LIE 1: God rescued Jesus from dying on the cross, Jesus was too holy to die on the cross for the world. So, neither did He die nor resurrect.

TRUTH 1:Jesus truly died on the cross. He died so that all who believe in His death could live: John 3:16,1 John 2:18,22;4:3;2 John 1:7.The death of Christ on the cross was deliberately designed by God to meet the need of all human beings for atonement.

LIE 2:Jesus did not shed his blood on Calvary for the remission of sin.

TRUTH 2 God deliberately allowed the death of Jesus Christ, so that His holy blood, shed on the cross can serve as a sacrifice to remit the sins of whoever believes. This is the major difference between Christianity and all other religions. No other religion has a holy leader who died and shed such holy blood that can remit the sins of those who believe in them. Only Jesus can forgive the sins of His followers. Meanwhile, no good works from any human are good enough to qualify anyone for heaven, except those that are washed by the blood. Jesus is a believer’s scholarship and a ticket to heaven.Romans3:24-25,Eph 2:13-16.

LIE 3 The Holy Spirit that came at Pentecost is not accessible to you, so you don’t necessarily need the Holy Spirit in you before you gain eternal life in heaven with Jesus.

TRUTH 3 The Holy Spirit is available to all who diligently seek Him, and open their heart to Him. This is another distinctive feature of Christianity. There are many spirits in the world, but only the Holy Spirit is of God’s holy nature, and those who go to heaven must be filled and led by Him. John 3:5-6.

LIE 4: Human beings are good enough. You do not need to be born again before you can gain the Kingdom of God and make heaven.

TRUTH 4 Natural human beings are depraved and lost to the work of the flesh. Since the first man, Adam, and his wife, Eve, fell, human beings in their natural make-up became depraved and unfit for heaven. This is why anyone who is not saved by Jesus, and whose human nature is not removed and uprooted by the Lord through the work of His blood on the Cross cannot have the nature of Christ, which makes one fit for heaven. Church attendance, ministry works, and religiosity cannot kill the flesh. Only Christ through the mystery of His death on the cross uproot sin and make us new creatures. Therefore, every human being needs two births. The first is biological birth which is your natural birthday. The second is your supernatural spiritual re-birth, which is called being born again. Unless you are born again by the Holy Spirit of God you cannot make heaven.John3:3-7.

LIE 5: You can be an active sinner, mocking the Lord, repenting lips alone; and still be a Christian in whom Christ dwells because even though you are now a Christian you cannot stop sinning.

TRUTH 5:Unrepentant sinners will end up in hell fire so you need to repent of all your sins promptly and move forward inrighteousness-1 John 1:7-9; Prov.14:9;1 John 3:8-10;1 Cor.5:6-8;Rom.8:1-17

LIE 6: If you die as a sinner you will not be totally separated from God and suffer in hell forever; rather your soul will only be annihilated and you won’t have to live and suffer forever.

TRUTH 6 The soul does not die. Death is only a transition to an eternal state of being in heaven or hell-

LIE 7; Hell is just the grave, not an eternal place of unceasing

TRUTH 7: Hell is not a fiction, but a tangible place of eternal torment: Rev.20:15.

LIE 8: You will be given a second chance to repent after your death.

TRUTH 8 After death there is judgment. No second chance, repent and give your life to Jesus now: Rev.20:12-15,1 Cor.15:50-56.

LIE 9 Though you don’t accept Christ as your Saviour, if you do enough religious activities and good works such as benevolence, visiting “holy” cities, building worship centers, fasting, and praying regularly at appointed times, you will make heaven.

TRUTH 9: God is spirit and those who truly worship Him must worship Him in the spirit that is born again and in truth which is Christ (John 4:23). He cannot be bought over by physical rituals and religious exercises. There is a need for being one with Him by experiencing the new birth, dropping off old nature, and acquiring the nature of Jesus Christ which truly knows God and worships Him acceptably-Romans 4:1-22.

LIE 10:Jesus was just a man born of an earthly father and mother but called a special prophet. So, He cannot save because a woman can save another man.

TRUTH 10: 2 Thessalonians 2:3-12;1 John 2:18; 2:22;4:3;2John 1:7.

LIE 11. You do not need to be disciples be completely transformed into the image of Christ or make heaven.

TRUTH 11: Jesus ‘ prophetic ministry and His priesthood are far superior to that of all other prophets other prophet or priests has the same ministry as Jesus did. heritage of prophetic declaration concerning their Luke 9:23,1 Cor.15:49-50.

LIE 12: Jesus never lived, but was just a mythical messiah, an imagination of some zealous religious fanatics.

TRUTH 12: Jesus was a real Lord and Saviour who was born of a real woman called Mary. The Holy Spirit overshadowed Mary and she became pregnant and gave birth to a holy child named Jesus Christ. He had to be a real man to defeat death and Satan on behalf of human beings and thereby restore real human beings to their God. Luke 2:1-5.

LIE 13. Jesus was a mere man who escaped from the cross and never died, not to talk of resurrecting. His disciples came at night and stole him away. He married Mary Magdalene and settled down with his children. The disciples and the church are only covering up for him.

TRUTH 13: Jesus did not escape from the cross. He died and gave up the ghost. He had to die so that those who believe in him can live. If He did not die, He cannot offer salvation to anyone. If He did not rise from the death, then He cannot boast of bringing believers up from the death. This is another distinctive feature of Christianity. Our Lord and Master died and rose, he ascended to heaven and has promised to raise and bring to Himself all those who believe in Him. Mark 27:64;11-15;Luke 24:50-53;Mark 15:39.

LIE 14: Every religion has a savior or prophets and all religions can save as long as your good works are more than your bad works, after all, we all serve the same God. So, different religions are just different ways to the same heaven.

TRUTH 14: Jesus is not like any other prophet or priest. His distinctive are many. Hebrew 1:1-2; Matthew 10:32-39;Acts3:19-26.

Consider the distinctive priesthood of Jesus:

  1. Jesus was called and appointed by God (Heb.3:1-2;5:4-5), after the order of Melchizedek: Psalm110:4, Heb.5:6;6:20;7:15-17; Gen.14:18-20.
  2. His priesthood is superior to Aaron’s levitical priesthood: Heb.7:11,16,22;8:1-2,6;
  3. Jesus’ priesthood is unchangeable, pure, and spotless: Heb.7:20-28.
  4. Jesus’ priesthood is faithful and true: Heb.3:2
  5. Jesus offered Himself a sinless and pure sacrifice which made Him superior to all others: Heb.7:27;9:13-26
  6. The sacrifice is not repetitive, but it was done once and for all time and it is enough: Heb. 7:27.
  7. His priesthood reconciles us to God: Heb. 2:7.
  8. His priesthood is strong enough to obtain redemption, freedom, and peace for us all: Heb. 2:17;9:12.
  9. His priesthood was so strong that He entered heaven straight and can draw others to God: Heb.4:14; 10:12.
  10. He also intercedes (Heb 7:25;9:24) and sympathizes with our weaknesses, offering us ways of escape: Heb. 2:18; 4:15.
  11. His priesthood invokes blessing: Num. 6:23-26; Acts 3:26.
  12. He is a Priest with a throne to rule: Zech.6:13.
  13. He is a superior Chief Priest who has gone through the heavens: Heb.4:14;10:12.

LIE 15: “I am a Messiah with signs and wonders (lying wonders), prophecy (spirit of divination). Come and receive wealth and health (occult empowerment).”

TRUTH 15: There are many self-acclaimed prophets and messiahs in the world today. Many more will still come as the end-time approaches. However, none of them is like Jesus and none will ever be. Jesus has a prophetic ministry that cannot be rivaled by any other prophet either those who lived before or those who will live after him: God will severely punish those who reject Him or place other prophets above Him:

LIE 16: The Bible is not inspired by scriptures but a mere compilation of history/myth books. The Gospels are mere myths as no one knows who wrote them.

TRUTH 16: The Bible is an accurate Word of God. It is the bread of Life for believers. Those who feed on it regularly will receive grace, revelation, and insight for life and instruction for eternal life. 2 Tim.3:15-16;2 Cor. 4:2; Rom. 2:16;1 Cor. 15:3; Rev. 1:11; Rom.1:2; Rev.22:18-19;2 Peter 1:4.