The truth is that God created man in His image with special parts in the body performing diverse functions (Genesis 1:27; Romans 12:4). He created us with hands performing functions of touch, lifting, eating, and drinking, amongst others. This means God has hands that are used for His purposes such as touching, fighting (1 Samuel 5:6), and granting favor. (Neh. 2:8) and lifting for His glory.

Brethren, everything about God is power, his hand and the touch show forth power unto wonders. The whole body of Christ is a great gift to the human race. If Jesus looks at anyone, there is power in His eyes. If He sits in any house, the house becomes the place of His power. Anywhere He stands becomecentre to encounter God’s power. God’s hand is the hand of authority, power, miracles/wonders, and blessings (Exodus 15:6; Mathew 19:13-15).

If you receive His touch or you touch Him with faith, great power from above will be released into your life or situation unto wonders. When God touches anything or anyone, it brings forth testimonies.

God can in any way touch His people for good. Divine touch means an encounter with the Most High for diverse answers and miracles. Jesus Christ touched the 10 lepers with

His spoken words unto healing (Luke 17:11), delivered the man with unclean spirit (Mark 1:23-24), opened blind eyes (Mark 10:51-52), and gave life to the dead (Mark 9:25-27). God is sovereign and He decides whichever ways He wants to perform his wonders. It might be wonders through somebody touching Him by faith such as the woman with the issue of blood (Mark 5:25- 26) or God touching someone unto miracles or wonders(Mark 8:22-25).

Brethren, this night God has decided to stretch out His mighty hand to touch you just at the point of your needs or challenges miracles. Expect by faith His touch upon your life as you tarry in His presence this night. May we all experience His divine touch for good tonight. He will surely touch you in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Divine touch: From immemorial, we have had people having Midas touch on an issue, project, or business. For example, if anyone dabbles into a business where someone has experienced constant failure but another person excels or succeeds, he/she will be called a”man with Midas touch.”

Who then is Midas and what is Midas touch? Midas is a king of Phrygia of ancient times. He consulted his spiritualists who needed a magic power that would turn whatever thing he touched into gold which he got. He touched a chair and it became gold, he touched a tree it became gold even his daughter and shebecame gold.

From there, people started using it as a phrase for anyone who touches any business that turns out to be successful as a man/woman with Midas touch… for a period and by a god (uncanny way to blessing). Now what we are focusing on is Divine touch…

From where is Divine Touch?

The word Divine is absolute to Almighty God, the Creator who was not created, the Author and Finisher of our life and faith, whose autobiography no one can write (Job 5:9; Gen.1:1.)

Divine touch is the touch of God that makes a difference matter who teaches you, no matter how you sing or pray until God touches you, you cannot be whole or be transformed. Divine touch is a touch of power and it is from God only.

What Divine Touch Can Do

In Genesis 30:27-30, Jacob opined that Laban’s businesses prospered greatly because of the divine touch on his life and this was also confirmed by Laban (vs.27). The Bible confirmed that the Lord made all that is in the house of Potiphar prospered all because of Joseph (Gen. 39:3). Divine touch is all-inclusive not peculiar to business alone. Divine touch leads to the following;

  • Healing-Luke 7:11-15; Mark 1:30-34;41-42. Any sick life experiences divine touch will receive complete and total healing
  • Deliverance of all kinds-Luke 7:15
  • His touch brings life-Mark 5:35-42; Luke 7:11-15.If there is a divine touch on life, there will be newness in life
  • Diverse miracles and unexplainable breakthroughs-Mark 7:32-37.If there is a divine torch on a business; there will be seasons of drought or loss
  • His touch comforts and put an end to mourning. (Luke 7:13)
  • Experience of glorification-When God’s hand touches anyone with power, it brings forth gory for individuals and much praise and glory unto God(Luke 7:16)
  • Divine fame- God’s hand is a hand of fame. When you experience divine touch, it leads to much fame for God and the individuals. (Luke 7:
  • Divine touch on a rejected individual makes him or her a celebrity
  • Divine touch brings abundance in a life of scarcity
  • Divine speed Kings 18:46 If there is a divine touch on a project, there will be speed to complete it. Divine touch on anyone brings speed unto fulfillment
  • Great and positive differences in all things and there should be a difference tonight in your life for good in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Who Then Can Be a Receiver of Divine Touch?

  • A desired mind to seek God always-Psalm 27:4
  • A mind that is resolute to love Always.&38-39
  • Child of God-Acts 2.39, Matt.15:27

Situations that need Divine touch?

  • Divine touch is needed in every sphere of our lives and can be perceived in several ways:
  • 32:24-26-Through divine touch issues can be resolved. The problem and rift between Jacob and Esau were settled due to the divine touch of God. Instead of Esaudestroying Jacob, he welcomed him, because Jacob had earlier been touched by God. Today by the divine touch of God, all unpleasant issues, problems, court cases, and marital issues shall receive divine touch and be resolved in Jesus’ name.
  • Exodus 18:19. Divine touch provokes deliverance from bondage.
  • The Egyptians confessed…”This is the finger of God” and the Israelites were delivered. The mighty hand of God shall deliver you from tormentors and bondage that held you hostage, your joy and freedom in Jesus’name-Isaiah 14:3-5.
  • 5:25-26.12 Years of suffering,12 years of neglect, 12 years of loneliness,12 years of torment, 12 years of financial wastage,12 years of hopelessness, and 12 years of disappointment were resolved by a divine appointment and touch.
  • No matter the years, yours shall be made possible today in Jesus’ name. That supernatural hand of God shall perform it and put an end to every form of disappointment in your life in Jesus’ name. Just believe!
  • The 1:40-41 leper was cleansed by a divine touch from his Creator. Tonight whatever thing or sickness or plague that has separated your life and destiny from others shall be resolved today In Jesus’ name. As God touches you tonight, all forms of reproach will end in your life in Jesus’ name. There shall be no reproach again.Covid-19(Coronavirus), we tagged you as a sign of leprosy and plague in Nigeria and the world at large, by the divine touch of God, we receive healing and you are found no more in Jesus’ name.
  • 7:13-15-From this passage a widow’s plight, a dead boy; professional town criers’ tears, and sympathizers’ plight were all attended to by a touch from Christ Jesus…If you believe it will be made possible today. You will have your testimonies in Jesus’ name.
  • Brethren, you can pray for His touch tonight (Mark 8:22;5:35-43; Luke 4:38-39), touch Him by faith on any issue either through praise, giving, service to God (Mark 6:55-56; Hebrews11:6) and with His mercy you will experience His divine touch(Romans 9:15-16).

Rev’d Dr. I, O. Akano