in life? Some people are due for marriage, pregnancy, courtship, prosperity, job, promotion, etc, and are as if God had forgotten them. God’s delay is not God’s denial. Remember he who laughs last, laughs longer/best. The best is always reserved for the end. As we are approaching the end of the year, your time and season will come.”

With Our Tithes

The Church Pastor prayed over the tithes of every member of the church. The church dropped their tithes cheerfully.

With Our Offering

Dn E. F. Falohun led the offering session when he called for giving God all offerings: money, heart, joy, dance, etc. The choir led the choruses that inspired the members to give God all they have as offerings.

Family Thanksgiving

The family thanksgiving program at Halleluyah Baptist Church, Agbaje-Ijokodo, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria is an Annual Festival in which each family celebrates the goodness of God. This day has been a day of joy in the life of every family of Halleluyah Baptist Church. December 11, 2022, was another day of celebration. The church members prepared well to meet God afresh. Dn John Popoola and Dns T. K. Akanbi led the church in the mode to use to make the day exciting before God. They came up with the suggestion of two families at once to celebrate until rounded up. The Lady Evang, Kemi Adetunji, Bro Abiodun Osintona, Dns Ayobami Adelakun, Praise Olaniba, Precious Popoola, etc ministered in songs as the families expressed their joy and their dance steps forward. Joy and dance were limitless! Watch the video to the end to celebrate with us.

Prophetic Prayers

The man of God, Rev. Peter Ajbade released the prophetic prayers over all the members of Halleluyah Baptist Church after thanksgiving. The blessings of God rained over us like a shower of a downpour.

With Prayer, Confession, Benediction

The closing prayer, confession and benediction were led by the Pastor. The grace o,f God, was upon us and the members were filled with Holy Spirit as we closed for the day. Watch prophetic prayer and benediction by the Man of God.

In Recessional Hymn

The Choir Mistress, Evang. Kemi Adetunji led the closing hymn (HBH 19). The verses were sung as the choir, ushers, and pulpit members were orderly off the auditorium to the prayer session. It was a glorious and exciting time!