The Girls’ Auxiliary (GA) work started with Mrs. Carson who gathered together girls who were too old for Sunbeam Band. She taught them Bible stories and made them dramatize them. The girls in this group were called Girls Association which was later called Girls’ Auxiliary. In 1925, the Girls’ Auxiliary was recognized as part of the Baptist Women’s Missionary Union(BWMU), and Forward Steps was introduced by Mrs. Patterson in 1940.

The Forward Step consists of seven different structured discipleship lessons aimed at leading these girls to the Lord Jesus Christ by teaching them how to maintain their relationship with Him. It also guides them to live a chaste life. Included in this Forward Step are different means of reaching out to people of different age groups and most importantly growing in their knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. All activities in the Girls’ Auxiliary group are linked with five GA star Ideals:

  • Acknowledging my stewardship of time, money, and personality (Giving)
  • Adorning myself with Good works (Personal Service),
  • Accepting the challenge of the Great Commission (Mission Study).

This book as its name implies, is a guide to each Girls’ Auxiliary Organization and members in their meetings, writing forward step notes, and operations as an Organization. It contains every detail of what a GA should know: the Allegiance, Hymn, Watchword, Color, and Emblem.

Each GA is expected to be groomed in each of the Forward Steps before moving to the next. Faithfulness is required of every member to be able to benefit well from this discipleship program. A girl of around 14 years who is just joining the Girls’ Auxiliary will still start from the level of a maiden but could be allowed to do the first three steps within a year or 2years if she can cope. Once she reaches the level of a Queen, she must do a step a year. The counselor must thoroughly supervise this special arrangement of an over-age girl, knowing that it is not about how much but how well. Doing GA Forward Steps is not a ‘rat race’, but disciplining the soul of a girl.

It is also good for all GA leaders-Counselors and Directors at all levels to follow this guide thoroughly and live as models to improve the lives of the girls we are leading. Part of this requires being at the weekly meetings with girls and guiding them to write the Forward Stcp note. Do not write for them. Allow only qualified GAs to be recognized or coroneted as the case may be. Girls’ Auxiliary is between ages 10 and 16. They are due for promotion at the age of 17 years. Girls of 17 years and above whether they have completed the GA Forward Steps or not should be promoted to the Lydia Auxiliary in the Church. If they are the first set of Lydia in that church, the Lydia auxiliary of the Church can begin with them.

Olaide Ogunleye

Convention G.A. Director

Theme for the Year

As the theme of this year talks about love and unity, we shall look at this article on what God is expecting from us.  The Bible says, Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the Lord your God is giving you (Exodus 20:12). Do well to honor them.

Expansion of God’s kingdom: Your sincere love will bring people into the Kingdom of God. When you love your classmates, neighbors, and people who come across you, you are spreading the love of God. It will be easier for you to reach the people you love. Peace and Unity: Genuine love leads to peace and unity. You will be able to live amicably with others and they will also be at peace with you. You will also have peace of mind and not live in fear.

Happiness: You will always feel happy and excited. Pure love may not be visible but can be felt. No one claims to love God without showing love to those around (1 John 4:20). She who does not show love does not know God because God is love and holy. Pure love emanates from God; it is patient, peaceful, and prosperous. Show pure love.

Order of Service

This falls in line as Halleluyah Baptist Church joined its members throughout the nation to celebrate the Girl’s Auxiliary (GA) coronation this year.

The report of Girl’s Auxiliary (GA) services at Halleluyah Baptist Church, Agbaje-Ijokodo, Ibadan happened on the 19th of November, 2023. The coronation was a fantastic one and made the day a glorious Sunday in the Church. The reporting summary of the order of their services is as follows:

We assemble to worship God

We proceed to the altar by hymn: Praise Olaniba used to be the Queen of the day and a good chorister of the church led the church into the altar with the “Sweet” GA anthem. She wonderfully led the anthem of GA and the entire member of the church key into Olaniba Praise’s ministrations.

In a call to worship: Mrs. V.O. Ajibade, the Mrs Pastor, calls the church members into worship concerning Almighty God. The section is very inspirational and effective.

We are gathered to worship

In singing praises: Two GA ministers, namely OladipupoTaiwo and Obadara Victoria. They led the church members to inspiring praises in worshipping God. The church members and worshippers in the day were engrossed with God in the worshipping realm.

In the prayer of thanksgiving: Mrs BisiOladipupo led the prayer of thanksgiving. The prayer of thanksgiving is to appreciate God for all that He was, He has been and He is. The woman prayed for God’s goodness and mercies over our lives.

Through the congregational hymn: Praise Olaniba led the church to the hymn of the day. The church members were blessed and happy.

We appreciate God’s benevolence

In greetings and recognitions: One of the members of the Girl’s Auxiliary (GA), TaiwoMobolaji led the church to the greetings as well as recognitions. We warmly exchanged greetings and happily recognized one another.

Through announcement and notices: The GA secretary, Hanna Falohun, gave the announcements of what the church had to know about and the actions and activities we should take note for actions in the church. The secretary also notified us of other areas of the church activities in the church.

Through pastoral prayer: The pastor, Rev. Peter Ajibade, led the church into a powerful prayer section. The man of God prayed for the GA members for the beautiful day they had that day. He continued that God would give them the grace and power to go forward and be God’s ambassadors wherever they found themselves. The pastor also prayed for all the members of the church for progress in all our endeavors. We were all blessed.

We are hearing the voice of God

In bible reading: Another GA member, Tope Alabi, read from Exodus 1: 16: 17 where the theme for GA this year was extracted. Tope Alabi read and the church members were in one mind following her while reading.

Choir special songs: God’s Heritage Choir (GHC) ministered in songs that day. The choir sang to minister in appreciation to God almighty for His goodness and compassion over all the members of the church. We were blessed.

GA program: The wonderful GA counselor, Mrs. RemiAriori, showed her appreciation to God, the pastor, the GA Director, the EBA GA counselor, the leaders of the church, and all members for support and advice. She continued to explain the reason why were there that Sunday. The program activities were briefly explained while handing over to the director. The Director begins coordinating the program as follows: She called the GA members step by step for ministrations.

After the ministrations of these three members, other members of the GA ushered in inspiring ministrations until they to step 5. We shall show you two sets of two members here as they ministered to the church as follows:

This is the turn of the queen about to join Lydia. After she has completed all her steps, She has graduated into Lydia. Let us hear from her as she was ushered in for her ministration. She was ushered in with a massive populace of church members as an honor for her. The church members were very happy as the choir inspired the members of the church with beautiful renditions.  Let us watch here.

Through His servant: Mrs V.O. Ajibade gave the message using the theme recommended by the Nigerian Convention. The theme for this year is “Empowered by Love and Oneness”. The servant of God started from the bible read: Exodus 1: 17-19. We learned about how elderly women were chosen to save Moses when Herod wanted to kill him. The servant of God made us understand that living in love and unity were things God was expecting from us. These elderly women portrayed certain Godly attributes.  The attributes are as follows:

  • Blessings to progress
  • Fear of God
  • Unity
  • Fulfillment
  • Motherly role
  • Enemies will penetrate

The church members were advised to love our neighbors, friends, and even those who think they are our enemies. By doing this, we can save lives. Also, the progress will not be far from us.

We respond to the love of God

With our tithes: The pastor called the tithers forward for blessings. The tithers moved forward to the altar for blessing prayer declarations.

With our offerings: Another GA member, ToluwalasePopoola led the church members to give to the Lord from what they have been given. The different offerings to the Lord and personal donations to the Lord will be given.

Special Prayer for GA: The Pastor prayed for all the members of GA. The members were moved forward to the altar for the special prophetic prayers; the prayers to move forward, to do more exploits, to make an impact, and to excel.

Prayer on our requests: The pastor prayed over the prayer requests we wrote to God at the beginning of the year. The requests were tabled before God with humble minds and reverences.

We disperse with a commitment to do His word

With prayer, confession, and benediction: The pastor blessed the church with closing prayer. The church then uttered the confession and the benediction was done by the pastor.

In recessional hymn: One of the members of the choir led the recessional hymn while offering for GA was being collected. The choir led the hymn EBH 346/YBH 435. The officiating ministers were in order out to have a prayer. The officiating ministers prayed at the rest room and they dispersed for the next thing.