The chorister anniversary has been very inspirational and powerfully blessing people for a very long time. The reason is that the day has been the day of joy in the lives of the choir that wants to celebrate another song’s service or song’s anniversary. The preparation will be wonderful as they will be preparing new and inspiring song renditions to present to the members of the church to bless all. The rehearsals upon rehearsals till the time. The same applies to the Halleluyah Voices of Halleluyah Baptist Church, Agbaje-Ijokodo, Ibadan. The choir normally does the anniversary every year in which new songs will be composed and collated to bless the church. 24th of September, 2023 was another day that God had made. They came up into the limelight in the church that day to bless the church members. After the Sunday school, the song anniversary started as the officiating ministers were proceeding to the altar to minister. We shall consider how the service went on that very day.

As we proceed to the altar

To the altar: One of the leaders of the choir led the hymn as the officiating ministers proceeded to the altar. The presentation of the song prepared the hearts of the church members for the glorification of the day. It prepared the members for joy and jubilation.

In a call to worship: The choir leader in the person of Bro Biodun Osintona led the church to a Call-to-worship reading. He led the church members as he read from Psalm 136. We read the bible responsively. The blessings of this section cannot be overemphasized.

We gather to worship

In singing praises: The wonderful and inspirational praises were led by Praise Olaniba. Praise Olaniba was one of the choirs of Halleluyah Baptist Church, Agbaje-Ijokodo, Ibadan.  She led the church to the heavenly realm in the praises.  The church followed the leading of the Lord and was blessed.

In prayer of thanksgiving: The prayer of thanksgiving was said fervently by Mrs. V.O Ajibade. The prayer opened the services and everyone was filled with the spirit of God through the ministration.

Through congregational hymn: Lady Evang. Kemi Adetunji led the church congregational hymn, the first hymn 632. The church members sang and gave glory to God.

We appreciate God’s benevolence

In greeting and recognition: Victoria Obadara gloriously led the section in which the church members were warmly greeted themselves. She called for first timers. The church welcomed the first-timers to the church in songs. As we showed our warm greetings to one another, the spirit of the Lord descended on each of the church members.

Through announcements and notices: The assistance of the church secretary, Brother James Adedokun, made the announcements and notices we had. He greeted the church members at another Halleluyah Voices anniversary for the year 2023. The assistant secretary clearly announced all the programs ahead to be prayed on and put into action.

Through pastoral prayer: The church pastor, Rev. Peter Niyi Ajibade, led the church into prayers. He led the church into prayers in songs led by Evangelist Kemi Adetunji.

Through music ministration I: The Halleluyah Voices choir started their renditions one after the other. The church followed the inspirations of the aids and entered into joy. The collection of song ministrations blessed the church members. We gave glory to God almighty.

We are hearing the voice of God

In Bible reading: this is the time to read the scripture and praise Olaniba read from the book 1 Samuel 20: 1-17. The Bible verses point us to how to maintain a relationship with one another. without a relationship, no one can see God. The church members were blessed through the Bible reading.

Through his servant: The servant of God, Rev. Niyi Ajibade started the message for the day and entitled his sermon “Building a Robust Relationship”. He went deeply into the Book of 1 Samuel 20: 1-17 Praise Olaniba read the verses earlier. The message was the continuation of the same topic treated. The church members have led the teaching of the Bible to have a true but not fake relationship with one another. That was the basis of our faith. Also, by the relationship, progress in the church would be feasible, and being a Christian would be practicable.

Through music ministration II: Halleluyah Voices presented their second renditions. The renditions were inspirational and attracted the church members into joy, jubilation, and cheers. The selection of the songs teaches reproofs, gives thanks, prays, corrects, saves, and heals.

We respond to the love of God

Through hymn of commitment: This hymn came after the message to commit or rededicate our lives to God. The choir mistress led the church members to another hymn from YBH 277. The church followed the leader and sang the hymn.

With our tithes: This is the time for giving God the tithes. The pastor called those who had paid the tithes to the altar for prayers of blessings. The members who had paid the tithes stepped forward and the pastor prayed for them and they dropped their tithes.

With our offerings: This is the time for offerings.  Toluwalase Popoola led the church members by encouraging them to bring their offerings to God and praying over them. The church members did as she directed. The choir led the church offering songs and the church members dropped their offerings with songs and joy from their hearts.

September birthday and wedding Thanksgiving: Bro. Biodun Osintona, the choir leader, led the celebrants of the day into dances and joy. The celebrants were ushered forward with joy of hearts and donated the amount of money they brought for the church.

Through testimony in songs: Testimony in songs is to give glory to God for what He has done in their lives. During this time, testifiers will come to the altar to give glory to God. DNS Ayobami Adelakun lest the church members to the altar to share their testimonies in song to give glory to God.

General thanksgiving: General thanksgiving is to usher all the members to dance and sing to the Lord, and give offerings to God. Lady Evangelist Adetunji led this section and all church members sang, danced, and gave offerings to the Lord.

Praying on our prayer requests: We pray on our prayer requests every Sunday to remind God of the requests the church members have written to him. Rev Niyi Ajibade, the church pastor, led this section while the members of the church prayed seriously on their prayer requests.

We disperse with a commitment to do his will

Appreciation/Vote of Thanks: If something is done successfully, there should be appreciation. The appreciation came from the choir led by the music leader, in the person of Bro Biodun Osintona. The Music leader appreciated the church as they allowed them to observe their anniversary this year and to use their talents for God in the church.

With prayer, conference, and benediction: This is the time for closing. The pastor, Rev., Niyi Ajibade, led the closing prayers and benediction. The members of the church earnestly responded to the prayers and concluded with benedictions.

In recessional hymn: This hymn was sung when the officiating ministers are stepping out of the pulpit and choir rows. The hymn was led by Lady Evangelist Kemi Adetunji. The church members were in recession out of the officiating for the closing prayers.