When a vision is defined, what is supposed to say is sight. The ability or sense of sight is called vision. From a religious angle, we say vision is a mystical experience of a supernatural appearance. For this article, I would like to illustrate vision in two ways: a pool of the past and the pool of the future.

1. The Pool of the Past

The pool of the past is a vision-dry. Vision-dry is a way of not having a vision. Those under this only claim something full of activities that have not been producing results. They cannot distinguish between the present and the future. They do not see the future at all.

The report and information are dull because they lack feasible results. A bricklayer, for example, has been building modern and beautiful houses for people. But when he cannot report at least a house for himself, he is full of activities, not results.

2. The Pool of the Future

The pool of the future is a vision fulfillment. Vision fulfillment is a way of having a vision and working on it. Those under these workout activities produce results. Vision makes them distinguish between the present and the past and they see the future.

The report and information are interesting and fulfilling because they have feasible and presentable results. For example, when Dangote tells a story that he is a man of vision, everybody will agree because of the presentable results. There are components of vision you should know for better understanding.

3 Useful Components of Vision

When we are explaining the vision, there are three components that we should consider to understand the concept better, namely foresight, insight, and eyesight.

1. Foresight

Foresight occurs when looking through a telescope. Looking through a telescope is a way to see the future. Foresight makes you see beyond the present things, situations, and positions. It makes you see through what can happen in the next year, two years, five years, ten years, and even, more than those years. Foresight helps to see the end from the beginning.

2. Insight

Insight occurs when looking through a microscope. Looking through a microscope is a way to see in a multitude. Insight makes you see a thing from different angles and perspectives. It will help to see and understand things, situations, and subject matters in detail. Through insight, you will be able to solve many things without delay.

3. Eyesight

Eyesight occurs when looking through eye scope. Looking eye-scope is a way to see things at a higher level to determine the wrong and the correctness. Eyesight helps to see the errors and mistakes and corrects those errors and mistakes. Through eyesight, your intelligence will fast work and tell you what to do at that time and what are not supposed to do.

5 Things Vision Does for You

Vision is like motivation that drives people to the future. There are things vision can do for you if you follow the instructions below very carefully.

1. Vision contracts or contrasts your present situations.

Vision will make you distinguish between the present and the future. It will take you out of the present and present what the future will look like. Vision will conquer bad situations or struggles you are going through now (nightmare) and show you the glory of the future (vision). For example, a visionary person who is experiencing one problem or the others will not entertain any discouragement.

Vision will shut up what he or she is going through at that moment and show him or her only future. When Joseph in the Bible was experiencing one problem to another, he did not relent in keeping up until he became a second in command in Egypt. Joseph is a man of vision.

2. Vision converts you from your comfort zones.

Vision drives you from your comfort zones to a higher level. It will challenge your complacency, laziness, idleness, sluggishness, etc. To say the truth, not everything that prayer will do, we have our responsibilities.

That is what vision does in helping us to confront and fight slothfulness and indolence. You have to think and act to fulfill your vision.  In the Bible, Esther was also a woman of vision that thinks acts to fulfill her vision. Vision converts her from an ordinary person to become a queen.

3. Vision provides opportunities.

Vision always concedes opportunities and shows a way of doing things. A man or woman of vision cannot stop. Vision makes him or her see different opportunities ahead of him or her. Vision triggers him or her to do more and press forward.  Daniel was a man of vision as he was not defiled himself in a foreign land. Though he faced persecution he conquered and did exploit.

4. Vision adds to your energy.

Vision concentrates you or focuses you on energy. It means that vision strengthens you more and more. This is because what you will see always is the future. In the Bible, the woman of an issue of the blood said if I could try to torch his (Jesus’) garment, I believed I would be healed.

She had that vision and faith. She struggled as much as people. That faith and vision energized the woman to press forward to get there. If we cannot be discouraged by the present situation, definitely vision will work for us.

5. Vision connects you to resources.

Vision is a connected tool to resources. Vision always links and derives into positive places. There are fulfilling and successful people that are helped through vision. A visionary person will not be shy about what he or she is doing and doing it well.

Through what he is doing, he or she may have a link or a connection that makes him or her fulfill his or her vision. In the Bible, Joseph as a man of vision was connected to resources in Egypt through vision.

How do I receive vision?

There are many ways one can receive vision depending on how God wants to reveal it to a person. I will discuss only four of them here.

1. Through dreams and revelations

Vision can be received through dreams and revelations. Joseph and Abraham are good examples. God revealed what Joseph and Abraham will become from the beginning. Joseph dreamed that he would become great to the extent that his elder brothers and father would prostrate for him.

Abraham also saw revelations that God would bless him to the extent that he would become the father of all nations. The dreams and revelations came to pass. God revealed their future to them from the beginning.

2. Through the word of God (Bible)

God can reveal what your future will be in the Bible. If you always read the Bible, God will lead you through His Word. In Proverbs 3: 6 and Proverbs 16: 3, the Bible promised that we should omit our ways to the Lord; He will make it come to pass. Vision can come from the word of God.

3. Through the genuine man of God

God can use your pastor or prophet to tell you the mind of God about your future. At times, vision may come from the man of God somewhere else. When Namah was suffering from leprosy, God used the Prophet Elisha to tell him a solution and he was cured. The true man of God can say about the steps to take in the future to excel. But care is to be taken because there is a fake of them.

4. Through the direction of God’s sent

The God’s sent I mean may not be the Pastor or the Prophet. He or she may be anyone or anything that God wants to send to you to tell you the mind of God for your future. Balam’s donkey gave his master the direction and the maidservant of Namah’s wife gave Namah directions. God can use anybody.