When you look at the Bible, we can see that it is written as a collection of texts. It is nearer the poetry pattern than other writing patterns such as prose drama or essay and so on. The Bible is a religious text it also means the scripture that is sacred in Christianity. The Bible texts, originally in Greek, Hebrews, and Aramaic are prophecies of God through the different authors God used for the presentation of the accounts. Some parts are stories, poetry, or prose. But the Christians in the Bible see the Bible as the material of divine inspiration that leads, corrects, reproves, and teaches.

The Bible has two parts, namely the Old Testament and the New Testament.  The Old Testament gave an account of the way of life before Jesus Christ was born while the New Testament gave an account of Jesus Christ and other gospel presentations.  It is possible for the New Testament authors to read the account of the Old Testament to make improvements. The New Testament version is an improvement of the Old Testament. Who wrote the Bible is for both the Old Testament and the New Testament.

We have written about the books and the authors of the Bible before. We can agree with you that the Bible is the Word of God. The Word of God is to correct, reprove, and advise. When you are searching for your needs to get facts in the words of God, you are meditating on the Word of God. In the Bible, you can search for God’s truth as you would for a hidden treasure (Proverbs 2:4). David made us understand how he loved God’s command (Word of God) more than gold and even more than pure gold (Psalm 119:127). Ignorance of the truth of God means ignorance of Jesus, Jesus said,

Read and meditate on (John5:39)

This precious treasure of truth is your necessary spiritual food if you are to grow and develop into a strong and useful Christian. David loved God’s word. He said how sweet the words of God to Him to His taste were! He continued that the Word of God was sweeter than honey to His mouth your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth! (Psalm 119:103). Job treasured the words of God’s mouth more than his necessary food (Job 23:12). The Word of God is also a spiritual light guiding your daily walk in Christ. David said,

Read and meditate on (Psalm 119:105).

When Jesus was tempted, He met each temptation with God’s word (Matt.4:3-11). God’s word is also your spiritual weapon of defense against Satan’s attacks.

Faith comes from knowing the truth of God (Romans10:17); without faith, it is impossible to please God (Hebrews11:6). Jesus said that if we lived in accordance with what we taught, we were really His disciples, and we would know the truth and the truth would set us free (John8:31, 32- William’s translation). How wonderful to be free from the power of sin! This lesson is to help you realize the importance of God’s Word (the Bible) and to help you in studying and memorizing the scriptures.

The Bible is the spiritual truth.

God gives mankind the inspiration to hear the word of God, read it, study it, memorize it, and meditate on it. The inspiration received by God determines how meaningful the Word of God will be to us (2 Timothy 3: 16; 2 Peter 1: 20, 21). God inspired Isaiah and Jeremiah in different ways. God told Isaiah that he should write the Word of God on a table and note it in a book (Isaiah 30: 8) and inspired Jeremiah to write all the Words spoken into thee in a book (Jeremiah 30: 1. 2). The Bible said that His words are spirit and life and the word is for stubborn hearts (John 6: 63; John 5: 39; Luke 24: 25-27). The Word of God is forever and God has established it. There is no controversy that the Word of God is the truth and everything in it is the truth (Psalm 119: 156; Psalm 119: 160; 1 Peter 1: 25.

The Bible is light.

There is no doubt to say that the Bible is the light on our ways. We need it always to make us grow (1 Peter 2: 2).  When we are meditating on the word of God, we have to depend only on the comforter to teach us the word. It is the comforter that will teach and say the truth about the Word of God (John 14: 26. The Christian responsibility is to keep the Word of God he is taught (Luke 11: 28; James 1: 22. The Bible serves as the light when as God commanded us to take His word into our life. First, we should keep commands with it; second, we should write them upon the table of the heart; we should bind them upon thy heart and we should meditate on it daily (Proverbs 2: 1-5; Proverbs 3: 1, 3; Proverbs 7: 1-3; Acts 17: 11). We must study the Word of God passionately and we should pray for passion. Make me seek you always (Psalm 119: 27; Psalm 119: 10).

The Bible is the guide.

The Bible (the Word of God) is the guide that directs our path. If truly we are Christians, we should be interested in hearing and meditating in the Word of God (John 8: 47) and the Word of God produces faith. This means that when you study the Word of God, your faith will increase (Romans 10: 17). The Word of God is so effective that it will discern the thoughts and intents of the heart (Hebrews 4: 12). God wants us to obey His words. If Christians obey the Word of God, their lives will be more effective. First, the reader shall know the truth and the truth will set them free; second, the reader might not sin against you; third, the Bible will teach the reader the status, and the Bible will build the reader up and give him/her inheritance (John 8: 31, 32; Psalm 119: 11; Psalm 119: 135; Acts 20: 32).

The Bible is the teacher.

The Bible (Word of God) serves as a teacher. It teaches what you have not known about the mystery of the Bible. It will teach you the different interpretations of the Bible). The Bible (Word of God) needs our faith to be profitable (Hebrews 4: 2) and the scripture is profitable to us for correction, reproof, instruction, and doctrine (2 Timothy 3: 16). The only thing that can hinder God’s word being fruitful in your life is the devil (Luke 8: 11-14) Even, when you are being tempted, the Word of God will free you (Mathew 4: 1-11) Also, by keeping the Word of God in your heart, you will always have victory over sins. The reasons for studying the Bible are leading your right; enriching you more spiritually; overcoming sins and conquering the world.


Methods of learning God’s Word can be of hearing the Word of God, reading the Word of God; studying the Word of God; memorizing the Word of God, and meditating on the Word of God. It is easy to lose your grip if you hold something with only one or two fingers. If you hear, read, study, memorize, and meditate on the Word of God, your grasp of its truth will become a firm part of your life. This article is written for researchers, readers, ministers of God, and all Christians/believers. The article will still open the understanding of many people to what the Bible really is. The article about who wrote the Bible will also be of help to you.