Advancement or enlargement is what Jabez cried for when he discovered that his life was not to write about. But he knew that the only solution is to cry to God (2 Chronicles 4: 10). God has a plan for us and His plan is for a better place (Jeremiah 28: 11). But many things always deprive us of these good entitlements. We have discussed them one after the other. Read with concentration and allow the Holy Spirit to minister to you.

God is the source of all

God is the source of everything. All Christ must be aware of this. When we are rich; it is God. When we achieve one tin or the other; it is God. It is God that gives the power to be wealthy. If we see God as everything to us, what should we do?

Be strong: We have to be strong and courageous in the Lord. We have to put away any abominations or idols and renew our altar with the Lord. Forget about the grievances with other people (2 Chronicles 15: 8). God is there for you to strengthen you.

Get ready: Be ready to do new things to get new results because He is our source of success. Do not stop helping others no matter how small it is. Be prepared to take a risky step that will bring about huge profits (2 Chronicles 15: 9).

Wait for God: Wait for God’s plan. God was pleased with the steps and planned favor and mercy for them. He has made himself available to show mercy. He is at work for your turn. Wait for Him.

The word of God

The word of God is the principal thing that every Christian must have a deeper knowledge of it. The Christian without the knowledge of the word of God or shallow knowledge of the word of God is like the warrior without a guard in battle. The world of God is the weapon, curriculum, and constitution of Christians.

Steps to the Word of God

Read the word of God: Every Christ is expected to read the Bible at least once a day. When you read the word of God, you meet God afresh. You will receive God in a new way and receive new inspiration.

Obey the word of God: Reading the word of God only is not enough but obeying what the Bible commands or says. When you obey the word of God, you keep the word of God. When you keep the word of God, you do the will of God and you will flee sins (Joshua 1: 8).

Do the word of God: Doing the word of God is keeping His commandments. When you keep God’s commandments, you will be far from iniquities and draw near God day by day. (Deuteronomy 5). Curses are on those who do not do the will of God (Deuteronomy 28).

Facts about the Word of God

A step on the word of God determines the event or blessing that will follow: After you have studied the word of God, God will reveal certain things to you through His word. It is left to you to take a bold step so that what He says to you can be accomplished (2 Corinthians 15: 1-7).

Reading the word of God is in vain without doing what is supposed to do: If you read the Bible without putting every line into practice, it cannot work. What you read will be like you read a novel or a story. Take for instance, if you buy a car and you do not move it, the car will be in a spot for a very long time (John 13: 17).

Relationships with God

Relationship with God is very essential in the progress of many people. Without a relationship, the movement of people will deteriorate because God is the source of everything. Relationship with God is to have an altar or renew our altar with God. We should put away abominable idols (11 Chronicles 15: 7-9)

3 types of relationship with God (altars)

Personal altar: Personal altar is the altar you build between you and God such as your quiet time and how you meet God. This is where you always meet God, talk to Him, and solve personal issues.

Family altar: The family altar is the altar of the family where your family members and God meet. The altar is to table the issues concerning the family.

Congregational altar: A congregational altar is an altar between the church and God. The altar is built in the church and consecrated to God. This is where ministers and elders of the church release the minds of God to the pews.

What relationship with God requires

Choose and decide to do His will: Your relationship with God will make you do His will. If you will have a relationship with God, you will do His will (Acts 21: 14).

Deviate from what God hates: If you have a true relationship with God, you will abstain from what God dislikes and the people of the world (Psalm 1).

Choose to live a life God likes: If you will have a true relationship with God, you will live a holy life and obey his commandments. You will run away from evil and renew your altar with God (Psalm 24; Leviticus 11: 45; 1 Peter 1: 15)

Choose to live humbly: If you will have a true relationship with God, you will live with humility. Humble behaviors will draw you to God always (Mathew 18: 4; James 4: 6).

If you have a better relationship with God, you will pray fervently. During the prayers, you will experience new life and enlargement (2 Chronicles 4: 10), protection and security (Psalm 91, 8), and more.

For those who want to experience the wonder of God must learn how to do what God says. Take, for instance, the wedding in Cana. The previous wine finished and Jesus was there. The mother of Jesus to him and discussed the matter. Then, Jesus asked them to fill all pots with water. They did it. The water in all pots was turned into better wine (Luke 5: 4). Also, check the faith of Peter in Luke 5: 4.

4 Decisions That Will Bring Enlargement/Advancement

Soul winning: The primary objective of why we are in the world is to win souls and to have an impact on others. Any other things are secondary. How many souls have you won? If you can win souls for Christ or win more this year, God will enlarge your coasts (2 Corinthians 9: 1-10).

Financial contributions: Your money can do the work of God. Contribute to the work of God in the churches generously and cheerfully, give to the needy, and help the orphans and those who are suffering from financial constraints (2 Corinthians 9: 11-15). If you can use your resources to expand the kingdom of God, God will enlarge your coasts.

Abstinence from immorality: Do away with sins and immorality. Abstain from sexual immorality, lust, prostitution, sex jobs, theft, stealing, masturbation, homosexuals, lesbianism, and the like (Galatians 5: 19-21). If you are ready to flee from the iniquities, God will enlarge your coasts.

Seeking God more: Seek more God this time. The mind of God is for His people to seek more. That is the way Jesus said that we should seek the kingdom of God first and His righteousness; all other things will be added to it (Amos 5: 4; Mathew 6: 33).


God wants us to succeed in life. He has a plan for us and promises us that He will fulfill His promises with us. But any things can make us derail or hinder us from getting what God has promised. Reading this article and expediting actions will help to accomplish our God-given destinies.