Faith is the pillar of hope which is always seen as the expectation of what has not been received. Through faith, nothing is impossible. The Bible even records that faith can move a mountain (Mathew 17: 20). The following are 23 Bible verse resources about faith.

1. Faith speeds up prayers.

If you have faith and believe in your prayers, God will answer your prayers speedily. The responses will be active and effective. You will not be left alone. Have strong faith in the Lord; your prayers will be answered. Read Mathew 21: 22.

2. Faith brings hope.

Hope is an expectation of what has not happened but we believe that it will happen. It is the faith that can do this. If you have faith, it will give you hope because faith will give assurance of hope  Let’s build our faith that what we trust God for will be done, such as children, husband, wife, houses, cars, etc. Read Hebrews 11: 6; Romans 15: 13.

3. Faith makes impossibility possible.

Believe that nothing is impossible for God. God can make impossibilities of your life possible. Therefore, believe Him. Have you been nursing sicknesses and diseases for a very long time or facing marital failure for years, just believe. All these will be possible! Read Luke 1: 37.

4. Faith saves.

Our salvation is not behind faith. We are saved through faith. It is not by our power, works, and wisdom we are saved but because it is the gifts of GOD. Therefore, nobody should glorify himself/herself for that. Read Ephesians 2: 8-9; Psalm 46: 10.

5. Trust in the Lord

What are you going through? What is the bitter experience?  Trust God with all your hearts, He will make things straight for you. Do not lean on your understanding. Always acknowledge Him and everything will be put right in the end. Read Proverbs 3: 5-6; Mathew 21: 21-22; Psalm 46: 10.

6. Faith that pleases God

If one will please God, one must have faith. It is not possible to please God without faith.  Let us draw near to God to believe in his existence because He rewards those who seek Him. Make sure that you please God always, for those who please He will not regret doing so. Read Hebrews 11: 1.

7. Faith makes things done quickly.

Have you ever heard that faith can move the mountain? If you believe in what you are doing or want to do, things will be rightly done. You should do away with doubt because it delays things. Whatever you ask by faith shall be given to you. Just ask and believe that you have received it. Read Mark 11: 22- 24; Mathew 29: 31; Mark 17: 20; Mathew 21: 21.

8. Faith in God is the best.

Only faith in God is the best. The faith you need to have in God is to believe in Him and that He is One. Nobody can replace Him. He is the provider, protector, savior, comforter, etc. Read James 2: 19.

9. Seek faith.

Faith is the principal thing. That is the reason you should seek faith. The person who does not have faith will miss a lot because faith cancels doubt which is a delay to greatness. A doubtful person cannot receive from God. Always apply faith. Read James 1: 5- 8.

10. Lived by faith

Every time, Christ lives by faith because we have been crucified with Christ. Since then, we are no longer what we are. Christ has been living in us. We live by faith (Jesus Christ) who loved us and gave himself to us. We are now different in Christ Jesus. Read Galatians 2: 20; Romans 1: 17; Habakkuk 2: 4.

11. Keep the faith.

God is expecting us to keep our faith. We should always fight a good fight because this world is full of many things that may not make us succeed spiritually and physically. We Christians are running races that we have not finished. We must keep trying and not relent until we finish. Read 2 Timothy 4: 7.

12. Through faith

Christians can overcome the world by faith. Many of the heroes overcame the world and succeeded by faith. If you have faith, you can get all that you want such as houses, admission to schools, the fruit of the womb, children, cars, visas, and so on. You can still have victory over your afflictions, poverty, lukewarmness, failure, etc. Strong faith can do this for you. Read Romans 12: 3; 1 John 5: 4; Hebrews 11: 7.

13. Free by Faith

Every Christian is justified by faith. It is not by our work and our activities we are the son of God. It is by faith. Many people think that whether it is because of their activities or donations or the bible verses they memorize. No! They are not but by faith. Therefore, we are free by faith indeed!  Read Galatians 2: 16.

14. Shield of faith

The shield of faith extinguishes the flaming dart of the evils. When you are covered with the shield of faith, the devil and evil one will not have any course in your life. Every Christian needs it for protection, security, provision and to overcome the devil. Read Ephesians 6: 16.

15. Believe.

Every Christian should believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God. Or else you will die in your sins. Jesus surrendered himself for our sins so that we should be vindicated from our sins. But if we do not believe him as the son of God, we shall die in our sins. It is he who wiped away our sins. Read John 8: 24.

16. Faith restores/recovers.

One of the robust ministerial works of Jesus is healing. Jesus restores and recovers many people from their infirmities. By faith in Jesus Christ and the name of Jesus, all that concerns you will be restored and recovered in the name of Jesus. All that you need is to believe in the birth, death, burial, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus Christ. Read Mark 10: 52.

17. Stand firm in the faith.

As Christians, do not let your faith be shaken, be strong in the Lord.  Let your faith be stronger than before in Jesus Christ. Always be vigilant and stand firm in faith. The more you have faith, the stronger you become in the Lord. Read 1 Corinthiansn16: 13; Romans 4: 20-21.

18. Faith brings hope and peace.

Faith brings hope and peace. Believe in God and Jesus Christ and it shall be well with you. God has never failed and he will never fail you. Your expectations of good things will come quickly. Read Romans 15: 13.

19. Ask in faith.

Research showed that many prayers have not been answered because of lack of faith. The doubting prayers cannot be answered. God wants His people to ask in faith and from this, our requests will come true. Our prayers too will be answered quickly. Read James 1: 6.

20. Faith provides.

The interesting thing about faith is that it provides. When you pray for the provisions of food, drinks, children, wisdom, knowledge, understanding, cars, houses, careers, businesses, spiritual growth, visas, jobs, etc., pray with faith. All these things will be provided for you. Read John 6: 35. 

21. Faith ends thirst and famine.

As believers, build your faith in God and let it spread to every facet of your life. True and strong faith quenches thirst and famine. If you can believe, god will fill your belly with living waters. Read John 7: 38.

 22. Faith gives glory.

God promised the glory if you believe Him. If you believe that you can get a job, you will get a job, if you believe that you will give birth to children you will give birth to children, if you believe that you will succeed in all your efforts, you will. It is a matter and level of your faith; it will bring glory to you. Read John 11: 40.

23. Faith moves the mountain.

Jesus told his disciples that if they had faith like a mustard seed, they would tell the mountain to remove, and it would be so. There is no impossibility in the thing of faith. True and strong faith can remove any issue or storm in your life. Read Mathew 17: 20.


Search Bible verses about faith. After you have read and studied the word of God. Pray them and receive the wonder of God.