Eliezer Abraham’s servant asked God for guidance concerning the task his master sent him to carry out. It was glaring that Eliezer had learned much about faith and God from his master. Eliezer asks God to show him a woman with an attitude of service by fetching water for his animals so that he might choose her as a wife for his master’s son Isaac.

He did not pray a wrong prayer by praying for a woman with beauty or wealth but he prayed for the one that has a good heart that will serve as a true companion to his master’s Son. He asks for someone with inner beauty. The following 5 secrets of answered prayers will still teach the readers new things.

1. We should consecrate ourselves.

No matter how deeply a father may love his child if such a child approaches the father with faces all over his body, the father will surely not embrace the child nor will he listen nor speak to such a child until he or she has been cleansed. The same principle works in our relationship with God, especially through prayer (Psalm 66: 18). The first requirement for any answered prayer is to live a holy life. A consecrated or holy life is a life set apart in holiness and fear of the Lord.

God made it clear in verse Isaiah 1: 15 that when you spread out your hands and pray with unconfessed sin in your life, He will hide His face and will not hear. This is simple and clear but many Christians think they can manipulate God. To experience open heaven in your life, the truth is that we must make up our minds to live a consecrated life in Christ. Repent of your sins today as you confess them and experience open heavens in your prayers.

2. We should praise God.

Praise is a great mystery in the kingdom no one can fully understand or explain how it works. One certain thing is that the power of praise has no limitation. Praise is the only thing that works. If you are fervent in prayer and not in praise, I can assure you that you have missed and you are still missing a lot. When you know how to praise, you are ready to be raised.

Anytime you are praising God with the integrity of your heart, you are automatically attracting God’s attention to you. Do you notice that, when you sing for even a baby, the baby immediately starts looking for where the music is coming from?

The praise of God in our mouths and the word of God in our hands as we pray will provoke a great victory over all issues according to the scripture read. Have prayed without answers? Cultivate the habit of praise today and your prayers shall be answered. All great men of God I have read about are addicted to praise.

3. We should have strong faith.

Another secret to an answered prayer is faith. Just as praise is a mystery, faith is also a mystery that no one fully explains how and why it works. Without faith, it is clear that is impossible to please God or receive anything from Him. Remember Jesus was unable to do much in His town because of their lack of faith. Jesus emphasized in Mathew 21: 22 that if you believe; you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.

Faith is having confidence and assurance that you have prayed for or praying for that will come to pass even though you are not yet seeing the result. The fact that your answers are not instantaneous does not mean God is not doing something. To enjoy answered prayer, the place of faith is not negotiable.

4. We should demand our needs.

Another important prerequisite for an answered prayer is demand. A demand that will neither get discouraged nor tired of asking is what we talking about. Looking at the Parent-Children relationship among men, one will observe that children are very good at using this means to get their desires from their parents.

Children will not stop demanding or at times crying until they receive appropriate attention and answer. If children can get what they want from their earthly parents through demand, then we can be sure the same principle will work between God and His children.

Jesus affirmed this with the parable of a desperate man in the scripture read today. Jesus made it clear in Luke 11: 8 that, though the friend will not want to rise and give him his demand, because he is his friend, yet because of his demand, he will rise and give him as many as he needs.

Beloved, persistence is a significant tool for answered prayer. Never getting tired is the rule. Men ought to always pray and not faint. Quitters never win and winners never quit. It is well with you.

5. We should exercise patience.

A popular Nigerian gospel musician, Evangelist Niyi Adedokun narrated a short story in one of the cassettes entitled “Ore mi mase kanji” (Do not be in haste, my friend). This story is all about a very popular family who struggled so much for survival.

The family had an only son named “Iforoti” (Endurance). The boy traveled to a strange land to work and God blessed him greatly; this was a time when there was no telecommunication. The boy came back home after many years with money.

He slept in his parent’s house as a stranger according to the king’s directive. The parent killed their son overnight, because of the money he was carrying, thinking he was an ordinary visitor. That was how they destroyed their own life.

Any man who will walk with God successfully must inculcate patience in all his dealings. At times, God allows various tests of faith to try our faith and patience. The kinds of Christians we have today are “sharp-sharp” Christians. Everything must come quickly.

No wonder the working of God’s power is becoming so scanty in our generation. Any worship going beyond two hours has become a problem for the members. Our prayer time with God is reducing every day, “two hours is too much to pray”, etc. To get the best of God, God needs the best of your patience. Have a blessed day.


God requires and desires that we should always sanctify ourselves and remain Holy all the time, actually, that is the basic principle all Christians and those who are of Christ Jesus should imbibe.

The five secrets of answered prayers we have prayed are very workable if we can practice them correctly. Let us try to be holy and consecrate our life; let us praise God; let us have faith; we should not stop demanding our needs and must be eagerly patient.