One day, someone shares a message that when you pray, God will send one of His angels to attend to the requests. But when you worship God, God himself will stand from His throne and attend to the requests. It means that God Himself is more interested in worship because worship shows honor, mightiness, reverence, greatness, worthiness, bigness, adoration, admiration, and other names of God. That is why facts and Bible verses about worship have been worked upon to help researchers, musicians, music ministers, readers, and others understand worship better.

Praising/exalting is worship.

When you praise God; you worship God. When you exalt God; you worship God too. Worshipping is an act of praising and exalting God for all that He is in your life, family, business, job, career, and everything that concerns you. How many times are praising or exalting God? Do you think it is necessary at all?  Read Psalm 145: 2; 150: 2; 12: 4; Isaiah 25: 1; Psalm 150: 6; 42: 11; 63: 3-4.

Blessing the name of God is worship.

When you bless God’s Holy name, you are worshipping God. If you have been praying for a very long time and the prayers seem as if there are no answers, begin to bless His Holy name for His wonderful works over you and everything that concerns you. You will receive the answers immediately. Read Exodus 23: 25; Psalm 103: 1; Ephesians 1: 13.

 Singing to the Lord is worship.

When you are singing, giving reverence to God Almighty, you are worshiping God. Songs are tools used to relieve heavy burdens and to lead people to the heavenly realm. The Christian song renditions refer people to heaven. God cherishes songs so much because you are worshipping His Majesty and his greater name when you are singing inspirational songs. Songs are the aspect of worship. Are you singing to God? Read Acts 16: 25; Psalm 68: 4-5; Psalm 684-5; 14.

Worshipping God is worship.

Worship is an act of worship. Worship to the Lord can be anything referring to the Holy name of God and His Majesty. Worship can be songs; it can be clapping; it can be dancing; it can be waving hands; it can be jumping; it can be bending; it can be dragging legs on the floors and other ways or methods used to worship God collecting your heart with the Lord. What is your method of worship? Read John 4: 24; Psalm 95: 6-9; Romans 1: 25; Psalm 100: 2; 119: 7.

Rejoicing in the Lord is worship.

Rejoice in the Lord and give thanks to Him always. It shall be well with you. When you rejoice in the Lord for what He has done in your life, family, business, spiritual life, growth in the Lord, job, and so on, you are worshipping God and His Majesty. God is always happy in rejoicing in Him and He will feel comfortable when you worship Him in rejoicing. Read Habakkuk 3: 14-18.

Giving Thanks, thanksgivings and gratitude is worship.

Give thanks and gratitude to God and His Majesty for all that you are and you have. When you are thanking God for His presence in your life and all that concerns you, you are worshipping Him. When you are giving god gratitude for His wonders and works on life and nature, you are still worshipping his and His Majesty. You cannot thank God enough. Worship Him! Read 1 Chronicles 16: 34; Psalm 105: 1; Psalm 95: 2-3.

Giving God greatness and majesty is worship.

God is great and His Majesty stands forever. When you know the greatness of God and you give him reverence every day, you are worshipping God. If you are proclaiming His Majestic name around the world, you are worshipping His Holy name. Read Exodus 15: 14; 1 Chronicles 29: 11; 2 Samuel 7: 22.

Praying to the Lord is worship.

Prayers are key. We pray every day, whether you are Christians or not. Our prayers are our worship. When you pray to God, you worship God. There is worship in prayers. Every Christian must see it that way when we pray, we worship the Most-High God. Let our prayer be channeled to heaven. It does not matter how you pray; what matters is that your prayer is worship. Read Jeremiah 29: 12; Colossians 1: 9-22.

Reverencing God as the Holy One is worship.

Holy! Holy! Holy! Is the name of God. When you always see God as the Holy One and none can be compared to Him and His name, you are worshipping him and His name. You should be waving your hands saying holy, holy, holy to His name and His Majesty. You worship God and His Majestic name. Read 1 Samuel 2: 2; Romans 12: 1.

Saying the Goodness of God is worship.

The Lord is good; all the time. When you say the goodness of God always and you proclaim His goodness to people across the world. It is worship. What has God done for you? What is the goodness of God in your life and everything concerns you? When are saying all these to reverence God, you are worshipping God. Read Psalm 16: 2; 66: 17.

Singing hymns and psalms is worship.

Psalms are songs of David and other unknown authors in the Bible. Hymns are a collection of inspirational songs used in different churches and cathedrals. When you sing hymns and psalms, you will feel the exciting inspirations of worship. Then, you are worshipping God. There are pieces of hymns that will take the gatherings of God to the heavenly realm. Not the gatherings, but also the individuals. Are you singing hymns and psalms? Read Colossians 3: 16; Ephesians 5: 19.

Acknowledging God and His works is worship.

When you acknowledge God for He is God in your life, you worship Him. When you emphasize his wonders and miracles, you worship Him. When you say the Lord is good and great for all his wonders and mightiness, you worship Him. Acknowledging God in your life means knowing all that He is, His importance; His immanence: His greatness, and His mightiness. Read Colossians 2: 2; Psalm 24.

Proclaiming God and His existence is worship.

I will proclaim God and His work because He is good. I will make His name known to people across the world because His name covers all nations. I will spread His wonders and works across the north, east, west, and south. This is because the Lord is good, all the time. The expressions above are expressions of worship. Are you proclaiming the wonders and existence of God? Read 1 Peter 2: 9; Psalm 105.

Passion for God is worship.

Passion comes from our minds and hearts. Your passion to praise God; your passion to reverence God; your passion to serve God; your passion to know God; your passion to acknowledge God; your passion to say God’s mightiness and greatness; your passion to do offering to Him; your passion to sacrifice to Him and your passion to do His will. All these are passions. Read Psalm 63: 1; Psalm 143: 6.

Honoring God is worship.

When you honor God, you worship God. Honoring God is an act of giving God respect, reverence, humility, and holiness. When you give God respect and His existence, you worship God; when you reverence God and His majesty, you worship God; when you are humble before God, you worship God; when you live a life of holiness and Godliness, you worship God. When you treat your body system as God wants, you use your body system to worship God. Have you presented your body as an honor before God? Read Psalm 71: 8; 2 Chronicles 7: 3; Psalm 5: 7.

Giving glory is worship.

Giving God glory is an act of worship. When you give glory to God, you worship. When you glorify His wonders and His name, you worship God. It should be our habit to glorify the name of God because He is our Father, the God of the universe! Are giving God the glory, He deserves! Read Romans 11: 36; 1 Chronicles 16: 29.

Giving God sacrifices is worship.

Sacrifices can be seen in different ways. Your services to God are sacrifices and they are worships. Your offerings and tithes, and other financial contributions to God are sacrifices and they are worships. Bowing down before God with honor is worship. When you are giving God sacrifices to God, you are worshipping God. Are you giving God sacrifices? Read 1 Samuel 3: 29; Psalm 4: 5; Proverbs 15: 8; Romans 12: 1; Philippians 2: 17; Hebrews 9: 26; Psalm 95: 6.

Recognizing the faithfulness of God is worship.

When you are grateful for the faithfulness of God all the time, you are worshipping God. You are worshipping God because you can recognize the power of God in your life, in your business, spiritual life, job, children, family, career, and others. In this case, worship takes place. Can you recognize the faithfulness of God in your life at all? Read Isaiah 58: 6-7; Hebrews 12: 28-29.

Saying that God is worthy of praise is worship.

Anytime You say God is worthy, you are worshipping Him. When you are saying God is worthy to be praised, you are worshipping Him. You have to say God is worth all the time. You have to sing that God is worthy of Praise. By doing this, you are worshipping God. For how long have been saying God is worthy to be praised? Read Revelation 4: 11; 7: 11-12; Psalm 95: 6.


We have discussed facts and Bible verses about worship which can help researchers, music ministers, musicians, music teachers, worshippers, music students, and all. It is no longer news that this article has made an impact on your life and your ministry. Also, this article will also add more value to your knowledge about worship.