As soon as Mr H was appointed as finance minister, some big people in his country began to approach him with the aim of siphoning the country’s money.  Mr H. refused because of his faith. The enemies plotted his removal from office through false accusations. Mr H. told his pastor about the situation, and they prayed together. He was vindicated because he was God’s elect.

God’s amazing grace will quench any fire that attempts to attack his own people. Some kings had connived together, and conspired against the king of Judah. Because of this, Ahab, the king of Judah, was afraid. Then, God sent prophet Isaiah to give him words of comfort and assurance of safety. In fact, God told him that the country of his conspirators would cease to exist. What a mighty God we serve!

Are you going through persecution, opposition or difficulty? Hear the word of the Lord today: they would be no more! They would perish as rubbles. They would dissipate into air. Do not be afraid. Do not be dismayed, for God is your God. Read the story of a man whose God’s grace was sufficient for.

The day finally came. The day I saw to be executed over a crime. Waiting on the death row had been so torturous. Tell what time it was-as clocks were not allowed in our dingy cells. That would be too much of a luxury-but new the guards would soon arrive to give me my last bath and of course, whenever I wanted to eat. While waiting, I decided to take out time to imagine where I would have been ifl had taken a different path in life.

My live had been a very rough one. I will not blame it on poverty or my parent’s divorce, because my mother did everything humanly possible to raise me as a good kid. She made sure I lacked nothing, took me to church when she could, and put me in the best schools in town. How then did Iend up on a death row? You may ask. Well, I guess I was just drawn to wickedness. I started out as a bully. You see, I have this intimidating stature. I was strong and well-built even as a child. Hence, I took to beating up other children just for the fun o fit.

I dropped out of high school because I beat to a female teacher who dared to challenge me for maltreating another student. My mom was utterly heartbroken at the news of my expulsion, but I couldn’t care less. I joined a gang of boys who groomed me to become a crack dealer. At twenty-five I was already drug lord, having my own cartel of drug dealers. Assassinating people was also a pastime form .Big-shot politicians and businesspersons would pay me to get rid of their opponents, and I would gladly do it for the money and for the dark pleasure of taking life.

“Now it’s my turn to die”, I said to myself. That morning, I didn’t know what to fee. I knew I deserved death. I had accepted my fate, and I didn’t want to keep living anyway. The memories of the souls I had taken kept hunting me day and night. I kept seeing their faces, and hearing their pleas to spare their lives. Tell you what, it was hell. I’ve had different ministers of the Gospel preaching to me, but I ignorantly believed that God wouldn’t forgive a hardened criminal and murderer like me. After all I’ve done, what could I possibly do to earn God’s forgiveness. So, I always waved the though to  repentance aside.

While reflecting on my life that morning, I was moved by some strange feelings. I decided to try something, and for the first time in a very long time, I prayed! It wasn’t anything fancy; I just prayed. I said, “Dear God, I am not going to .ask you to stop this execution because I deserve it.1saw this coming. I have been a fool to live my life as if I wasn’t accountable to you or anyone. Please, I ask you to forgive me for the way I’d lived my life. Forgive me for the people I’ve hurt, the lives I’ve ruined and those I’ve taken. Please, accept me in your kingdom, in Jesus’ name I pray.”

What hapened next was incredible. I feIt like a heavy load had been taken off me. I couldn’t explain why or how teas came; they just came unbidden. I guess the tears were those of relief and joy mixed together to express a feeling. I felt saved, and it was wonderful!

I was cheerfully singing an old hymn when the guards arrived. Although they were surprised to see my cheerful disposition, they kept their distance, watching and trying to figure out what was happening with me. Suddenly, a man rushed in.

“Clayton Madison!”he shouted my name breathlessly.

I stood up from my bunk bed and replied, “Who wants to


The man introduced himself as Thomas Field, the new head of the prison guards, and said to me, congratulations! The warder sent me to give this piece of good news. You have been listed among the prisoners to receive presidential pardon. You and nineteen other inmates will meet with the secretary of states for a press conference this morning. “Turning to the guards, he instructed them to arrange a bath for me and the other lucky prisoners, and make clean clothes available for us to change. I just stood there dumbfounded. I was sure there must have been a mistake somewhere, and they might probably realize it in no time.

That week I was released from prison. It was like a dream. I couldn’t fathom what really happened then, but now I can tell what it was. It was grace at work -God’s unmerited favour towards me. I was meant to be executed that morning, but by God’s amazing grace, I’m alive today, sharing testimony with you.

You see, sometimes we tend to undermine the grace of God. We say, “Well, you can be forgiven of common sins like lying and stealing but not grievous ones like dealing drugs and homicides.”Beloved, if God can forgive one sin, He can forgive all sins no matter their nature and gravity. Whoever you are or whatever you have done, just confess your sins, plead for His forgiveness, repent of those sins, and He will save you as He saved me, “for by grace are ye saved through faith, and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God” (Ephesians 2:8)

God’s grace is incredible and unquantifiable. Just like the Israelites, God wants to restore us too. It does not matter how  bad your life has become due to sin. It does not matter how crashed, sorrowful, and pained you have become, and how far you have separated from God. God promises a fresh beginning if only you are ready to return to Him. Do not procrastinate.  Take the necessary action and you will be restored.

We all went astray but God sacrificed Jesus for remission of our sins. . Have you received Him? Receive Christ’s love today! He who believes Him will never perish but have eternal life. If you have believed, rejoice, for you have His life, and now your glorious end is guaranteed.