The best people want is one of the best they are made to bring. People become miserable when waiting for others to create a better situation for them. They may be patient at waiting, and their faith more significant than a mustard seed; hence it could move more than a mountain. However, as great as their patience and faith are, they remain miserable because they never played their part. They should have given themselves to action and contributed their quota toward realising the wonderful family they wanted.

Your family may not have become as great as the others, probably because you have yet to give it what is required as spouses from other families, but you can begin now. Perhaps, you are just like many who want to know why things must be done in a specific way; you want to know why you should be a person who is committed to your family, after all, not all of them care too. Hold on! You are not any other person, either. You are a Christian, a disciple, a person called by Christ’s name. Your attitude is determined by your Master (Jesus Christ) and not by others. Therefore, for the following reasons, just as you care to know so much now, you should be a committed family person.

God Needs You

Read Genesis 18:19

As a disciple, you need to recognise that there is a measure of God’s willingness to find pleasantness through your family. He loves to save the man and enjoy their worship too. For these reasons, you cannot be complacent about what God gets from your family. You must recognise that God has planted you and saved you among them so that others can come to Him through you. You are a trustee of the Lord within your family, and God expects you to deliver your household to Him by teaching them godliness and guiding them to walk in the way of the Lord.

You are a preacher and a teacher to your family, and you are expected to preach and teach them to know and do what is right and just before God and people, Silence and inactiveness are probably the reason for the continuing ungodliness in your family, As a disciple, the Lord your God needs you to make your family into a godly household by teaching and guiding them in the way of God and teaching them the truth by being an example of godliness yourself. You must know that you cannot achieve this by being separated from your family matters. You must be up and doing, thus, you can influence your people for God.

You Need Them

Read Proverb 17:17

Yes! Some friends stick every season. Some people cannot deny you, and these are your family members. You are Christ’s disciple; you are not alone and all-sufficient. There is what you need that only your family can give. There is a height of trouble that your friends can not go to and a joy that your kinsmen can best share. Whatever it is, we all need our family around us.

Family gives us the assurance that we are not alone,whether in time of comfort or difficulty. They can comfort us in troubled times and caution us when we drift away. It is,therefore, not okay if we only run back home when troubles come. Yes! Our relatives are burden bearers,who will not deny us of help when the need arise,but we must remember to live with them also when all is well with us. The people you neglect today may be the same to form your comfort abode in the future. Therefore,you do not want to make them unenthusiastic in helping you when the time comes.

They Need You

God blessed them and said to them,’Be fruitful and increase in number;fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky and over every living creature that moves on the ground.’

Genesis 1:28

God’s purpose is upon your family. God wants to achieve something great on earth through your family, and you are integral to that manifestation as a Christian disciple among them. Your family may only realise their essence in Christ with your impute. Therefore,they need you to lead them. Every disciple is a leader of his household.Y our negligence toward this role may bring failure to the entire family. One of the purposes of God for every houschold is for them to be fruitful and multiply. He wants them to increase in persons and goodness. He wants them to take charge of territories and exert godly dominion over the creation.

In essence,He wants every family to live to the fullness of their capacity to the glory of God. At several other times, God reaffirms this purpose to Noah and his family(Genesis 9:1), to the nation Israel(Jeremiah 23:3),Jacob(Genesis 35:11)etc. It is the desire of God for every family and people to fulfil this purpose. If your family is up to this expectation,they need people like you to lead them to this fulfilment. Only a Christian disciple can do this, which is why God has raised you and others from your family.

Your family needs your spiritual gift. You are their oracle,the medium between your family and God. Just as the Lord made Abraham as a link between Him and his family,the Lord has made you a link through which God communicates and preserves posterity for your family. Your negligence will cause a break in this connection. God could hold you responsible,which is not palatable,so avoid being a bad connection to your family.Can God say certain things to you concerning your household to do what is right that you will teach and guide them in the way of the Lord? If you do not think so, you are probably failing already,and you may need to change your attitude. That should begin immediately. Rise for your family;they need you to be what God has planted them to be.

The Society Needs You

Our society places a premium on parentage. The society itself is an offshoot of families within it. Therefore,for the larger group (society) to enjoy peace and harmony, it expects members of each family to help build characters and values into members of their families. A lousy breed from a family will become a nemesis,a thorn in the flesh of society.Therefore,as a disciple,y our society trusts you to help build good character and values in your family members. Until people within your circle are responsible members of their society, you may not be taken for a serious Christian. Therefore,see that you help your family members become responsible individuals in our world.

It will not be incorrect to say that many of the evils in society today result from the failure of individual families to train their family members to become responsible and to be of good character.So many people need to be trained to appreciate good values and responsible living.Those who are not well trained are everywhere,disturbing the peace and harmony of the society.Ask them if they have Christians in their family circle;you will be surprised they have Christians in astounding numbers who have failed to input godly and responsible character into them.

Some of these Christians have distanced themselves from the rest of the family because they are Christians,and others are like nonentities to them. They failed to recognise that these family members are probably nonentities because they were neglected by people like them. It is time to change. It is time to be committed to the work of building up your family for God’s purpose,and for the good values of the society.

Is anything wrong with your family? Do you feel you should not have been part of them because it is not the kind of family you would have wanted? The family next street was the ideal family you ever wished you had. If you had a chance and you could choose to change your family, you probably would not choose the one you belonged to now. There is always something you do not have but wish you had. Nobody seems to have all they want. Everyone wants more. However,the family that looks most beautiful to you also wishes they had something that your family is having.

Now that you know that many people you pray to become wish they were you,and that nothing is wrong with your family that you cannot fix,what,then,must you do to change things? The problem you noticed in your family is the problem you are there to solve. You are a blessing to your family and must make a difference. You could call the nonentities and let them know you value them. Since you know now that leaving things to continue to be the way they are is not an option,what about becoming more involved?

You have been told, “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: ‘May those who love you be secure'(Psalm 122:6). Rather than neglecting your family or becoming harsh and unreasonable,your prayer can change so much if you offer it sincerely to God out of genuine love for them. Let God know what is lacking that you need Him to give. Tell God what is wrong and He will make them suitable. If you are a Christian disciple indeed,you will love them and give yourself to your family. You are God’s finest in your family. Work and pray for their peace, and you shall be surprised how much peace they can give you in return.

What is your confession concerning your family? Be optimistic about the excellent progress you are making.God needs you to fix the broken cord. You are the agent of unity and peace for your family. Teach,and preach peace. Thus,you shall be called a child of God by your people. The beautiful thing about it is how honourable it will be that for your part,the Lord is proud of your family.You have probably neglected this for so long,but you can recover the wasted time if you begin now.

What is your prayer for your family now? God answers prayer from a sincere heart.”The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effectiveā€¯(James5:16b). Therefore,be fervent in prayer for your people. Do not be discouraged by how much it may take since you have been commanded to pray without ceasing. Your God is faithful;He will do whatever is good for you, and your joy shall be complete over them.

To sum up,one of the early Christian fathers said, “I am because we are.”We need one another to survive as a family.