Some Christians believe Sunday is a day to rest, rest in the sense of not doing anything or going anywhere. They assume that because God commanded that His people should rest, so staying at home on Sunday affords them the rest they need for the rigours they have gone through during the week. What does the Lord’s Day mean to us as Baptist and how should we prepare for it?

Meaning of the Lord’s Day: The Lord’s Day refers to a particular day that the believers in the New Testament Era set aside as a day for worship (Revelation 1:10). The day fell on a Sunday when Jesus resurrected. That day became the first day of the week. On such a day, believers gather in the temple for corporate worship, to teach the word of God, and to pray. It is- a day for reflection on God and spiritual activities. As believers, adults or children, we should look forward to the day, when we spend more time in God’s presence to be blessed and minister to God and one another.

Baptist Beliefs and Practices about the Lord’s Day: There are Christian beliefs and practices, especially the Baptist denomination about the Lord’s Day. Some of them are explained below.

  • The Lord’s Day marks the resurrection of Christ from the dead.
  • It is a day for corporate worship in the church.
  • Members are encouraged to give offerings to God as a form of worship.
  • God is present wherever His children gather to worship.
  • Members minister to God and one another.

Preparation for the Lord’s Day: In preparing for the Lord’s Day, the following should be done:

  • Live holy daily.
  • Sleep early on Saturday to get a good night’s rest and wake up early.

Get everything you need for church on Sunday ready the previous night.

  • Do not hold a grudge with anyone so that your worship would be accepted (Romans 12:1-2).
  • Expect that God will bless you.

What to do on the Lord’s Day?

  • Take your Bible to church.
  • Do not be distracted in God’s presence.
  • Do not make noise during worship.
  • Obey every instruction given to you by worship leaders.
  • Cultivate the habit of writing sermons during worship.


The Lord’s Day is a day of spiritual devotion to God. You should however live holy every day of your life. Therefore, you should ask God for the grace to live a holy life every day to His glory.

Think and Decide: Do you love to go to church and enjoy worshipping God with other children? Make it a habit of getting to church early on Sundays.

Talk to God: Ask God for grace to love to be in His presence, worshipping Him along with other believers.

Two kingdoms

There are many kingdoms on earth which are ruled by monarchs. One peculiar feature of the human kingdom is that the reign of monarchs ends by their death. But some kingdoms do not end; they are from eternity to eternity. There are choices that everyone makes that determine the kingdom they belong to. The focus of today’s lesson is on the two kingdoms that we believe are operative in everyone and encourage children to make the right choice of which kingdom to belong to.

What is a kingdom?: A kingdom is a geographical area under the rule of a king. It has a ruler and subjects. There are rules and regulations in every kingdom. The human kingdom is earthly and temporary, no matter how powerful its kings are. For instance, there is the Benin Kingdom, Fulani Kingdom, etc. The kingdom that is our focus is the one that is not earthly and temporary. As Baptists, we believe that there is a place where everyone will live hereafter.

Types of kingdom: There are two types of kingdoms; they are: the kingdom of God and the kingdom of darkness.

The Kingdom of God: This is also called the kingdom of heaven. The kingdom of God refers to God’s reign and a place where He rules. It is the spiritual place where God resides to rule over the heavens and the earth. His reign is eternal; it does not have a beginning or an end. In the Old Testament, God resides in heaven, and from there He speaks to His people through the prophets and priests. In the New Testament, the kingdom of God is both in believers’ hearts and ultimately in heaven where we shall reign with Him eternally when Jesus comes to take us to where He is.

You become a part of God’s kingdom by accepting Jesus as your personal Saviour Lord Jesus spoke so much about God’s kingdom throughout the four Gospels John the Baptist in the wilderness of Judea also spoke about God’s kingdom (Matthew 3:2) Righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost are the qualities of the kingdom of God. As a child of God, live holy so that you can inherit the kingdom of God.

The Kingdom of Darkness: The kingdom of darkness is also real It is referred to as hell It is where Satan lives. The place is not meant for any human being. It is made for Satan and his agents. However, Satan deceives people so that they can end their lives with him in hell, where there is eternal torment.

Those who will end in hell are those who possess the evil qualities in Galatians 5:19-23. They also partake in and carry out all kinds of evil. Satan is the source of all evil and he uses people to achieve his purpose. Anyone who does not repent and believe in Jesus Christ will go to hell. It is a place of torment, pain, weeping gnashing of teeth. No one can endure hell because it is eternal condemnation (Matthew 25:31-34).

Baptist Beliefs and Practices about the Two Kingdoms: There are beliefs and practices the Christians, especially the Baptist denomination should understand about the two kingdoms.

  • The kingdom of God is the place where God reigns supreme and Jesus is the King.
  • Only those who have given their lives to Jesus and continue to live like Him will enter the kingdom of God.
  • The kingdom of God starts in the hearts of individuals who accept God’s rule over them.
  • Entering heaven should be the priority of every Christian.
  • Hell is not meant for humans
  • Repentance from sins qualifies a person for the kingdom of God.
  • Only the kingdom of God will remain at the end of the world..
  • Anyone who refuses to repent will have their part in the lake of fire, eternally.
  • Heaven is a beautiful place that cannot be described fully.
  • Heaven is a place for saints
  • Hell is a place for sinners.


The kingdom of God starts from the heart. If you have not given your life to Jesus, you cannot experience God’s kingdom right from the earth. Therefore, you should live as a member of the kingdom of God and allow the will of God to be done in your life here on earth. Ask the Lord to help you live righteously so that you can spend your life eternally with Jesus.


  • Almighty God, the day of the Lord is like a thief in the night. Prepare me adequately for your day in the name of Jesus Christ.
  • Lord Jesus Christ, do not let me finish my journey here in the name of Jesus Christ.
  • Father, let me reign with you on the last day in the name of Jesus Christ.
  • We learned about the two kingdoms. God makes the product of the heavenly kingdom in the name of Jesus Christ.
  • God, do not allow Satan and sin to push to the kingdom of hell in the name of Jesus Christ.
  • Merciful God, by your mercy, I will not end my Christian journey in hell in the name of Jesus Christ.